Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Celestia Diaries, Number One

Celestia hit the Live Realm this morning! It's my blogging duty to document this incredible event... And so I will.

(If you're new to what's what in the Celestia Expansion, here's the update notes for you. Enjoy!)

Let's kick this off! As soon as the evil patcher finished updating Wizard101, I began!

So Diego gave me a hat, too. Yeah, even though it gives Critical bonus and great health, it's just not like the Grand Gear...

Then, it was off to Merle for THE QUEST.

Took you long enough, hasn't it, Ambrose? Well, anyway, I took his quest, and then made my way to Wizard City's Spiral Chamber. 

It was wonderful to see Celestia on the roster. When the patching patcher was finally FINITE with patching, this amazing vista greeted me in Celestia.

It's awesome to finally be in Celestia LIVE!

Well, uh, that's all I've got today. I really wanna get some actual playing in... So see you guys under the sea!

I'll hopefully be back in a day or two with more pics and info!

D. MoonCatcher

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