Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Important Time Change Message for WandCast Episode 7

The time for WandCast Episode 7, which is still being recorded live on July 8 in the WandCast chatroom, will be pushed an hour and a half later to 8:30 pm EDT.

The time for WandCast Episode 7, which is still being recorded live on July 8 in the WandCast chatroom, will be pushed an hour and a half later to 8:30 pm EDT.'

The time for WandCast Episode 7, which is still being recorded live on July 8 in the WandCast chatroom, will be pushed an hour and a half later to 8:30 pm EDT.

Okay, I think that get's the message across pretty well. If you've got a Twitter feed, could you all help out by Tweeting the new time?

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Monday, June 28, 2010

Celestia Pre-Quest Documentary, Part 1

It's here! I recorded it just about an hour ago. Click here to watch my hour long tour of the Test Realm! You can watch all of the soon to come live updates up until the Warehouse.

Enjoy! Remember, WandCast 7 is on Thursday July 8th, at 7 pm EDT. BE THERE!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Celestia Pre-Quests Arrives on the Test Realm Plus a Date for WandCast 7!

Well, I don't need to explain much about the whole Celestia pre-quests thing because KingsIsle does it pretty well right here; the update notes for the Test Realm release.

What I'm planning to do instead of taking a 100 screenshots is taking movies of my time in the Test Realm, right from the first time I log on. Sort of like a documentary. Anyway, I might get to lazy to make them... As my duty as a blogger, though, I think I'll get to it. I'm patching right now.

Ooh, I've got a single resolution for the pre-quests and Celestia itself. My resolution: Dustin, do not rush through the quests! Read thoroughly through each and every quest, and fully understand the storyline etc.

(It's important that I do this so I don't get a heart attack. It happens when I'm so excited ;))

Before I sign off of Blogger and sign IN to the Test Realm, I just need to tell all you guys the finally final date for WandCast 7! Please be in our chatroom on July 8, 2010 at 7 pm EDT. Need help with time zones? Here's a great site that'll help you out. It's going to be a great show! Remember to enter the Swiftshadow Wings Contest!

Celestia is on Test

The Starting quests are on TEST!   ahem



Friday, June 25, 2010

Dates, David, and Dastardly Deeds

What guy doesn't love alliteration with D's? Just ask Milo Barker. 

Anyway, my apologies for not posting much (who'm I kiddin') at all the past few days.

But hey. Want more could you fiesty readers want? What's that? The pretty much possible date for Episode 7 of the wonderful Wizard 101 podcast, WandCast? You've come to the right blogger! I'm sure that Friendly might have been able to give you this info, but only AFTER I've posted it. (Hint for Friendly: Once we finalize this date, please let the rest of the community know about it by posting about it, my Necromantic friend.) Friendly and I are good like that, so I can "hint" to him I'd like a post, and then you see it on TFN ;) Actually, I'm really the one who's written The Friendly Necromancer all along ;) Muahaha! And it's not like I'm plotting to take him down with Autumn D., or anything along those lines.

I'm a bit to stupid to be a conspirator, according to Senor Davido. shrug/

After much frustration, we've maybe even got a MAYBE date for the supposed-to-be-yesterday-(KESTREL) WandCast 7. The MAYBE (but smart-to-mark-down-in-your-calender) date for the supposed-to-be-yesterday-(KESTREL) WandCast 7 IS...

July 8th at 7 pm EDT! Voila! I know, a little late on (and when we were supposed to have WandCast 8 [KESTREL]), but it'll do, me thinks. Plus, it'll get us back on the Thursdays thing we were supposed to have down pat by now. You just HAD to get banned, huh good, dear Ketzel? Nah, it's no big deal. We here at Wizard 101 Info are very intellectually advanced children, you know. Kestrel, you're one cool Theurgist

Oh, I almost forgot how I completely enraged David the other night! 

*sigh* I actually feel really bad about this one, even though there's nothing really to feel bad about because IT WASN'T MY FAULT, OKAY?!? 

So I was farming the Skeletal Pirate pet from Viktor "Vikie" SnowCrusher on David and Dustin at the same time. I was basically just farming the dang thing for David's character because the Ianthine Spector place was full on pretty much every Realm I checked. I only ported Dustin into the fight at the last minute (the fight with Vikie), so I didn't really expect me to get any good drops.

And so, as luck of the stormish would have it, I got the Skeletal Pirate after not laying a trident on Viktor and after only being in the duel for about three minutes.

Anyway, sorry David, ol' chap. I'll work on that farming later tonight. Maybe I'll even get a spot with the Spector... That's a hard gig to get. 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Haley MoonCatcher's Contest

My little bloggin' sister, Haley MoonCatcher, is creating a new contest that will be held once a month. I've decided to promote her contest here because it seems that not many people are checking out her blog, The Legend of Haley MoonCatcher. Be sure to check it out! Now, take it away, Haley!

Hello, everyone! Haley MoonCatcher here. I just wanted to say that I'm very excited for the new contest I'm having on my blog, the Wizard of the Month contest. The Wizard of the Month contest is a contest that happens every month and awards an excellent Wizard each month. To enter the random drawing for the Wizard of the Month, please email with your Wizard's name. The winner of the drawing will receive a pack of cards from the Crowns Shop: The Eye of Bartleby! The winner of the June Wizard will be announced on July 2nd.

So that's the deal from Haley MoonCatcher! I hope to see a bunch of entires for my little sis, okay?

*wink* *wink*

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

A Huge Breakthrough for Diviners Across the Spiral

As a Diviner, I've constantly been faced with a problem. Accuracy. It's easily the biggest problem Diviners face. Not low health. Low health is a problem, but not like accuracy.

The reason I post this is because I feel that I have made a really incredible breakthrough for everyone in the School of Storm. I've brought even some more honor to the School of Storm.

What if, ladies and gentlemen, I told you that I have 89% accuracy on all of my Storm attacks? With not a single treasure card?

Well, I do. That's 1 accuracy down from all Life attacks. I've had an extra 15% for a while now, but I got the extra 4% for Louie getting to Ancient.

They call me King Boom for a reason, you know.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Monday, June 21, 2010

Celestia Dude REVEALED-Celestial Clothing

Celestia guy is once again revealed.

He is like a robot.


Only Time shall tell.....

Before hand.

I thought a bit about how the clothing will be in Celestia.

Look at the spear wielding Shark, and those crabs.....

crabs......*Licks Lips*

Sorry, Had some crabs for dinner.

*Thousands of Celestians Scream in rage*

Sorry Sorry!

So I kinda thought that Celestia Garb would be like Greek or Roman style armor, with a modern touch.

like with Chestplates and shoulder pads.........


*Crickets Chirp*

*Crickets walk away*

erm ok.....

Such as these Wonderful stylish.....Tasty, Buttery, wonderful....Oh SHOOT!

*Celestians cry for vengeance*

Darn it......


*Runs out*

-David TitanRider

Luke DragonTamer's Fanfic

You Might be wondering exactly...Why?


A. its awesome!

B. Creative

C. Me, Dustin, AND Kestrel are in it too!

POV: Luke Himself!

                                              The Dragontamer Chronicles Prologue:

We ran up to our foe; wands at the ready. Just the four of us; Kestrel, David, Dustin, and Myself.

“You four will not stop will you?” said our foe. He pulled out his wand and muttered something, suddenly we were in darkness. I felt cold. It was almost like dying.

“Guys? You there?” I asked. There was silence for a second, I began to worry. If I was alone I was going to be defeated. I was just a trained Assistance Wizard. Not a Battle Wizard. Even If my spells were correct they wouldn’t do much without the right training.

“Yeah we’re all here,” replied David. Then as if he read my mind he started a fire that hovered in front of him. Everyone was here. We all looked deathly scared. What type of magic was this? None off us had seen anything like it. We heard a noise and got ready to fight. We didn’t know where we were. Then we heard it again. A wraith. It was somewhere in the darkness. We waited . . . nothing happened. We started to relax. Then it attacked.

“Look out!” Dustin yelled. It grabbed me and started to suck my health out of me. I was waiting for it to stop like usual, but it wasn’t stopping. This wasn’t any normal wraith. All my strength was being taken away. I struggled to get free, but I was too weak. Then it was finished. I fell to the floor.

“Luke!” exclaimed Kestrel. I began to black out. The last thing I saw was Kestrel casting a life spell.

