Saturday, October 30, 2010

Celestian Diaries, Number 2 (Rant Included!)

At least I'm not the only blogger who's found it hard to balance blogging and Wizard101 lately. It seems that Friendly is yet again realizing that "less talkee, more playee" is quite important.

However, it's been a few days since Celestia's launch, and David and I aren't even Level 51 yet! Yep, that's right. We're taking it extremely slow - not even out of the Grotto!

I would have pictures for all of you... But I've been so immersed in game play that it's just not happening. Sorry, Print Screen...

Well, not necessarily Print Screen. Folks, it's time I broke it to you. Something has been seriously frustrating me... Besides the fact that KingsIsle took out two very excellent Solar Spells because of PvP imbalance rather than just banning them in PvP.

All right, let's face it: the Mac destroys the PC any day. The Mac has better software, better hardware, and is downright better than a PC. I KNOW, I know, the PC is "a better gaming computer". I must say, though, that the PC is only a better gaming computer right now because the industry makes it so.

Let's take Wizard101 (a game) and Livestream (a great tool for gamers and online communities) for example, here.

Wizard101 is only compatible on the PC currently. Why is this? Only the people at KingsIsle will really know why Wizard101 only runs on PC's. Now, I've gotten Wizard101 to run on my Mac through fairly expensive software. Even then, the game doesn't run the way I want it to. It glitches often, and is not compatible with software like...

Livestream. An excellent tool for gamers who want to share their experience in games without the toil of creating a blog or a podcast. All you have to do is press "Go Live", and you're broadcasting your game to the world... On a PC. On Mac, however, there is no version of Procaster (Livestream software) that allows the user to specifically broadcast a game they play. I would, then, after having to go through all the trouble of using pretty annoying third party software, be disappointed because Livestream for Mac will not recognize games. This means desktop broadcasting, which is entirely different than game broadcasting, because it usually takes much less to power. If you try to broadcast a game with desktop broadcasting software, you will not be as successful as you might have been otherwise.

Here is my point: Why do people not make PC and Mac equal on software and hardware? Honestly. Why won't Livestream recognize games on Mac, and why won't KingsIsle pull out a Mac version of Wizard101?

Think about it from a business perspective: You have several million PC user's playing your game... There's several million Mac users out there who would love your game, too, KingsIsle! They'd buy subscriptions and Crowns and Mega Snack Packs and with those Crowns and so it all unfolds and comes back down to-

Money. It's what makes the world go 'round, folks.

And that's my rant of the day! Enjoy Celestia! (Coming to your Mac soon? Oh, I wish.)

Oh, right, and before I sign off, I might as well notify everyone that my Livestream channel is up and running: The Dustin MoonCatcher Network. I know, I've got a gigantic ego and have been renaming it a bunch of crap names every other minute, but it's here to stay now just a channel. David and I might be broadcasting some Celestia on it later tonight. Check it out (click here) and STAY TUNED!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Celestia Diaries, Number One

Celestia hit the Live Realm this morning! It's my blogging duty to document this incredible event... And so I will.

(If you're new to what's what in the Celestia Expansion, here's the update notes for you. Enjoy!)

Let's kick this off! As soon as the evil patcher finished updating Wizard101, I began!

So Diego gave me a hat, too. Yeah, even though it gives Critical bonus and great health, it's just not like the Grand Gear...

Then, it was off to Merle for THE QUEST.

Took you long enough, hasn't it, Ambrose? Well, anyway, I took his quest, and then made my way to Wizard City's Spiral Chamber. 

It was wonderful to see Celestia on the roster. When the patching patcher was finally FINITE with patching, this amazing vista greeted me in Celestia.

It's awesome to finally be in Celestia LIVE!

Well, uh, that's all I've got today. I really wanna get some actual playing in... So see you guys under the sea!

I'll hopefully be back in a day or two with more pics and info!

D. MoonCatcher

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Auras... Well, I Called It!

Hey there, Wizards! How's everyone doing? Hopefully good!

As Bailey (Friendly's uber wife) reminded me last night, I have the bragging rights on what the Astral School is all about! I'm sure plenty of people like myself won't remember, but I totally called Auras in Wizard101 Astral Magic. It was on a WandCast discussion, and I'm so shocked that I actually called something that I'm considering learning Stars. I did say how awesome that would be... It's a really nice school.

Oh yeah, and the big news! KingsIsle dropped the bomb on us this morning, to general intakes of breath and heart-attacks! Well, here you go, the big news!

Out great old pal Stormzilla is having his neck fixed when... Celestia goes live tomorrow.

