Thursday, April 29, 2010

I spy a New Wand!


Celestia Wands are SICK AWESOME!


All in All
a good day

P.S. Remember when I said about Black feather wings!
They have them!


Pet Problems

I'm really stressed right now. Part of it is that I feel obliged to post about everything I do in the Test Realm. It's really annoying me.

I love the Pets Update from what I have played of it so far. Excellent work. I noticed the special touches that KingsIsle has put into the update like enhanced graphics and icons in general.

However, I do need to talk about the things that really need to be addressed in this update.

1) Let's think for a moment. As of what we know, there are 5,000,000 players of Wizard 101. Of that, I'd say that roughly 60% of those players are Crowns Players and Subscribers (able to get on Test Realm). 60% of 5 million is 3 million. That's not a small amount of people. And having just 4 Realms to put all those people on


The Pets Are Coming, The Pets Are Coming!

Yes, indeed, they are! Of course, David already has posted about it, so I'm not going to post the news. I'll just run over it. Basically, coming up REALLY soon, KingsIsle is going to add Power Pets to Wizard 101. You're going to race pets in the Pet Derby, let them FREE in your house, and mix and match them.

Yea, it's cool. I was just thinking, whenever the Test Realm comes out, I get really anxious all in my stomach and stuff. I'm just thinking, "I'VE GOTTA IN THERE! I DON'T WANT DAVID TO GET TO FAR AHEAD OF ME!" Yea. I've decided that when the Pets come on the Test Realm, I'm going to just take my time and RE-LAX. Okay.

Felt like I needed to get that out.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coming Soon: Test Realm!

OMG Look at the Pasted massage below!

Advanced Pets is Coming Soon to the Test Realm!

Click here to learn how to download and install the Test Realm when it is available!

Welcome to Advanced Power Pets!

This is Pet Month in the Spiral! When you've reached level 7 and defeated Sgt. Skullsplitter, you can enter the Pet Pavilion on the Commons. There you will find lots of free activities for you and your pet. Speak to Merle Ambrose for more instructions!
  1. Set your pets free to roam your Castles & Lands.
  2. Get your pets some exercise in the Derby.
  3. Buy or craft them treats to make them happy.
  4. Let them have some fun in the Mini-Games.
  5. Create new pets with the magic of Hatching.
  6. Watch as your pets cast their own spells in battle. 

Sorry If its Glitchy....

Awesome Sauce



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WandCast, Episode 4 1/2!

Yes, that's righto! Episode 4 1/2! There's a rather important message that I want to get across to you guys that you should know.

Click here to download!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Celestia Wallpaper update

Looky Looky

So my guess its neither 

  1. A Scholar
  2. A Nobleman
  3. A crab (No way)
  4. Normal NPC
  5. Or Maybe a.........




Saturday, April 24, 2010

Full Details on The Ravenwood Ball

Read Below:

As April fades into May, we have much to be thankful for and lots to celebrate!  Next month we will celebrate our 1st birthday!! Thanks to all of you wonderful wizards, we have grown so much! When I started this website last year to chronicle my time playing this really cool wizard game with my kids, I never could have imagined the wonderful outcome.  I am so honored to be a part of the most amazing community.  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.
To mark this milestone, I would like to announce the very first Ravenwood Ball! There will be dancing and massive amounts of pure silliness! I invite ALL nominees and current Student Teachers to attend.  This will give us a chance to thank the current student teachers as they move on to more challenging roles in the Spiral and to help welcome the new nominees!
Date: Saturday – May 29, 2010
Time: 6PM Central – until…
Location: Ravenwood School of Magical Arts (of course!)
Realm: Vampire Area 1
Please dress accordingly! Break out your best party gear *forget the stats!* and bring your favorite pet! Campaigning IS allowed and welcomed. Tell us why we should vote for you next term!
Do you like goodies?  I will be giving away a few special party favors. The prizes are top secret right now but let me assure you they are squee-worthy!