Well I guess you are wondering who I am, who our foe is, why we are fighting, etc. You will know soon enough, but you have to be patient. First, let’s start with introductions. I’m Luke Dragontamer. I am a balance wizard and a rank 10 assistance wizard. Kestrel Shadowthistle is a life wizard and our rank 10 healing wizard, Dustin Mooncatcher is a storm wizard and our rank 10 battle wizard, and finally David Titanrider is a fire wizard and our rank 10 strategy wizard. We are all in a special wizard forces team. Now you may be thinking what are you talking about? What does all this rank stuff mean? I was asking myself the same thing only a week ago. Let us start from the beginning . . .

000000000000000000-SECTION BREAK-0000000000000000000000
(My Section break LOL)

That is awesome!

I am grinning like a MANIAC

Its totally awesome!

Cant wait for the next part!

Great Job Luke, and that Celestian Trident should be on the way soon!

Keep on typing!


Peace to the spiral yall!

-David TitanRider

WandCast Episode 7 Officially Canceled

Hey, everyone.

After having a quick chat with Kestrel on Skype, we decided it might be best to cancel WandCast Episode 7 for this Thursday. The reason is because (1) Kestrel is banned from the computer and (2) she conveniently scheduled a backpacking trip for the exact night we had planned to record the show on.

Kestrel, don't worry. It's no big deal, and I'm taking it easy.

WandCast Episode 7 will most likely be pushed to the date when we were going to have Episode 8, July 8th. The time will be 7 pm EDT. Thanks for your cooperation everyone, and I'd just like to announce that Taji34 will be doing a great segment on the show. (Taji34- email me.)

The winner of the Swiftshadow Wings will be announced on Episode 7, which will be shot on the 8th.

Thanks again.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Why, Kestrel, WHY?

Kestrel got banned from using the computer for the rest of this week. *sigh* Seriously, Kestrel, WHY? I hope she can persuade her parents to at least let her come to WandCast 7. I've got little hope, though. I'll announce on Thursday (the date we're supposed to have WandCast 7) if WandCast 7 is on or not.

If it's off, we'll most likely bump all of the shows. For example, Episode 8 would become Episode 7, etc.

Why, Kestrel, WHY?

I'm really sad. We had a great show planned!

Anyway, check back here for updates. Dustin's got all the latest updates on WandCast!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Sunday, June 20, 2010

TWO new pets!

sooooo. *ahem* well uh the title, kinda gives it away.

*awkward silence*

erm *starts sweating* Screenshots


My Glitched up egg!

(Remember Dustin....)

Oddly enough this is the same name of Dustin's Glitched egg

                                                 My very hard worked for ADULT fire Serpent.
                                                            (Still gotta get to ancient for spell)
                                                        Ice Bird! (Gotta get to Adult)

All in All

A pretty good day

A Fancy Rant of Fanciness

I must admit to have fallen into the wonderful world of "Less Talkee, More Playee" and did the Friendly Necromancer. It's really nice to take short breaks from posting about Wizard 101, where you can actually play the game you claim you are an expert at. 

Not like I'm not an expert. I am ;) 

So, what is good ol' Dustin going to talk about today? Well I'm first going to remind you that WandCast Episode 7 will be recorded live on June 24th, in the year 2010! If you want the word on when to be at the WandCast chatroom, be 110% sure to check out this post that I graciously posted upon the request that I post it from a Miss Kestrel "The Walrus" ShadowThistle. Speaking of Kestrel, she still hasn't sent me the dang show notes for Episode 7! I'm such a nagger. Sorry for being a nagger! Just send 'em along when you're ready "Ketzel" (-David's brother trying to say her name xD). 

For those of you who don't know but should know, we're setting biweekly dates for WandCast over the summer! Thoroughly read this post, where we go through the information on Summer Standardization. 

And LASTLY (about WANDCAST, that is), remember to enter the Swiftshadow Wings Contest we're having on the show! All you've got to do is send us a measly lil' email that contains the answer to this 'ere question: What is your favorite spell from the Death School, and why is your favorite spell from the Death School your favorite spell from the Death School?!? Easy as cheesecake (that's for you, Heather R.)! We're having one winner, who will win the new Swiftshadow Wings that ANYONE who's ANYONE wants. So you WANT to enter this contest. LET'S WIN SOME WINGS FROM WANDCAST! 

