Friday, April 16, 2010

Where we last left Michael RainHeart...

...he had just gotten his Mooshu gear, I think?
Well, since I'm gonna be gone all weekend and I haven't posted about Michael so much, I thought I'd be nice and make a post about him. About a week ago, David's alt (Stephen GriffinRider) and Michael ran the Tomb of the Fang in the Krokosphinx. Here's some screenshots (and my commentary) from the run.
Okay, so it had been a while since I'd done the Tomb, and I had completely forgotten about those pesky Guardians, etc. of the Fang that you need to fight to unlock the chains. Well, GREAT. Time to go fight.
Yea, sure enough, the Guardian and her three identical twin Ghouls are the key to unlocking the Vault (the Vault leads to the Keeper, who actually has the freaking Fang) At this point, David/Stephen went to fight the Guardian, and I galloped on over to the Defender.
Um, the duel went... well. Let's just say I didn't get turned to stone...
Yep. We met up, creamed the Protector...
And then fought the Keeper! I don't have a shot for that, though...
Anyway, Michael is now 36 and Stephen is now 34! WOOT!

Thanks for reading this rather dull post... I tried!
See you guys next week!

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