Here is the Contest Details!
1. All Entries must be submitted by leaving a comment in this blog post.
* Mandantory Entry *
You MUST be a member of ConnectX. Leave a comment in this blog post to let us know you are a member.
* Optional Entries *
1. (1 Entry) Follow @diaryofawizard on Twitter! Leave a comment here to let us know!
2. (1 Entry) Tweet about the contest & event! You must use the hashtag #diarykids. Leave a comment here with a link to the tweet.
3. (1 Entry) Follow us on Facebook Leave a comment here stating that you follow us on FB.
4. (2 Entries) Blog about this event and contest. Post your link in a comment here.
5. (Worth 5 Entries!!) Make a special banner or poster for the Ravenwood Ball! You can post this on your own blog or post the picture on ConnectX. Leave a comment with a link to the artwork here!!
6. (Worth 2 Entries) Post the ConnectX Members badge on your blog. You can get the badge here. Make sure you are logged in to ConnectX to grab the code. Once it’s posted, come back here and leave a comment with a link to where you posted the badge.

The Ball, The Daughter, & The Alt

Yes, I AM the last to post about it. But I really don't care. I'm still  doing my civic duty by posting about it... so HA! Yes, yes... Anyway, Fallon ShadowBlade from Diary of a Wizard had this really cool idea- the first ever Ravenwood Ball. If you plan on attending, here's the lowdown. Definitely check it out before walking on into the party... There's a couple things you need to know about attending. Speaking of the Ravenwood Ball, I am most definitely attending... Anyone up for seeing my outfit? Yes? Really, come on now? Do you guys REALLY wanna see it? I guess I'd better show it to you-
[***UPDATE*** I know, the pics are gonna LOOK small from here on out. BUT, you CAN click on them to enlarge them to SUPERSIZE! Thanks for reading! ***UPDATE***]
Yes, purple and pink. I am going for the grand and awesome affect. Do NOT even tell me for a second that it looks goofy. Rock on!

Onto The Daughter! Recently, Autumn DuskHunter, the renowned blogger from Homework in a Graveyard, "returned from the dead" just in time for Celestia... Apparently, she's not the only one in her family that's come back to party with all of us in the Spiral. I got the excellent opportunity today to meet Autumn's young Necromantic daughter, Ashley DuskHunter!
A whole gang of bloggers and just reg. players alike gathered to greet Ashley.
Us doing yet some more Ashley crowding...
Ashley- It was great fun to meet you and hang out with you. I hope to meet Autumn soon as well... if, that is, she's willing to face a very scary prospect: Facing a HUGE fan.

Lastly, THE ALT! In a momentous epiphany today, I realized that I still had my Garment of the Triton Robe from way back in my Level 35 days. I'm so excited that it can now be put to some serious killing use!


Keep on Casting,

Interview of Autumn DuskHunter

Taji34 over at the Sorcerer's Corner has just supplied the community with an excellent interview of Autumn DuskHunter, the omnipotent blogger from Homework in a Graveyard.

Click here to check out the interview! Thank Taji34 and Autumn!

Keep on Casting!

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Personal View of the election.

Well we all know the voting for the Summer Student Teachers are just around the corner so I thought to just give some "Friendly" advice.

  1. Don't Vote Randomly, Think about your options
  2. Vote for only whom you know, cause a couple days later its, Who is that person????
  3. Think
  4. Think Carefully
  5. Dustin, Whine is not spelled wine.
  6. Go with your gut decision, But don't choose random people who you don't know for school teachers
  7. Its Tough Competition. 
  8. Don't Vote for Spammers
Thats it!

Peace yo!

Follow us!


Still Thinking of a signature ending quote for me so send in comments!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ravenwood Radio 14 & What I've Been Up To

How's it going, everyone? I'm listening currently to Ravenwood Radio 14 as I post this, so I think I'm gonna have fun and critique it a bit. But first, I know, you guys really wanna hear what I've got to say about Ravenwood Radio, I wanna just let everyone know what I've been up to lately...