I know, I said lastly. But there's just ONE more thing I just HAVE to say before the rant! I now have a title! During the recording of Ravenwood Radio Episode 18, I asked Leesha if all student teachers got the title Overlord. According to Leesha, they each get a separate title. Leesha, you know your stuff, so I'm trusting you on this one! Thanks to Sierra StarSong for helping me figure out what my title was going to be. We settled on "King Boom"! I know, it's raw, and it's awesome. So now I'm King Boom MoonCatcher, and I'm loving life! 

Right, onto the rant. The rant that I promised you all. And it's pretty fancy, as promised. 

*cue rant*

I'm going to explain to you how farming works with my cousin, David TitanRider.

Say you set out to farm the Crazed Forest Spirit in the Ancient Burial Grounds for the Crabling, and David tags along. You fight a few times, and then you (you meaning ME, Dustin MoonCatcher), rolls a 100. 

You get the Crabling.

And then David has something to say. "Look, man, you owe me. You owe me that Crabling. You are in a DEBT to me, dude. You will farm all day and night until a Crabling sits proudly in my backpack, or I will stick this pencil in your head!" (See WandCast 6 for the pencil thing, because it's real.)

So I'm now in a debt to David. I didn't even say anything except that I'd get him that Spector, and yet I am in debt because I got the drop we were farming for. Interesting phenomenon, no? 

Ah David, you know I'm just messing you, but that's what farming with you is like. Erm... Farming with ME probably isn't that different, butcha know. 

*awkward silence*
*everyone stares at Dustin, who begins to sweat* 

Money doesn't grow on trees, OKAY?! GAH! I'M CAUGHT! shrug/

SORRY, that was pretty spontaneous. But that's what the art of the rant is like, cuz! SPONTANEOUS. 

Get used to it ;) I'm going to sign off with some pictures that'll probably annoy David ;) He's a cool guy- Wait, no- he's a firey guy, and a good cousin. Thanks for all the farming we've done together, cuz. 

I've got a Crabling!

Rusty's first day of pre-school. I hope he fits in!

Michael RainHeart's latest outfit. 

It's really sad when you see that quest in the booklet of a Level 36 Wizard. Michael RainHeart was conveniently unavailable for comment when this was discovered. Reporters assume that he is now lazy as well as cocky and overconfident.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Standardizing WandCast for the Summer!

Here's the latest news from us WandCasters!

Summer Standardization:
During the summer of 2010, live WandCast episodes will be set at standardized times. This will be taken into affect after the Episode 7 show on June 24th. (It's a lot like how Ravenwood Radio works, expect we do every other Thursday, the week that Ravenwood Radio isn't playing.) So here's some of the dates when we'll have shows, and I'll update this list later. Does everyone understand how this is biweekly? 

June 24- Episode 7
July 8- Episode 8
July 22- Episode 9
August 5- Episode 10

Got any questions about how this will work? Let me know! Do these dates work for all of the WandCasters as well? Let me know! WandCast all the way! 

Read more about WandCast and Summer Standardization on the WandCast page right here on Wizard 101 Info! 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher 

A Therapeutic Solution, I Guess...

Some good thinking on David and my part lead to the creation of this little fellow.

(Click on him to enlarge.) Yup, that's 100% correct! Dustin TitanRider. An Apprentice Pyromancer, ready to take on all of the challenges the Spiral has to throw at him. Of course, I didn't create this guy without having David do something along the same lines... Let's just say you'll probably see a post come along later today that has a dashing male wizard, David MoonCatcher, in it. 

It might seem like we created our polar opposites for fun, but that's just one aspect of it. David and I constantly bicker about which school is better; Fire or Storm. (Kestrel is usually the peace-maker if we're on WandCast.) Today, David and I decided to actually create Storm and Fire alts so we can literally live in each other's shoes. Isn't it smart? We are really convinced that this is going to help us gain respect for each other's schools, and might even ease the bickering! Plus, it's fun to play a noob. 

David'll post later about this in his way, so I'll sign off now. 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life Tower Glitch

My good ol Pal Lucas SoulHunter, told me about this awesome spider-manish glitch!

Check it out yo!

That is cool!

