Monday, June 21, 2010

Luke DragonTamer's Fanfic

You Might be wondering exactly...Why?


A. its awesome!

B. Creative

C. Me, Dustin, AND Kestrel are in it too!

POV: Luke Himself!

                                              The Dragontamer Chronicles Prologue:

We ran up to our foe; wands at the ready. Just the four of us; Kestrel, David, Dustin, and Myself.

“You four will not stop will you?” said our foe. He pulled out his wand and muttered something, suddenly we were in darkness. I felt cold. It was almost like dying.

“Guys? You there?” I asked. There was silence for a second, I began to worry. If I was alone I was going to be defeated. I was just a trained Assistance Wizard. Not a Battle Wizard. Even If my spells were correct they wouldn’t do much without the right training.

“Yeah we’re all here,” replied David. Then as if he read my mind he started a fire that hovered in front of him. Everyone was here. We all looked deathly scared. What type of magic was this? None off us had seen anything like it. We heard a noise and got ready to fight. We didn’t know where we were. Then we heard it again. A wraith. It was somewhere in the darkness. We waited . . . nothing happened. We started to relax. Then it attacked.

“Look out!” Dustin yelled. It grabbed me and started to suck my health out of me. I was waiting for it to stop like usual, but it wasn’t stopping. This wasn’t any normal wraith. All my strength was being taken away. I struggled to get free, but I was too weak. Then it was finished. I fell to the floor.

“Luke!” exclaimed Kestrel. I began to black out. The last thing I saw was Kestrel casting a life spell.

Well I guess you are wondering who I am, who our foe is, why we are fighting, etc. You will know soon enough, but you have to be patient. First, let’s start with introductions. I’m Luke Dragontamer. I am a balance wizard and a rank 10 assistance wizard. Kestrel Shadowthistle is a life wizard and our rank 10 healing wizard, Dustin Mooncatcher is a storm wizard and our rank 10 battle wizard, and finally David Titanrider is a fire wizard and our rank 10 strategy wizard. We are all in a special wizard forces team. Now you may be thinking what are you talking about? What does all this rank stuff mean? I was asking myself the same thing only a week ago. Let us start from the beginning . . .

000000000000000000-SECTION BREAK-0000000000000000000000
(My Section break LOL)

That is awesome!

I am grinning like a MANIAC

Its totally awesome!

Cant wait for the next part!

Great Job Luke, and that Celestian Trident should be on the way soon!

Keep on typing!


Peace to the spiral yall!

-David TitanRider

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