Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Short n' Sweet: I'm Back!

How's it going, all you Wizards out there? Good? Great! Well, as you may have been able to guess, I'm back from the break that I announced a few posts ago when I was all sad about WandCast.

Since I'm on the topic of WandCast, allow me to elaborate. Remember how I said I was going to use Livestream's built in recorder from now on? Well, I'm sure everything would work super fine if Livestream worked fine. I set the stinking thing to record the broadcast... and what do you know. Lemme give you a hint: You tell a person not to look and they look. Livestream is like that person; unreliable in many ways, and a huge source of frustration. So yes, Livestream did not record WandCast,Episode 5. Should I rejoice or not? It's not like there was anything so great about it... But no, I just HAD to have a backup plan. I recorded WandCast as a backup on my Mac which was just sitting there recording the whole thing. However, I relied on hardware to do the work and so the sound quality, volume level, etc. aren't gonna be to great when I can finally force myself to release the fifth episode.

*sigh* & shrug/ (does the / come before or after the shrug?).

I appreciate the whole community for giving me support when I've been pretty upset about WandCast. It rocks. Special thanks to Cassandra LifeCaster of Comedy Theurgists (I think David is never going to shut up about how cool it was to hear someone who was actually British :-)), Heather Raven of The Wandering Conjurer, Bailey of the Friendly Family (The Friendly Necromancer), and Taji34 (Luke DragonTamer) of the Sorcerer's Corner. All of their blogs are available in the Other Wizard 101 Bloggers section on the right side of your screen, perhaps a little down.

Oh, yeah, and thanks to... Oh, out with it already! David TitanRider. Goodness, that took some effort. I'll probably regret putting his name in the smallest font size when he's yelling at me on Skype in a few hours. Cousins, I

Also, I've got a new outfit. Special thanks to Reed GiantPetal for all the great advice. Yes, and you too Kestrel!

What do you all think of it? I still have my other robe because I have two Level 50 Robes for Storm.

Here's pictures from the Live Coven Run. That thing was so much fun! Especially the raid on the Kraken while we were all transformed into Fire Elves. *ahem*

Awesome sauce at the LEAST. If anyone wants to watch what I am calling "The Raid on the Kraken", upon here you shall clicketh. That's Elizabethan English for CLICK ME NOW, DANG IT! 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher


  1. Looks like it was an awesome party! Sorry I missed it. I like your new outfit! :)

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  3. That's the spirit! Keep your chin up so you can see the things that truly matter :)

  4. New look . . . cool . . . I could have done better though. By the way . . . WHO WON THE POSTER CONTEST! I STILL DON"T KNOW AND I WANT TO!!!!! *clears throat* Now that I'm done with that may I ask if I will ever be on a wandcast episode? Preferable one with the British wizard101 blogger: Cassandra LifeCaster of Comedy Theurgists. Cause I want to meet a British person! Anyways please reply back soon!

  5. Love the new blog look!!! And the new outfit! SO glad you're back :D It's all about the journey right!

  6. hey this is Destiny StormStone! you know how you all dogpiled on alexis? she is one of my best friends lol she was scared of you.....
    I am famous i am in the picutres!!

  7. An awesome party too bad I missed it nice new blog look btw...