Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hmm... What Could THIS Mean?

Got an email notification from Wizard 101 Info on WordPress. It's on a post about the old Homework in a Graveyard blog, which was an amazing blog that was run by the (so I hear) incredible Autumn DuskHunter. Wanna know what it says, eh? Go ahead, read!
"Be careful what you wish for" ;) The dead, in W101, never truly *stay* dead, do they? Thank you for your comments. "Celestia cometh soon".  
Does this mean that Autumn might come back to Wizard 101 to play in Celestia?! I would love to meet her SO much... A true inspiration, seriously...

Also, after checking her blog, I saw this--

Do you see what I'm talking about?!? We're in her BlogRoll! EEP! She also made a new post that has a single picture of the new mysterious Celestia wallpaper. AND it says "coming soon", or something.
Guys, I really think that she might be coming back for a little while.

Keep on Casting,


  1. hint: check the Celestia picture at "Homework", vs. the Celestia picture elsewhere. What, if anything, is different?

  2. Okay, I SEE IT KNOW. Thank you, Autumn, for the rather gigantic hint.