Yup, folks so that's the awesome news! That's righto, no announcements about Celestia hitting the Live Realm tomorrow or anything like that!

Boy, I'm sure glad they're fixing Stormzilla. It was starting to really annoy me that we hadn't seen a fix in his neck yet. 

See you guys tomorrow! TweetFeed is sure to be explosive when Stormzilla gets his neck fixed. 'Cause that's all the news there is.

Keep on Casting,

D. MoonCatcher


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Fanfic, in Dustin's View!

Dustin POV.

Magic swirled around diviner as the myth wizard threw Cyclops after Cyclops on his weakening wall of shields. Thinking fast our intrepid hero grabs the nearest Cyclops, pinning him down and knuckle busting its helmet. His trusty pet Louie shrank away under his owner’s cape as the earthy smell of myth filled the area. A jet of green flew past his ear as a life wizard threw wand spells at him. Dustin felt his power surge as his helephant amulet filled him with a fury of devouring flame on wood. “noooooo!” Said the voice, high and cracking as the magical dagger flew from Dustin’s hand in an arching movement. Dustin stopped a few inches from the life wizard’s nose. He was, in a sense appearing to be a person down in his luck, and lost. Louie, curious as ever, stuck his head around Dustin’s leg and stared balefully down at the wizard who lay at his master’s feet. Sensing this, Dustin stuck the dagger in his boot and held his hand out toward the myth wizard. “I’m Dustin, who are you?”

“Michael, Michael RainHammer.” Stammered the puzzled wizard

“Nice to see you, now follow me.” Dustin said, rather boldly

“b-but why?” the even more confused wizard pursued, but the Diviner had already turned into a nearby tunnel.

“Well, something reminds you of me Michael, and be grateful that’s what’s keeping you alive now!” Dustin said grinning slightly despite himself.

As the Life Wizard followed Dustin into the cave, Dustin unconsciously pressed his hand onto the molten rock medallion that David had given him so long ago……..

Not that bad?
Read/Review I guess.

David's Fanfiction.

Hiya!  I got kinda bored and had an "eh" idea in my head from a book I read called "The Warrior Heir."

Plz Comment and Review I guess --1-10-- 10 Being BEST!


Wizard Society was done. The whole system of school, level, and friendship was destroyed, all that mattered was power. The remaining wizards were mainly in hiding, living among in shattered buildings, and using whatever they could. Over the years, some “hierarchy” as you could call it had formed, that’s when Pvp really took a new spin. Each aspiring wizard donned their chosen colors and flew into a battle where, no circle existed and spells were always flying around. This is where I come in, simply because of when a winner is decided after the whole tournament, they get power over everything, and that is the reason I’m still going, and haven’t given up. I’m going to make a change….

WHAM! A nearby boulder where I had taken cover by had exploded into nothingness as a stampeding Stormzilla stepped on it. Leaning around my hiding place, I braced by battle armor for a hit, threw up a shield and charged. Immediately A nearby ice wizard started throwing out glowing ice wyverns-Treasure Card Wyverns- , who streaked like their lizard counterparts toward where I was running. My blood ran cold as I saw the little ground between us. Diving to avoid the sharp claws of the four creatures, I gripped my scimitar style Cerulean Edge and swung into a startled wyvern coming around the bend. Gritting my teeth against the burst of freezing ice magic that flowed into the air from the disappearing wyverns’ corpse, I turned on a dime, almost tripping on the protective cloak by my feet and felt the little hope of survival disappear as the Frost Giant glared into my eyes. I gripped the Storm insignia triton necklace hanging frozen in the air, and felt a spark of hope, a surge of lightning in my heart.

(The Storm part might be a bit confuzzling, but it shall come to you all later.)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Celestia Is Here, And So Am I!

Hey, everyone! It's Dustin here, and I can't even express how awesome it is to be blogging again.

Allow me to recap - I've had to stop blogging weekly/daily because of my band, my upcoming Bar Mitzvah, and homework.

But hey, guys, look: Celestia is up on the Test Realm right now as I type this, which is just uber cool! You can read about what's up with all the new updates here (that's the Wizard101 Update Notes page).

Anyway, I'm back on Wizard101 Info because Celestia needs me to blog about it. No more questions asked. You'll  be seeing hopefully a bit more of me once Celestia actually comes on the Live Realm.

I'm going to make a real effort to keep this blog updated - so please keep checking back here, but I can't promise top-notch posts everyday.

Thank you very much to everyone who's stuck with me and David for so long. We can't wait to blog about our adventures in Celestia together.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher