Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Fanfic, in Dustin's View!

Dustin POV.

Magic swirled around diviner as the myth wizard threw Cyclops after Cyclops on his weakening wall of shields. Thinking fast our intrepid hero grabs the nearest Cyclops, pinning him down and knuckle busting its helmet. His trusty pet Louie shrank away under his owner’s cape as the earthy smell of myth filled the area. A jet of green flew past his ear as a life wizard threw wand spells at him. Dustin felt his power surge as his helephant amulet filled him with a fury of devouring flame on wood. “noooooo!” Said the voice, high and cracking as the magical dagger flew from Dustin’s hand in an arching movement. Dustin stopped a few inches from the life wizard’s nose. He was, in a sense appearing to be a person down in his luck, and lost. Louie, curious as ever, stuck his head around Dustin’s leg and stared balefully down at the wizard who lay at his master’s feet. Sensing this, Dustin stuck the dagger in his boot and held his hand out toward the myth wizard. “I’m Dustin, who are you?”

“Michael, Michael RainHammer.” Stammered the puzzled wizard

“Nice to see you, now follow me.” Dustin said, rather boldly

“b-but why?” the even more confused wizard pursued, but the Diviner had already turned into a nearby tunnel.

“Well, something reminds you of me Michael, and be grateful that’s what’s keeping you alive now!” Dustin said grinning slightly despite himself.

As the Life Wizard followed Dustin into the cave, Dustin unconsciously pressed his hand onto the molten rock medallion that David had given him so long ago……..

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