Thursday, September 30, 2010

Homework, you stink.......

Title says it all. :(  I got Algebra 1 homework, and a bunch of tests-Spanish, English etc.

And I havent had a whole lot of time recently to do stuff. This could be nearing the end of Wiz101info   ...??  Hopefully not.!!!!!!! Anyway, I gotta Study for my quiz tomorrow :(  



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sorry Guys... I Have to Take a Stop for a BIT!

Well, since school has started for me. And I've got a ton of work. And I can't blog anymore (for now!) because of this. 

First of all, I've started at a private school this year. And I feel morally more obliged to the school work because we're paying $$$ for me to go to this school.

Anyway, I'll still be doing the Broadsheet and SOMETIMES checkin' in here at Wizard101 Info. Also, I'll definitely still be in-game. 

Thanks for understanding guys. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Been Busy, Very Busy

David Here, just want to make a post while I have the chance. Life has been so CRAZY, with Algebra I and Life Science, Spanish and Reading Homework is just piling higher and higher. Well, (Google This) Como Te llamo? and I suppose write up a comment. :/ Been so bored and busy :(  ah well,

Peace!  (and still waiting for Celestia!)  (KI, Selena Gomez? Really?!?!?????)

lol, anyway Bye!

-David TitanRider

WandCast… Well, It's Finished.

Since David, Kestrel, and I have been discussing this for the past week or so, I thought it was time to let the community know what's what.

Well… WandCast. We've decided to stop making it. 

Our reasons? We don't think it's really worth it anymore (and we don't mean that not enough people come to shows or anything). I have had absolutely no blog time this week with school starting again, and I don't think that Kestrel has either. That's reason one. 

The other reason is, as I said, that we don't really feel like it's worth doing. WandCast isn't a huge hit, and it takes so much time to do. We see no more real reason to keep up with it. 

To all the loyal fans of this ten episode show - thank you. You've kept us ticking, and we thank you so much for being dedicated and coming out to every live show we've ever done.

So what's the next step for Wizard101 Info? Well, we're just going to stay how we've always been. A blog. Just a Wizard101 blog. 

Thanks guys!

Keep on Casting,

D. MoonCatcher

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Bartleby Broadsheet, August 2010 Edition!

Well, folks, it's time I break the ice about my latest project to you all.

(This isn't the one with IcyWiz; that one is going to be a lot bigger and way more tedious to complete. So don't expect it to soon.) 

This project, which I release the first edition of today, is called The Bartleby Broadsheet. It is a Wizard101 newspaper. 

And the first ever edition, for August 2010, is available right now as long as you click this. I really hope that you enjoy reading this paper, and you can expect the next edition on October 1. And thanks for everyone who helped me write this one! (I'm not really explaining anything/much in the post about the newspaper, because it's really all explained inside. . .)

So what're you waiting for? Click here and download the first ever Wizard101 newspaper in PDF format! WOOT! 

Keep on Casting, 

D. MoonCatcher