Guide to Oakheart Quests

Ever since I started making my Life character, Michael RainHeart, I realized the tough position Life wizards are in when they get the quest to learn their level 48 spell. It really must make you feel... really bad when you finally get to 48 and there is this MAJOR letdown. You start doing the quests, and once you get to the point where you have to talk to OakHeart, it starts to hit you. First slowly. Then you realize that you haven't done the OakHeart quest-line, and none of your friends have either. And it is really hard for you do to get your final spells. This page is supposed to give a helping hand to all those Life students out there who need help with this quest-line. Of course, if you don't wanna do the work, you can always use the Quest Catcher page, because Dustin is working on the OakHeart quests feverishly. Here is the OakHeart quest-line. It MUST be done in order. If it is not, you will not get access to the final part of the quest.

1. Cave of Solitude
1a. I'm Cursed (From MossBack)
1b. Rock On (From MossBack)
2. Kishibe Village
2a. Wear Your Gloves (From MossBack) 
3. Shirataki Temple
3a. I'm Cured (From MossBack)

5. Ancient Burial Grounds
4a. Distressed Earth (From MossBack)
4b. Forest Foray (From MossBack)
5. Village of Sorrow
5a. Tainted Forest (From WaveBringer)
5b. Forest Spirit (From WaveBringer)

6. Tree of Life 
6a. The Great Forest (From OakHeart)
6b. Ever-Lasting Forest (From OakHeart)
7. Completing "Ever-Lasting Forest" will give you access to OakHeart in the Jade Palace

Some notes about this...

There are still a few things about this quest-line I would like to clear up. First of all, I included the (From __________) part after the quest names for a certain reason. It is important that when you accept a quest from any of these people, you accept it in the corresponding location. For example, if you finish "The Great Forest" from OakHeart in the Tree of Life, in order to get the next quest in the line, you must talk to OakHeart in the SAME PLACE.

If you finish questing with MossBack, there will be NO HINT telling you to then go to WaveBringer.

There are more things I would like to say, but my mind is really going blank now.

If you have any specific questions about this topic, please leave a comment here or email us on the Ask a Question page. I think it is pretty simple if you take it nice and slow. Slowing prevailing. Kinda like the Ice School belief...

Hope this is very helpful!