Monday, June 28, 2010

Celestia Pre-Quest Documentary, Part 1

It's here! I recorded it just about an hour ago. Click here to watch my hour long tour of the Test Realm! You can watch all of the soon to come live updates up until the Warehouse.

Enjoy! Remember, WandCast 7 is on Thursday July 8th, at 7 pm EDT. BE THERE!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher


  1. Hey Dusty,
    Just wanted to point out that the Fjords are not pronounced Fuh jord, but Fee yord. Just wanted to point it out case u were gonna talk bout it on WandCast. :) If u want some pics of the fjords just gimme a shout and I"ll try to post.

  2. Hey, that's awesome my balance professor!

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