Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Harry Potter Idea... And WandCast!

So I've been listening to Harry Potter, The Order of The Phoenix, which is number five in the series. Basically, Voldemort has come back and nobody believes that be is, even though Harry has told everyone that. So what I was thinking is that if nobody believes Harry, why doesn't Harry just withdraw his memory and stick it in a Pensive, so that he can show it to everybody? Wouldn't that make sense? Then there's no chance that Harry is lying to him... Whatever, there's probably some reason that he can't. What do you guys think?

Now, about WandCast; look, this weekend I'm not going to get anything done (including Friday). What I mean is, I'm not going to be able to edit at all this weekend. The reason is something sorta private, so I'm not gonna share it with you, but it's literally going to go from Friday at 9AM (missing a GREAT day of school :)) all the way to Sunday at 8-9PM; and that's EST for you. So yup... No way I can edit this weekend. Sorry! I know, it's going to take a while to edit it with all the... eh.... interruptions... in the show. However, it'll be great when I finally do have it edited. So please bear with me, everyone.

[***UPDATE*** Everyone, I recorded a bit, I think, of WandCast 4 using the Livestream built-in recorder. If you wanna listen to whatever is recorded there, click here. ***UPDATE***]

Oh, yeah, AND I got my report card today. Straight A's! Woot to the woot!

Keep on Casting,


  1. You'll see in Harry 6 what can be done to memories...

  2. Hey gratz on the straight A's and stuff! I really cant wait to listen to Wandcast 4 and all and so I clicky clicked on the link and all I got was a... ahem... questionable ad and a tiny snippet of wandcast entro music. Meh...just so ya know. On a side note I told friendly to use those questions for the triva part of the show NOT for his segment. I thought he was gonna talk about improving parties or his happy dueling card game? shug/ well he was all sick and stuff that week so... I'm sure he had plenty of the GOOD STUFF anywho!! ^-^

  3. @Shadowstalker Yea, I guess that Harry could have created/altered the memory, BUT still. I dunno...

    @Bailey Yea, I checked back on WandCast at Livestream, and it's just a very small clip. Everyone stay tuned for the recorded (easy to understand :)) version that I'll be releasing sometime in the next 2 weeks, hopefully.