More screenshots follow

This is where i was staring from. (Marked Spot)

(Harry Potterness) Charge between the post straight at that beam!
 And Land RIGHT here

Pretty Neat huh?

A glitch, That hopefully Kingsisle WONT fix

Cause its awesome!

Peace to the Spiral

-David TitanRider

A Final Date for WandCast Episode 7

The final date and time for WandCast Episode 7 is the following:

Date: June 24, 2010
Time: 7:00 pm EDT
          6:00 pm CST
          5:00 pm MST
          4:00 pm PDT
         12:00 pm Western Europe Time (Comedy Theurgists, is this right?)
Where to Be: All you gotta do is go to on the night of the show!

Remember to enter our contest to win Swiftshadow Wings by sending us an email (to telling us what is your favorite Death spell and why.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WandCast Episode 6 is Available for Download!

Phew! After about 2 hours of editing, I give you... WandCast Episode 6! Click here to download it.

A few things...
1) The date for WandCast Episode 7 is still being decided. Here more about this on the show, at the end.
2) Since the show is really long (about 1 hour and 10 minutes) I've made the decision to post the contest winners (Green Cat Thug Contest) here. The winners are... Amber DeathSong and Amber StarGem! Listen to the show for more information! We'll contact you guys later for meetup times, etc.
3) There's a contest announced on this show, so BE SURE to listen. It's reward is one many desire!

Otherwise, enjoy the show! PLEASE, stay tuned for more information on the date for WandCast Episode 7!
(Note: The final date IS NOT June 17th. That's the date we were going to use, but we AREN'T using this date.)

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jaw-Dropping and Incredible Stuff!

Dustin here. And I'm really excited to post, for once! Italy tied with Paraguay (1:1) in the World Cup today. Come on, Italians, couldn't you have just push it a little further? I'm part Italian, so if they could've dominated, it would have made me really happy. Alas, no.

Just kidding. It's always a blast to post stuff for you folks. Who likes the new header that I so cleverly created? Personally, I think it is just awesome. I encourage you to leave comments restating how awesome it is so that I can bask in glory.

Louie, my Damp Demon buddy, unlocked a really nice ability when I leveled him to Adult today. I was all like, "Louie, you're actually going to be useful?!?" It's so nice when they grow up... and yet so sad. The uber ability is...

Blade Furry Flurry (Thanks Samantha)! (click to enlarge)

This goes to my sideboard in my deck. It's great, although it doesn't stack onto my Storm Blade and Elemental Blade for some reason. Friendly, should it stack? I don't thin we've seen an Amulet or Athame that gives a card before. We want answers, or we'll mob you, Friendly! Just kidding. But answers would be nice!

After I was done fiddling around with Louie, David and I decided to mess around and see how much it would cost for some different pet combos that we have. Here's the results. I must say, you're gonna go "NO FREAKING WAY!" when you see how much gold this could cost. (The total price is in the far bottom left-hand corner). Also in parenthesis ;-), (click to enlarge). 

That's not even a funny amount of gold to spend. Not even funny. I'm going to have to call of my deal with Heather Raven, me thinks. Tip: For everyone who is considering hatching, look at those prices. Say you hatch. Say you've then got zip gold left. Zip gold isn't gonna buy you the awesome new gear that's a comin' in Celestia. Keep that in mind. 

By the way, I'm still working on WandCast Episode 6's editing. It's going to take me a bit, but it is an excellent show, so PLEASE don't get discouraged with WandCast. It's going to be great. There's just one thing I need to tell you about it though. The next WandCast is going to be most likely a week after the 17th. After the show a week after the 17th, we'll get into the rhythm of doing shows every other Thursday. Stay tuned for more info, and thanks for sticking with us in these tough economic times :P 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Egg Glitch

I was in the Pet shop in the Pet Pavilion. when this dude had a egg pet!

BTW There is a Seraph pet.

BUT. Its in Kensington Park.-GOOD LUCK FARMING FOR THAT!


Wouldnt it be cool to have a egg pet! and then slowly feet would come out and walk next to you?

eh what do i know.  (Dont Comment I'm warning you Jessica!)  :P

Peace to the spiral yo

-D. TitanRider

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wizard"101" Info's 101st Post

Yep, its ironic.

Soooooo *ahem*

*clears throat*

Thank you.