Okay, oops! I've got ONE more thing to go before my little update and my critiquing Ravenwood Radio. David's poster pictures! I know, this one has taken a WHILE for us to get cracking on... Here's the pics; I took them myself, and I think they're pretty nice...

I think that they might go off the page here on this post, but I hope that the large size will work okay when you put them into a photo editor or whatever that it'll look okay. If the pictures don't have very good resolution, or you'd just like a "fresh" copy, email me at and I'll send one right away for you.

Onto what I've been doing lately! Interesting, isn't it?
Today, I went Ruffian killing on Michael RainHeart. I must say, ever since playing a Life Wizard, I've realized it's very good that I've played Storm before Life. The kill-ability of Storm makes playing a Life Wizard even MORE of a breeze in these solo mob fights. People who are saying that Life has got low damage- what the heckhound? It isn't hard to get high damage on a Theurgist. You've got so much health that you can blade away while the mobs hack at your health. Then, when you feel like it, you kill.
Fun, right? Here's some "screenies" (quote Autumn DuskHunter):

I thought that this shot was pretty funny. Michael is soooo pompous, you know (like the new hat?). As soon as he captures his last Rat (Lord Penny :)), he decides to humiliate the rates of Marleybone further by standing around them and waving his new badge in their face. 

Woot! Mooooore rat-killing! Now onto Dustin... I've been questing in Grizzleheim a bit... Well, I was until disappointment just got to big. Here's my quest-

*sigh* However, those pesky little "Collect" quests make me crazy, and when I failed on my 1st try to collect and, I kind of just wandered away, wallowing in self-pity. 

Just look at that ridiculous Quest Helper down there, tormenting me with the fact that I haven't collected any of the Feathers yet... Speaking of annoying, let's look at the main quest-giver in Grizzleheim-

It's crazy, as I soon as I finish one quest in there, Hrafn goes ahead and gives me another one. And what does he do for the hours when I'm not online? EH? It's not like he hasn't got times on his hands... Annnnyway, I found a pretty cool place for Ice Wizards to take pictures for their Student Elections Poster, or just a profile picture or something. Here, check it out-

It's in an ice tunnel in Ravenscar. Here is the location on the Map-

Does everyone see the little green arrow on the Map? Cool.

Now time for Critic MoonCatcher to give a little chat.
Overall, great Ravenwood Radio episode, Stephen & Leesha. Really great. 
I love the new segment called Study Hall, what a funny name... Giving a specialized segment for every School on every episode is an excellent idea, which SpiralCast has also been doing. Great podcast! However, regarding that segment, I think that it is a little bit... unfair... that people who aren't adults-


-can't be on the segment. Many of the great bloggers in the Wizard 101 Community are not adults. I'm not an adult, and I would love to be in Study Hall. I think that me all deserve an explanatory reason for why kids can't be on the show if they podcast themselves. Are you guys worried about parental controls or things like that? Also, why did Steve not even mention WandCast at all? He was there at the live show, you know? And we mention Ravenwood Radio all the time on WandCast... Whatever. Sorry to wine to all of you ;-) 

Anyway, Happy Earth Day!

Keep on Casting,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The "Other" David

On my alt, I was strolling through MB and then, passing a nearby duel I halted, backpedaled and found to my GREAT AMAZING SURPRISE!

Seriously!  and if this dream couldn't be better!


 amazing, its like a mini me (hey Dustin, Remember Mini Me from Austin Powers?  eh Icywiz?)

Moving on!


Its me only smaller and weaker, BUT STILL ME!

well kinda

Cool huh?

David TitanRider  (The Original)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can I Ask a Favor?

Ever since the move, I have been facing the daunting task of copying all of the Wizard 101 blogs from Wizard 101 Info WordPress onto Wizard 101 Blogger.

