Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Two Epiphanies

I have had to epiphanies today so far. I feel that they are worth blogging about, and SO...

1) The Epiphany of Before and After- In spite of all this new Pet mania, I remembered in-game how COOL it will be when it actually comes live. Right? Anyway, I was just chillin' in the Wizard City Commons when it hit me: I should do a before and after thing with the Pets! Where I am standing in this picture is where the Pet Pavilion is in the Test Realm-

2) The Epiphany of the Bengal Tiger Mounts- All though not everyone will remember, when Mounts were first introduced to Wizard 101, all of the Cat Mounts (Lion, Tiger, etc.) cost 30,000 Crowns. That translates out into $50.00! For a kid like myself, 50 bucks isn't just loose change sitting in-between the sofa cushions. DEFINITELY not. But I spent the money, and got the Tiger (this was when Mounts just came out). Anyway, I just checked back into the Crowns Shop, and, the SAME Tiger Mount that I bought with 30,000 Crowns cost...

Yessir, that's right! 15,000 Crowns! So here's where my epiphany came in; should KingsIsle send me 15,000 Crowns or $25.00? I mean, if there is some legal thing, then it's cool... But you know: Money is what makes the world go round...

...Or in this case, the Spiral.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

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