Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WandCast Poster Contest Winner Announced!

The winner of the WandCast Poster Conest is...

Taji34 (Luke DragonTamer)

Congratulations, Taji34! Your poster was definitely very awesome. Everyone wanna see Taji34's poster?

*cue poster*

click to enlarge
Thanks to everyone who entered! 

Taji34- let's work out a date and time to meet up and I'll get you something under 10,000 crowns! And it can't be gold. Sorry! 

Be sure to check out the "Sorcerer's Corner" blog by Taji34. It's easily accessible through the Other Wizard 101 Bloggers tab to your right, and maybe down a little. 

Keep on Casting, 
D. MoonCatcher

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