What is this favor you Dustin asks of you? Read on...

If you have a Wizard 101 blog/fansite, leave it in a comment right here... right on this post...
Okay! I can't wait to see that links flowing in...

Keep on Casting,

Hmm... What Could THIS Mean?

Got an email notification from Wizard 101 Info on WordPress. It's on a post about the old Homework in a Graveyard blog, which was an amazing blog that was run by the (so I hear) incredible Autumn DuskHunter. Wanna know what it says, eh? Go ahead, read!
"Be careful what you wish for" ;) The dead, in W101, never truly *stay* dead, do they? Thank you for your comments. "Celestia cometh soon".  
Does this mean that Autumn might come back to Wizard 101 to play in Celestia?! I would love to meet her SO much... A true inspiration, seriously...

Also, after checking her blog, I saw this--

Do you see what I'm talking about?!? We're in her BlogRoll! EEP! She also made a new post that has a single picture of the new mysterious Celestia wallpaper. AND it says "coming soon", or something.
Guys, I really think that she might be coming back for a little while.

Keep on Casting,

Monday, April 19, 2010

*DING* Level 35!

Title Self Explanatory!

*Lights Flare*

*Rockets Shoot off in the sky*

Checky it out!

Pretty Nice huh?

A little pyromancer flare with a balance tan!

The Soon to be rockin' the spiral!

-Stephen GRIFFIN(WOOT)Rider
aka David TitanRider

The Tri-Harvest Festival

Well, I was doing my daily check-up on my favorite sites, and I came to Wizard 101 Central! For those of you who aren't farmiliar with the Central or Wizard 101 Blogs & Fansites at all, for that matter, you MUST check out the Central. It is pretty much the tastiest "awesome sauce" for Wizard 101 related stuffs... Anyway, while on the Central homepage, I noticed an event announcement that sounds really fun.

*cue picture*

Cool, or WHAT? Here's the info along with the picture:
The Tri~Harvest Festival!! A Grand Gear Farming Weekend 
Hosted by – Mercenaries For Hire

The Event will start at 5am pacific on Saturday 4/24 and continue through the weekend and end at 9pm pacific on Sunday 4/25.

Mercenaries For Hire will be taking all Wizards that would like to farm for their Grand Master Gear If you meet one of the following requirements:
Option 1 - This is your quest run and or you have already run this quest and just want to farm Kraysys, Viktor Snowcrusher or Yeva the Spiderkeeper. This would mean that you are able to enter the instances on your own and not need to port in.
Option 2 - You are at least Level 45 and you may need to port in and would like the experience of running these instances for which ever reason.
Option 1 wizards will be the first to be considered on a first come first serve basis for these runs. Then if there are any open spots on the run, any Option 2 wizards can join on a first come first serve basis.
So if this is your quest or you are in the need of some gear from any of the three bosses and you meet the above requirements, please feel free to join this gathering.

Click here for more information
Doesn't it sound really fun? To learn more about the event, click the click here above. I might join in myself. It sounds like blast, and could be really helpful to those who are farming for GrandMaster Gear (you COULD always check the Guide to GrandMaster Gear right here on Wizard 101 Info :D) 

Lookin' forward to seeing everyone at the Tri-Harvest Fest if I can make it!

*Personal Note*

Dustin, Remember when i joined the mercs, then quit......
Good Times, Good Times,
(The lost in past time) -David

Keep on Casting,
Dustin MoonCatcher

Well, I'm Back!

I'm back from my loooong trip this weekend. Lookin' forward to what will hopefully be a wonderful week in the Spiral. 

Keep on Casting,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just Cause

Probably EVERYONE noticed this but "just cause"

Upcoming Wizard101 Expansions
We've just released information about our upcoming expansions, including an increase to the level cap, a new world, new activities for your pets and much more! Find out more here!

Soooo its coming all right, Just wait

Vote for ME!


Nothing New to Report....