This uncommon move is AWESOME.

Imagine your pet running behind me in another lane or the same lane, AND WHAM.




For those who cant see that.....


so image that bomber move, x4


Peace to the spiral yo!

(A very Suger hyper)

-David TitanRider

Thursday, June 10, 2010

WOOT! A couple Main points to Share


B. THIS IS THE "NEW" WIZARD101Info's 100'th POST

Its good to be Back. Thanks to EVERYONE who gave me welcome back gifts.... YOU ROCK!

So yea.... Shipped today. 

Erm That it.

and erm


Peace to the spiral yo!

David TitanRider

Homework in a Graveyard Party Announcement!

Taji34 (Luke DragonTamer) is hosting a party in honor of Homework in a Graveyard. Here's the info:

(Yes, I know, it's rather late at night.)


Here's what Taji34 says there's going to be at the party:

  • Host: Taji34 of Sorcerer’s Corner
  • When: Saturday, June 12th, 2010,  8:00PM CST – 10:00PM CST
  • Where: Death Tower, Nightside,
  • Realm: Dworgyn, Area 1
  • Who’s invited: EVERYONE!
  • Best dressed contest
  • Pet Derby Tournament (Practice derby races)
  • Sunken city runs
  • Hatchery time
  • Dancing!
  • And many other things (to be determined during the party)
Please if you have already posted this on your blog please make a new post stating the new date and time, also if you have a blog and you haven’t posted this please do! It is my first event and i want a good turn out! Thank you!
And remember, Tenure for Dworgyn!"

Sounds like fun! Be there or be square!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Blogger Spotlight: "On Spell Cards and Monsters: A Wizard 101 Blog"

I just thought that I'd give a shout out to Wolf WinterStaff, because I think that his blog is one of the best I've seen in a while. He's got really rich posts, is completely aware of grammar, and is an excellent blogger. He knows what he's doing. Anyway, please check out his blog, "On Spell Cards and Monsters: A Wizard 101 Blog". I love that name, which is partly why I gave him the blogger shout out.

You rock, Wolf!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

David, I'm Coming Through For You.

I've just read the post that David made about his frustration with Wizard 101. It's a serious problem that he can't get into Wizard 101 with his achy old dinosaur computer. The reason it's such a problem is because up until Wizard 101 (and a bit of Pirates Online) David and I didn't communicate to often. True, emails were sent, but we never got the full experience of playing side by side in an interactive way. Wizard 101 has been our one big chance at that, and I am not going to let David quit. I have a master plan.

If I know David TitanRider, I know that he isn't going to quit if he has something nice to come back to. Here's what would be a huge letdown for him; coming back to Wizard 101 after a ton of time and finding out that everyone is ahead of him and that his Helephant is a Teen and that he doesn't have the Ianthine Spector. If I can get all of these things for him and make sure he doesn't fall behind, he'll come back to the game once he gets his computer, and he won't abandon the wonderful W101 community during his tedious wait. 

I propose that I, Dustin MoonCatcher, will make David's time out of the Spiral as enjoyable as possible by (1) getting him the Ianthine Spector pet, (2) leveling his Helephant to Adult, and (3) giving him some great messages from the community.

Alric RavenSinger and friends, this is to you. All of you artists out there in the Spiral, this is your time to shine. Send me a card for David with a nice message or something about Wizard 101. Be it a tip, get well soon, or a code for 60,000 Crowns which I'm sure my cousin wouldn't refuse, send it. I'll pass it on to him. You can contact me with @mooncatcher101 on Twitter and by email at Please, let's help David feel better! 

Because right now I'm logging on to Wizard 101 using David TitanRider. And I'm proud of it. Join the cause.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher 

The Frustration and Horrible thoughts.....

Frustration.  Its all in my head.  Think about it..... Dustin is so ahead in the pet thing and I can even play. Next Amber (SMOCK!) Stargem is gone too. So i am so BORED and annoyed how everyone else is at ancient and adult, and guess what!....  My Helephant is a teen.

So yea here is my thoughts.  "Should I quit?"

I had that question buzzing around my head for the last week.

 I hope Dustin pulls through and gets me that Ianthine Spectre when i rejoin.  Hopefully. he hasnt tried much but idk.  More thoughts.......

"Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" "Should I quit?" ........

Well my new Desktop is coming soon.  but for the next 7 MONTHS, no allowance.  so yea.     "Should I quit?"      no......     "Should I quit?"    NO....  "Should I quit?"    SHUT UP ALREADY   "How can i shut up, I'm you...."   Just Shut up!   "Fine, have fun telling yourself to shut up"   well "Should I??"  

Peace to da Spiral,

A very Bored

David TitanRider

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dustin Knows Best!

Before I kick off this post, let me tell you something that I've already told Kevin BattleBlood :) Let us call it my personal "tippy tippy" from me to you.

Don't buy a Mega Snack Pack unless you have money. This means don't even look at it in the Crowns Shop and say, "Gee, that looks mighty fine!" Don't even do that. Just take a deep breath and resist temptation. Unless, of course, you really wanna buy it. =

I decided to tell this to all of you because the Mega Snack Pack is even more addicting than I conceived when I first heard about it. Seriously, it's so nice. You watch your pet FLY through the levels. Once a Mega Snack player, always a Mega Snack player. I'm already trying to convince my mom that I just NEED $10 worth of Crowns to unlock a new level for my pet. That's right; I got Lord Zeus halfway to Ancient-town with a single Mega Snack Pack. That's some serious unfiltered awesomeness.

I've also decided who's going to get trained after Lord Zeus gets to Ancient. And the winner is...

Click to enlarge.

My trusty old companion, Sir Jake! He's getting trained because of the potential he's got. Check out all those Epic abilities he's able to unlock. Man, oh MAN! Not to mention he's got the COOLEST running animation of all the pets in the Derby, and the highest pedigree I've seen yet. That's got to do with his potential, so yup.

Click to enlarge.

For those who don't know about it, the iPhone 4 came out today! Gonna buy it, Friendly??? I linked it so you can check it out. Have fun daydreaming, everyone!

During my quest for the Storm Snowman pet, I achieved my highest damage points EVA. Here's the thing. I was in so much shock I didn't even snap a screenshot with the amount of damage I did. This is what I got:

Click to enlarge.

Stupid Kraken.

Click to enlarge.

Anyway, I'm going to send KingsIsle a message seeing if they can go back and see the amount of damage I got there. I know it was around 22,000, but a solid number would be quite awesome.

I'd like to take a moment to say a little farewell to Amber StarGem, the Myth Master, who is leaving her blog today. She was the original Myth Rep in the GWC, and she's always got a room at Dustin's house should she need it, with a purple Mander waiting on her hand and foot. You hear that, Amber? Don't lose touch! We really really like you! My other message to you: Don't delete the Myth Master. I know, you say you're quitting forever, but from experience I know that a time might come where you wish you hadn't deleted your blog. Trust me. Let it stand as a testimony to the awesomeness of you, Amber. Rock on.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Sunday, June 6, 2010

KingsIsle Hits Home-Run with the Addictive Mega Snack Pack

I haven't even used one of these new packs on my pet yet, and I already know I'm going to have to buy one. JUST one pack...

That's what I'll be saying when I've got Lord Zeus to Epic off of Mega Snack Packs. *sigh*

Let me tell you, KingsIsle was really smart as a business with this one. They make the system to level your pet incredibly slow, and then just when the community is screaming for a solution, they release a (for lack of a better word) cheat that lets you level your pet with incredible ease. Really smart on their part. Especially since these things cost 5 bucks a pop.

Anyway, that's just my take on the Mega Snack Pack. I'll be getting some Crowns pretty soon and Lord Zeus is going to get to Ancient... Hey, maybe if I spend 10 more bucks I'll get Lord Zeus to Epic... Then again, that's exactly what KingsIsle wants me to think...

Before I sign off, let me apologize for not being around to post for about 3 days. My weekend has been incredibly busy. This is my last full week of school, and then I have 3 days until summer. My school's out on the 16th, so I'll be coming to that Ravenwood Radio episode :) Stephen knows how excited I am, don't you, Steve? Maybe little Dustin can do a segment on all the awesome stuff we might get during this summer because I'm SO EXCITED!?!? Just kidding...

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lord Zeus Becomes One With the Force!

