Friday, April 23, 2010

My Personal View of the election.

Well we all know the voting for the Summer Student Teachers are just around the corner so I thought to just give some "Friendly" advice.

  1. Don't Vote Randomly, Think about your options
  2. Vote for only whom you know, cause a couple days later its, Who is that person????
  3. Think
  4. Think Carefully
  5. Dustin, Whine is not spelled wine.
  6. Go with your gut decision, But don't choose random people who you don't know for school teachers
  7. Its Tough Competition. 
  8. Don't Vote for Spammers
Thats it!

Peace yo!

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  1. If you saw ConnectX, you know my candidate for Storm. The Back-Up Plan (:P) is to be released after the election ends.

  2. Where do you vote?

  3. I think this is my favorite "David" post so far! Very funny! And I kinda like "thats it" as your signature ending quote. Its so you! idk:P