Monday, June 14, 2010

Jaw-Dropping and Incredible Stuff!

Dustin here. And I'm really excited to post, for once! Italy tied with Paraguay (1:1) in the World Cup today. Come on, Italians, couldn't you have just push it a little further? I'm part Italian, so if they could've dominated, it would have made me really happy. Alas, no.

Just kidding. It's always a blast to post stuff for you folks. Who likes the new header that I so cleverly created? Personally, I think it is just awesome. I encourage you to leave comments restating how awesome it is so that I can bask in glory.

Louie, my Damp Demon buddy, unlocked a really nice ability when I leveled him to Adult today. I was all like, "Louie, you're actually going to be useful?!?" It's so nice when they grow up... and yet so sad. The uber ability is...

Blade Furry Flurry (Thanks Samantha)! (click to enlarge)

This goes to my sideboard in my deck. It's great, although it doesn't stack onto my Storm Blade and Elemental Blade for some reason. Friendly, should it stack? I don't thin we've seen an Amulet or Athame that gives a card before. We want answers, or we'll mob you, Friendly! Just kidding. But answers would be nice!

After I was done fiddling around with Louie, David and I decided to mess around and see how much it would cost for some different pet combos that we have. Here's the results. I must say, you're gonna go "NO FREAKING WAY!" when you see how much gold this could cost. (The total price is in the far bottom left-hand corner). Also in parenthesis ;-), (click to enlarge). 

That's not even a funny amount of gold to spend. Not even funny. I'm going to have to call of my deal with Heather Raven, me thinks. Tip: For everyone who is considering hatching, look at those prices. Say you hatch. Say you've then got zip gold left. Zip gold isn't gonna buy you the awesome new gear that's a comin' in Celestia. Keep that in mind. 

By the way, I'm still working on WandCast Episode 6's editing. It's going to take me a bit, but it is an excellent show, so PLEASE don't get discouraged with WandCast. It's going to be great. There's just one thing I need to tell you about it though. The next WandCast is going to be most likely a week after the 17th. After the show a week after the 17th, we'll get into the rhythm of doing shows every other Thursday. Stay tuned for more info, and thanks for sticking with us in these tough economic times :P 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher 


  1. I like the new header, and can't wait for Wandcast! Keep up the good work.

  2. Those are high amounts of gold! Cool header try to leave your blog the way it is.

    I've posted about my Hydra pretty much (on blog) still a adult bound to be ancient sometime soon...

    And no I don't use crowns either! lol


  3. good header!!! i love the backround, and just so you know, does it say blade flurry and not furry? just telling ya xD
    o geez talk about lots of money lol!