Sunday, May 30, 2010

"What Did I Tell You!"; Luck of the Stormish & Haley's New Garb

Remember way back here when I ranted on the old Wizard 101 Info that Diviners had the most luck of any of the Schools? I'm starting to get even more proof of the theory!

The Ravenwood Ball! What a blast! Guess what though? My computer was running so slow that I was stupid enough to not take any screenshots to share with all of you! My apologies. And although I hate to admit it, I left the ball when it was maybe halfway over because it was just making Dustin walk at a footstep per five seconds.I'd like to give a special  thanks to Fallon ShadowBlade for creating Diary of a Wizard and the Connect X. Also, thanks Stephen and Leesha for the Red Gobbler Pet... You guys want me to expand?

I know, I'm sure nobody wants to listen to me ranting about how I won the Red Gobbler Pet during the Ravenwood Ball. Guess what, folks. I'm going to write about it anyway!

Please, friends, allow me to set the scene. A frenzied chatroom full of Wizards, the number of which add up to something near 65. Everyone is on a sugar high with the cookies Christina IceDreamer has grabbed from the Gobblers (not to mention snuck under Mindy PixieCrown's weirdly shaped nose). They've just listened to Leesha announce that she's going to release a Red Gobbler Code into the chatroom. And I'd be willing to bet a fair amount of cash that only a few of them had actually opened up the Wizard 101 website, logged in really fast, and had opened up the Redeem Code panel as Leesha was talking. All except a dashingly big-headed MasterMind who went (and goes by the same today) by MoonCatcher. Dustin MoonCatcher. And as soon as that code was released, all this Student of Storm had to do was to click upon a single Internet tab. The deed was done. Here's a pic of a bunch of friends and I around the newly named Teddy, the Red Gobblers (click to enlarge)-

Well, that's that. I also had a great time today hanging with Haley MoonCatcher, who just got to Level 15 and managed to get her hands on some Crowns. She's stitched to some cool gear, bought a White Mare mount, and got an Ascendant's Staff! I'm so proud of her. Here's two screen shots I took with her. (click to enlarge)- 

Trust me, when I tell you what she's named the horse, you're gonna crack up. So just get ready...
P. Lea! That's Princess Lea in shortened version! Keep on rocking, Haley! I'll keep everyone updated on her progress in Krokotopia when she lets me know how things have been going. 

Oh! One last thing! You all have to see what this funny girl Lauren ThunderBlood said to me when I was fiddling around with the arrow keys in the Wizard City Robe Shop. (click to enlarge)-

LOL. She was worried about me because she thought I was lost. I told her to check on Wizard 101 Info later (she'd never heard of it before) to get a bit of a nice surprise. We'll see how that turns out.

Did anyone laugh at my "Luck of the Stormish" pun? Didn't think so :-) 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

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  1. Yea... The ball was great I missed about 27 minutes of it due to my mom but I arrived very early... I: