Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Fancy Rant of Fanciness

I must admit to have fallen into the wonderful world of "Less Talkee, More Playee" and did the Friendly Necromancer. It's really nice to take short breaks from posting about Wizard 101, where you can actually play the game you claim you are an expert at. 

Not like I'm not an expert. I am ;) 

So, what is good ol' Dustin going to talk about today? Well I'm first going to remind you that WandCast Episode 7 will be recorded live on June 24th, in the year 2010! If you want the word on when to be at the WandCast chatroom, be 110% sure to check out this post that I graciously posted upon the request that I post it from a Miss Kestrel "The Walrus" ShadowThistle. Speaking of Kestrel, she still hasn't sent me the dang show notes for Episode 7! I'm such a nagger. Sorry for being a nagger! Just send 'em along when you're ready "Ketzel" (-David's brother trying to say her name xD). 

For those of you who don't know but should know, we're setting biweekly dates for WandCast over the summer! Thoroughly read this post, where we go through the information on Summer Standardization. 

And LASTLY (about WANDCAST, that is), remember to enter the Swiftshadow Wings Contest we're having on the show! All you've got to do is send us a measly lil' email that contains the answer to this 'ere question: What is your favorite spell from the Death School, and why is your favorite spell from the Death School your favorite spell from the Death School?!? Easy as cheesecake (that's for you, Heather R.)! We're having one winner, who will win the new Swiftshadow Wings that ANYONE who's ANYONE wants. So you WANT to enter this contest. LET'S WIN SOME WINGS FROM WANDCAST! 

I know, I said lastly. But there's just ONE more thing I just HAVE to say before the rant! I now have a title! During the recording of Ravenwood Radio Episode 18, I asked Leesha if all student teachers got the title Overlord. According to Leesha, they each get a separate title. Leesha, you know your stuff, so I'm trusting you on this one! Thanks to Sierra StarSong for helping me figure out what my title was going to be. We settled on "King Boom"! I know, it's raw, and it's awesome. So now I'm King Boom MoonCatcher, and I'm loving life! 

Right, onto the rant. The rant that I promised you all. And it's pretty fancy, as promised. 

*cue rant*

I'm going to explain to you how farming works with my cousin, David TitanRider.

Say you set out to farm the Crazed Forest Spirit in the Ancient Burial Grounds for the Crabling, and David tags along. You fight a few times, and then you (you meaning ME, Dustin MoonCatcher), rolls a 100. 

You get the Crabling.

And then David has something to say. "Look, man, you owe me. You owe me that Crabling. You are in a DEBT to me, dude. You will farm all day and night until a Crabling sits proudly in my backpack, or I will stick this pencil in your head!" (See WandCast 6 for the pencil thing, because it's real.)

So I'm now in a debt to David. I didn't even say anything except that I'd get him that Spector, and yet I am in debt because I got the drop we were farming for. Interesting phenomenon, no? 

Ah David, you know I'm just messing you, but that's what farming with you is like. Erm... Farming with ME probably isn't that different, butcha know. 

*awkward silence*
*everyone stares at Dustin, who begins to sweat* 

Money doesn't grow on trees, OKAY?! GAH! I'M CAUGHT! shrug/

SORRY, that was pretty spontaneous. But that's what the art of the rant is like, cuz! SPONTANEOUS. 

Get used to it ;) I'm going to sign off with some pictures that'll probably annoy David ;) He's a cool guy- Wait, no- he's a firey guy, and a good cousin. Thanks for all the farming we've done together, cuz. 

I've got a Crabling!

Rusty's first day of pre-school. I hope he fits in!

Michael RainHeart's latest outfit. 

It's really sad when you see that quest in the booklet of a Level 36 Wizard. Michael RainHeart was conveniently unavailable for comment when this was discovered. Reporters assume that he is now lazy as well as cocky and overconfident.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

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  1. Well personally, I'm with More Talkee, Less Playee, :). But I still play more than I blog of course. Maybe that's why my luck with pets isn't very good...