Geez, I really have no reason for titling this post "Lord Zeus Becomes One With The Force!". It sort of just occurred to me while I was figuring out a reasonable title. The becoming one with the Force part just sounds so cool. Ian aka Stormywiz, this is for you-

And this ought to scare all my fellow Star Wars fans out there-

Who doesn't love Darth Yoda? Awesome sauce!

Okay, sorry about that. I let my inner Star Wars geek take over. Back to Lord Zeus...

Let me start with the Cannon Game glitch. I was about 10 XP points away from Adult with Lord Zeus when the glitch came into my virtual world yet again. I was thinking, "NO way. 10 points away from "Hatchability", and I'm unable to play my favorite mini-game?" KingsIsle has to fix this thing soon.

Anyway, this left me able to play the only other Pet mini-game I'm decent at, the Maze Game. Here's how close I got (click to enlarge)-

I have no doubt that everyone can feel the frustration that coursed through me when I saw this. 1 point away! And then, THIS, as it was meant to be all along (click to enlarge)-

I've got an Adult Pet now! Good thing those stressful teenage years are over ;-) I look forward to using these cool new abilities in the Derby and fights from now on!

I must also add these two things (click to enlarge)-

That right there is my new highest hit record in Wizard 101; 17020 damage!

There you can see Nathaniel FireEyes (an IRL friend of mine) finishing the Father Drake tower and unlocking the quest to Malistaire! Nice work, Nathaniel.

Okay! Thanks for reading, folks! Be sure to donate to the buy David an awesome laptop fund so he can get himself an Adult Helephant to go along with good ol' Lord Zeus who just bought a condo in Triton Avenue to celebrate his independence from his controlling father, me. 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Rant & The June Ravenwood Bulletin

Some exciting news came with the June edition of the Ravenwood Bulletin! As Fallon said, "Here's the most noteworthy":

I'm so psyched! And did everyone see the special on Wizard 101 that KVUE did? You can click here to watch it. You get giant sneak peeks at the visuals of Celestia, so it's worth watching a hundred times.

Just kidding. But it's a great video.

If anyone wants to read the whole Ravenwood Bulletin (which I suggest you do because it has a special write-up from Todd J. Coleman about trading enhanced Treasure Cards), please, click here!

Ravenwood Radio is tonight as well! Be in the chatroom at 8 or 8:30 PM (be safe and go at 8). Unfortunately, I'm unable to attend yet again due to a condition I've told myself I have that I am calling rapid time disorder. Basically, I've got this problem where I feel like I don't have enough time to get ready for school in the morning (it happens with other stuff too), so I get up at 5:37 (the waking up at weird times like the 37 is part of it, too) just so I don't freak out. I know, it's completely irrational, but I have serious panic attacks (like stomach goes nuts, head hurts, REALLY freaks out) if I don't have at least 1 hour and 25 minutes to get done everything I've got to do in the morning. This is also the answer to why I've decided that it's healthiest for me to go to bed at a maximum time of 8:45 PM EST, no exceptions. So yup... This is part of the reason I'm going to a new school next year, though, so that's about it. I'll be a regular all summer long and a lot of next school year for Ravenwood Radio, though!

Thanks for reading the rant and the Ravenwood Bulletin!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Holy Celestia!


There is this AWESOME vid that shows a bit of Celestia, and what I saw was AWESOME

Do you want the link?



ok ok ok

Here it is!

(Its also on the Wizard101 Ravenwood Bulletin)

It Looks so sick awesome!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tech Problems. EXPENSIVE Tech Problems

Ok so I have this AWESOME XPS 410 gaming computer i've had for since Wizard101. and a coupla days ago...... IT TOTALLY CRASHED AND BURNED. Like the Hardrive is fried, and I gotta buy a new cpu for my computer. You might be wondering  "How are you typing this now?" well that my friends, is because of a OLD computer thingy I had in the basement. Still works all right but slow as a poor noob without a mount. (No offense intended to those without mounts)  cause mounts dont make people great, having a fast computer with wicked gaming skills DOES.



A new XPS 410 computer costs........

erm well lets just say over $$$$$1,000

And, I am not the kind of kid who has 1k in his wallet.

So *ahem* in case none of you are following me.


Also, as Cassandra GriffenDreamer Puts it best.


Peace to da Spiral

(a rather depressed)

-David TitanRider