Monday, May 31, 2010

The Volcanic Duo Chronicles, Introduction

It's finally my time to try my hand at fan writing. I've read many of the stories on, but I never actually wrote one because I felt that it would promote me to a new level of geekiness :-) Of course, I mean no offense to those who've written fan stories about Wizard 101. The stories are excellent! That's why my conscious has finally won over. My story is called the Volcanic Duo Chronicles. Okay, time for me to start writing...


The Volcanic Duo Chronicles, Introduction
a Wizard 101 fan story by Dustin MoonCatcher

There was only one time before when David TitanRider had felt the power of a storm of such magnitude. He didn't talk about that time, because it was before the Order had fallen, and any time before the Order had fallen wasn't good for discussion with the... current circumstances. The name, he thought, don't let yourself think about it now... They're at the height of their power now, don't think of it now! But he was. He couldn't help himself. Thoughts of the days when he had walked Wizard City with pride, having just discovered the world of Celestia... If only he had known what horror it would bring... Everything could have been prevented. It was of no matter, however, because the storm that had generated this flashback in David's mind was stirring even more persistently in the distance. And quite an amazing site the storm was. It was simple a column of vibrant yellow lighting, booming powerful thunder, and rain pounding like glass, all swirling around the center of the storm. Something important was in the center of the storm; David's pyromantic sense for thrills could feel it. 

And as he stood on his porch, with trees wildly whipping towards the ground, the sky darkened. David's hair was suddenly whipped back from his face as the column drew closer, leaving behind it smaller storms that were expanding to consume the entire fields that surrounded David's place of residence for miles and miles in every direction. To describe the storm further would be impossible, expect for adding that where ever the storm hadn't passed was blossoming with pure Life. Beautiful blue skies, completely cloudless without a worry. Blissful blue. However, if what he suspected was in the center of the storm was really... well... in the center of the storm, than all of his dreams since the purge would have come true.

The storm was very close now, coming up the rolling hills close to the house. In the distance, David saw a flock of piggles poke their heads out of the trees, and seeing the uncontrollable storm, made an inaudible squeak and darted pack into the forests. The storm roared. The fields around the single house were not visible due to the storm eating away. David's house was the chocolate center and the hills around it were the cookie. The storm was the mouth munching away. Even due to the potential peril of his situation, David leaned against the column that started the steps down to the front walkway and laughed, thinking of the Gobblers he and his faithful cousin, Dustin MoonCatcher, had utterly demolished. Dustin had laughed and called David and him the "Volcanic Duo" as the Gobbler King had grabbed a chicken leg and floated away into the unknown areas of the Spiral that David would one day help discover. 

And that was the moment when David realized that what is in the center of the ravenous storm was not a foe, but a friend. He sprinted down the steps, his hair whipping around his Fire-symbol beret. Looking up at the storm, he noticed that it was starting to become skinner to fit the narrow path of trees that marked the entrance to the walkway of David's walkway. Not only skinner, but smaller and more condense, fading away more and more as the cylinder column got closer. Smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller, until David could make out a hat with a feather sticking out of the right side.The lightning sizzled to a stop, and the thunder gave one last threatening boom, as the column of pure storm came to a halt, finally shrinking in on itself so it almost no longer existed. Standing on the last little shred of cloud was none other than his best pal, Dustin MoonCatcher. 

As the cloud puffed and was extinguished, Dustin hopped to the ground and shook a speck of lint from the shoulder of his flawlessly made robes. "Hey there, cuz," Dustin exclaimed pompously to David while extending his hand, "Long time, no see! I trust you've discovered another world, eh? We do need one, more than ever, as I will inform you... Troubling things are occurring. And I've gotten the academy up and running as well! But what's your story? What have you been up to the past 2 years?"
"Didn't we agree that you opening a school would cause Ravenwood to burn to the ground?" David said grimly while shaking Dustin's hand. 
"That sounds so much like you, man! Anyway, come on inside for debriefing. 2 years on this little island definitely would put a fellow behind quite some bit..." 

Well, that's the introduction! I hope everyone liked it! If you've got any feedback, PLEASE leave a comment for me, and not to mention a rating as well! 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher 

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