Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Rant & The June Ravenwood Bulletin

Some exciting news came with the June edition of the Ravenwood Bulletin! As Fallon said, "Here's the most noteworthy":

I'm so psyched! And did everyone see the special on Wizard 101 that KVUE did? You can click here to watch it. You get giant sneak peeks at the visuals of Celestia, so it's worth watching a hundred times.

Just kidding. But it's a great video.

If anyone wants to read the whole Ravenwood Bulletin (which I suggest you do because it has a special write-up from Todd J. Coleman about trading enhanced Treasure Cards), please, click here!

Ravenwood Radio is tonight as well! Be in the chatroom at 8 or 8:30 PM (be safe and go at 8). Unfortunately, I'm unable to attend yet again due to a condition I've told myself I have that I am calling rapid time disorder. Basically, I've got this problem where I feel like I don't have enough time to get ready for school in the morning (it happens with other stuff too), so I get up at 5:37 (the waking up at weird times like the 37 is part of it, too) just so I don't freak out. I know, it's completely irrational, but I have serious panic attacks (like stomach goes nuts, head hurts, REALLY freaks out) if I don't have at least 1 hour and 25 minutes to get done everything I've got to do in the morning. This is also the answer to why I've decided that it's healthiest for me to go to bed at a maximum time of 8:45 PM EST, no exceptions. So yup... This is part of the reason I'm going to a new school next year, though, so that's about it. I'll be a regular all summer long and a lot of next school year for Ravenwood Radio, though!

Thanks for reading the rant and the Ravenwood Bulletin!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

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