Title Self Explanatory........


Friday, April 16, 2010

Where we last left Michael RainHeart...

...he had just gotten his Mooshu gear, I think?
Well, since I'm gonna be gone all weekend and I haven't posted about Michael so much, I thought I'd be nice and make a post about him. About a week ago, David's alt (Stephen GriffinRider) and Michael ran the Tomb of the Fang in the Krokosphinx. Here's some screenshots (and my commentary) from the run.
Okay, so it had been a while since I'd done the Tomb, and I had completely forgotten about those pesky Guardians, etc. of the Fang that you need to fight to unlock the chains. Well, GREAT. Time to go fight.
Yea, sure enough, the Guardian and her three identical twin Ghouls are the key to unlocking the Vault (the Vault leads to the Keeper, who actually has the freaking Fang) At this point, David/Stephen went to fight the Guardian, and I galloped on over to the Defender.
Um, the duel went... well. Let's just say I didn't get turned to stone...
Yep. We met up, creamed the Protector...
And then fought the Keeper! I don't have a shot for that, though...
Anyway, Michael is now 36 and Stephen is now 34! WOOT!

Thanks for reading this rather dull post... I tried!
See you guys next week!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Member of the MoonCatcher Family

A few weekends ago, my sister created her second Wizard, who she has actually been working on quite a bit. Haley MoonCatcher, welcome to the family.
And of course, she's a DIVINER! Joy to the world!

Isn't she awesome? Lol... If you see Haley in the Spiral, give her a shootout.
Well, she has Menu Chat, but whatever.

Keep on Casting,

WandCast, Episode 4!

Do to a very lucky turn of events, I got a bunch of time today to work on WandCast! And I finished! Episode 4 is available here! BUT, before you listen, please read...

A couple things... Due to the fact that I had to record the show while also broadcasting it on Livestream, the whole show has a bit of an echo. It's nothing major at all, and you'll be able to understand us quite fine.

Okay, and I'm also a bit quiet at times. And Kestrel, David, and Friendly are a bit loud at times. I suggest that you have your volume mixer open all the time; basically, you just need to have it open so that when I get to loud or vice versa, you can just tweak the sound a bit, you know? Cool!

About the contest you'll hear about at the end: It has to do with the Summer Student Teacher Elections, and they are ending at the end of April. It isn't necessary that the posters are completed by then. We will expect them after the nominations are completed. And the pictures you need to complete them are going to be posted soon; I really need to get around to it.

Well, enjoy WandCast!

Keep on Casting!

Two Sentences from The King

Um, did anyone think that we weren't gonna hear back from the King of Gobblers, Jeff Toney? Well, now I get to rub in your face that we did hear back from him the very day I sent him a message!

Okay, so basically I just let him know that we'd moved, and to change the link on the Fansites & Links page on


"I'll pass this on the Greyrose. Thanks for the info."
Um, how awesome is that?!? Pretty cool!

Keep on Casting, 

No, I'm sorry, I just cannot end on that note. As I was typing the signature W101 Info "Keep on Casting", I was overtaken by a serious combustion and realization of frustration. Look, I think it looks really weird to sign off these posts as "-Dustin" as I do frequently! As I was thinking about how uncool I believe it to be, I figured, "Why not sign off as -D.?" That would rock! HOWEVER, there is another *ahem* friend of mine who shares this blog with me who's name also starts with a D! INFURIATION!
Okay, NAH, I'm no so infuriated at David, but I was just bringing this up as a topic. I wish that I could change my last name in game to Bolt. I can see it now...
"The name's Bolt. Dustin Bolt."
Um, AWESOME! Unfortunately, I can't simply just change the name.
Whatever, I guess MoonCatcher has a bit of a ring to it... But you've gotta put Dustin first, then...
"The name's Dustin. Dustin MoonCatcher." 
Well, now that I've gotten that off of my shoulders....
Keep on Casting,
Dustin MoonCatcher


Live Kensington Park Video Available!

