Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Any Takers?

For WandCast Episode 5, we got an email from this guy who wanted to know how Wizard 101 Central works. You know; forum gold, posts, admins, etc., etc.

We're searching for the biggest expert of Wizard 101 Central. In other words, you need to KNOW your stuff about the Central. Okay? We want you on WandCast!

If you feel that you could apply, then please email me at, or leave a comment on this page. But an email would be much better. Okey-dokey.

Before submitting even if you are legible, you need to be able to get on Skype with a microphone at this time and date:

May 15, 2010 at 7 PM Eastern Daylight Time

PLEASE, let us know soon. 


P.S. Just to tell you guys- that's not the final date for WandCast. It MIGHT be... but as of right now, it isn't. 


  1. Honestly... you should just pm one of the amdinistrators on there: Jester/Olivia etc...

    You should be able to find the managers of the site they show it...

  2. try IRONHAWK
    wont that work? he is like the awesomest person ever!

  3. David how do I contact you to send in a poster for the contest?