WandCast Episodes are available for download (or for some, direct viewing on Livestream) at the bottom of this page! 

(Also, WandCast is now a retired podcast. No more contests or prizes will be created or given, and no more episode will be published for the foreseeable future. Thanks for everyone who's supported our show and stuck with us. Feel free to listen to the nine awesome episodes we've got for download.)

The Host: Kestrel ShadowThistle of The ShadowThistle School of Wizardry.

The Co-Hosts: Dustin MoonCatcher and David TitanRider (cousins) of Wizard 101 Information.

Contact Us:

Kestrel Email: shadowthistle@aol.com
Kestrel Twitter: @shadowthistle
Kestrel Skype: kestrelshadowthistle
David Email: davidtitanrider@gmail.com
David Twitter: @titanrider101
David Skype: david_titanrider
Dustin Email: wizard101stuff@gmail.com
Dustin Twitter: @mooncatcher101
Dustin Skype: dustinmooncatcher

Guest Staring Information:
We're inviting you... YES YOU... to be on WandCast. Got a Wizard 101 blog, eh? Wanna publicize? WOOT! WandCast is the place for you! Send us an email (above) so that you can be on WandCast, live or not! You can come up with a segment idea, and we'll be SURE to test your skills in Trivia and Make the Connection. A Skype connection is required (we'll be doing audio chatting only so have a microphone, so there's no need to have a webcam), as well as an email account or Twitter (our contact information is above). Also, definitely make sure that your parent(s)/guardian(s) are fine with you coming on Skype to talk with us. It's really very important.  Just a note: It's fine to with us to have adults on WandCast (we've had Friendly before... but he's a kid at heart...), but please keep everything you say PG-rated for our listeners. Also, if you are an adult, we will only allow you to guest star if you are a community member who is fairly well known due to security reasons... You guys get it. Please contact us as soon as you know that you can be on WandCast so that we can organize you coming on as quickly as possible and be ready for future episodes!

Watch Episodes: 
Okay, so if we're ever going to have WandCast Live, you'll be able to access the dates and times here, and go to our Livestream chatroom here.

Summer Standardization:
During the summer of 2010, live WandCast episodes will be set at standardized times. This will be taken into affect after the Episode 7 show on June 24th. (It's a lot like how Ravenwood Radio works, expect we do every other Thursday, the week that Ravenwood Radio isn't playing.) So here's some of the dates when we'll have shows, and I'll update this list later. Does everyone understand how this is biweekly?

July 8- Episode 7
July 22- Episode 8
August 5- Episode 9

Download Episodes:
Clicky-clicky on these links! We're still figuring out the most efficient way to get WandCast to the Wizards, so there might be different types of downloads when you click below. Hopefully we can standardize it soon.

For Episode 1 of WandCast, click here.
For Episode 2 of WandCast, click here.
For Episode 3 of WandCast, click here.
For Episode 4 of WandCast, click here.
For Episode 4 1/2 of WandCast (very short), click here.
For Episode 5 of WandCast, click here.
For Episode 6 of WandCast, click here.
For Episode 7 of WandCast, click here. 
For Episode 8 of WandCast, click here.
For Episode 9 of WandCast, click here.