Well, the video of the run has actually been available for quite a while. Anyway, I just went on Livestream and I remembered that I hadn't ever posted the video here on Wizard 101 Info. Well, here you go. This was recorded on 28th of March. Um, it's around 2 1/2 hours long, so you might wanna grab a nice soda, or whatever.

Click here!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Harry Potter Idea... And WandCast!

So I've been listening to Harry Potter, The Order of The Phoenix, which is number five in the series. Basically, Voldemort has come back and nobody believes that be is, even though Harry has told everyone that. So what I was thinking is that if nobody believes Harry, why doesn't Harry just withdraw his memory and stick it in a Pensive, so that he can show it to everybody? Wouldn't that make sense? Then there's no chance that Harry is lying to him... Whatever, there's probably some reason that he can't. What do you guys think?

Now, about WandCast; look, this weekend I'm not going to get anything done (including Friday). What I mean is, I'm not going to be able to edit at all this weekend. The reason is something sorta private, so I'm not gonna share it with you, but it's literally going to go from Friday at 9AM (missing a GREAT day of school :)) all the way to Sunday at 8-9PM; and that's EST for you. So yup... No way I can edit this weekend. Sorry! I know, it's going to take a while to edit it with all the... eh.... interruptions... in the show. However, it'll be great when I finally do have it edited. So please bear with me, everyone.

[***UPDATE*** Everyone, I recorded a bit, I think, of WandCast 4 using the Livestream built-in recorder. If you wanna listen to whatever is recorded there, click here. ***UPDATE***]

Oh, yeah, AND I got my report card today. Straight A's! Woot to the woot!

Keep on Casting,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gettin' Settled...

So, everyone, I think that we're pretty much settled in here at Blogger! Of course, I've got to work on the colors of all the pages. You know, like on the GrandMaster Gear page, it had the coolio colors for each school?
Right? No?
Okay, whatever.
Otherwise, I've got the header to look really nice, and I've worked on the blog colors so that it doesn't look awful. Speaking of working on the header, Kestrel made a really nice post/guide on her blog that explains really well how to post pictures on a Blogger blog. It has really helped me, and David.
Also, thanks to everyone who has updated their blogroll/Blogger Club for this move. I appreciate it. I think that I'm going to ask Jeff Toney (the Gobbler King/artist) over at KingsIsle to please, please change the Wizard 101 Info link on the Fansites and Links page. Who thinks he'll oblige?

Keep On Casting,

P.S. Kestrel, nice name when you titled your post. Fits well ;-)

Testing Pictures!

David Here!

Testing Following picture:

Don't ask why its a triton, It just is........

How Do You Post Pictures?

Well, this is EXTREMELY awkward...

Can anyone tell me/post a picture showing HOW exactly to post screenshots on Blogger? Like, how could I put a picture into this post?

I'm really embarrassed that I don't know.


P.S. PLUS, Blogger doesn't have an automatic spell check as far as I know, so if you realize that my spelling isn't as great as it normally is... I still like Blogger better, though!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kinks Under Constructions

...centered. Since we just moved, stuff like that is gonna still be under contraction, if you will.
Everyone stick with us as we work out the kinks in this new move!

The "New" Wizard101info

Hey People, David here!

we swapped from Wordpress onto Blogger!

Like our Header?

Pretty Neat huh!

Btw Follow us with Google and Stuffs

Congrats, You've Found Us!

Well, you've found the (new) Wizard 101 Info! I'm sorry if we've upset anyone by moving, but we've decided that Blogger really does suit us what we want to do with blogging better.
AND so here we go. It'll be as if nothing ever happened! You'll just come here instead of our old URL. Does this work with everyone? Please, let us know if you're not okay with us being on Blogger. We love blogging, and don't think it matters so much which provider we use...
Enough of this rant. Thanks for checking out Wizard 101 Info!