Thursday, April 15, 2010

WandCast, Episode 4!

Do to a very lucky turn of events, I got a bunch of time today to work on WandCast! And I finished! Episode 4 is available here! BUT, before you listen, please read...

A couple things... Due to the fact that I had to record the show while also broadcasting it on Livestream, the whole show has a bit of an echo. It's nothing major at all, and you'll be able to understand us quite fine.

Okay, and I'm also a bit quiet at times. And Kestrel, David, and Friendly are a bit loud at times. I suggest that you have your volume mixer open all the time; basically, you just need to have it open so that when I get to loud or vice versa, you can just tweak the sound a bit, you know? Cool!

About the contest you'll hear about at the end: It has to do with the Summer Student Teacher Elections, and they are ending at the end of April. It isn't necessary that the posters are completed by then. We will expect them after the nominations are completed. And the pictures you need to complete them are going to be posted soon; I really need to get around to it.

Well, enjoy WandCast!

Keep on Casting!


  1. The grumpy divinerApril 16, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    Lol, the wandcasts get crazier every time. Makes you wonder what wandcast 10 will be like, a tapdancing walrus singing "the concept of nachos" while doing something weird to a bunch of mangoes?

    Maybe it's the echo, maybe because he was a little sick but Friendly sounds like Max Headroom. I hope to hear more of him. Friendly that is. No need for another Max Headroom, Dustin is more than i can handle. If you want Friendly in a next show, do you ask him or do you ask Bailey?

  2. I think you should wait to present any more episodes until you improve the audio. If David can't be heard, there is no point in having him on the show. Record a few segments and mix/edit them for practice. If you can't manage the mixing after a live recording, then don't tape live. Tape it ahead of time, then you can have a "live listening party" with the chat room. Let Kestrel talk more. She's the only sane person on the show, so it gives us a break from the bickering between the boys.

    Good luck.

  3. Loved It!!! Good work guys:D
    It did seem like Dustin was a little confused by Friendly's "David" impersonation? O.o
    Can't wait for Wandcast 5!!!!
    Oh and lol @ grumpy