Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lord Zeus Becomes One With the Force!

Geez, I really have no reason for titling this post "Lord Zeus Becomes One With The Force!". It sort of just occurred to me while I was figuring out a reasonable title. The becoming one with the Force part just sounds so cool. Ian aka Stormywiz, this is for you-

And this ought to scare all my fellow Star Wars fans out there-

Who doesn't love Darth Yoda? Awesome sauce!

Okay, sorry about that. I let my inner Star Wars geek take over. Back to Lord Zeus...

Let me start with the Cannon Game glitch. I was about 10 XP points away from Adult with Lord Zeus when the glitch came into my virtual world yet again. I was thinking, "NO way. 10 points away from "Hatchability", and I'm unable to play my favorite mini-game?" KingsIsle has to fix this thing soon.

Anyway, this left me able to play the only other Pet mini-game I'm decent at, the Maze Game. Here's how close I got (click to enlarge)-

I have no doubt that everyone can feel the frustration that coursed through me when I saw this. 1 point away! And then, THIS, as it was meant to be all along (click to enlarge)-

I've got an Adult Pet now! Good thing those stressful teenage years are over ;-) I look forward to using these cool new abilities in the Derby and fights from now on!

I must also add these two things (click to enlarge)-

That right there is my new highest hit record in Wizard 101; 17020 damage!

There you can see Nathaniel FireEyes (an IRL friend of mine) finishing the Father Drake tower and unlocking the quest to Malistaire! Nice work, Nathaniel.

Okay! Thanks for reading, folks! Be sure to donate to the buy David an awesome laptop fund so he can get himself an Adult Helephant to go along with good ol' Lord Zeus who just bought a condo in Triton Avenue to celebrate his independence from his controlling father, me. 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher


  1. When ever you want to hatch, my alt Kestrel has a bunch of gold!

  2. Nice new record of 17000, I was in that fight to see it :). Feel free to check out my new blog at

  3. lol now i know i'm not the only one who has mentioned yoda in a post