Monday, May 31, 2010

The Volcanic Duo Chronicles, Introduction

It's finally my time to try my hand at fan writing. I've read many of the stories on, but I never actually wrote one because I felt that it would promote me to a new level of geekiness :-) Of course, I mean no offense to those who've written fan stories about Wizard 101. The stories are excellent! That's why my conscious has finally won over. My story is called the Volcanic Duo Chronicles. Okay, time for me to start writing...


The Volcanic Duo Chronicles, Introduction
a Wizard 101 fan story by Dustin MoonCatcher

There was only one time before when David TitanRider had felt the power of a storm of such magnitude. He didn't talk about that time, because it was before the Order had fallen, and any time before the Order had fallen wasn't good for discussion with the... current circumstances. The name, he thought, don't let yourself think about it now... They're at the height of their power now, don't think of it now! But he was. He couldn't help himself. Thoughts of the days when he had walked Wizard City with pride, having just discovered the world of Celestia... If only he had known what horror it would bring... Everything could have been prevented. It was of no matter, however, because the storm that had generated this flashback in David's mind was stirring even more persistently in the distance. And quite an amazing site the storm was. It was simple a column of vibrant yellow lighting, booming powerful thunder, and rain pounding like glass, all swirling around the center of the storm. Something important was in the center of the storm; David's pyromantic sense for thrills could feel it. 

And as he stood on his porch, with trees wildly whipping towards the ground, the sky darkened. David's hair was suddenly whipped back from his face as the column drew closer, leaving behind it smaller storms that were expanding to consume the entire fields that surrounded David's place of residence for miles and miles in every direction. To describe the storm further would be impossible, expect for adding that where ever the storm hadn't passed was blossoming with pure Life. Beautiful blue skies, completely cloudless without a worry. Blissful blue. However, if what he suspected was in the center of the storm was really... well... in the center of the storm, than all of his dreams since the purge would have come true.

The storm was very close now, coming up the rolling hills close to the house. In the distance, David saw a flock of piggles poke their heads out of the trees, and seeing the uncontrollable storm, made an inaudible squeak and darted pack into the forests. The storm roared. The fields around the single house were not visible due to the storm eating away. David's house was the chocolate center and the hills around it were the cookie. The storm was the mouth munching away. Even due to the potential peril of his situation, David leaned against the column that started the steps down to the front walkway and laughed, thinking of the Gobblers he and his faithful cousin, Dustin MoonCatcher, had utterly demolished. Dustin had laughed and called David and him the "Volcanic Duo" as the Gobbler King had grabbed a chicken leg and floated away into the unknown areas of the Spiral that David would one day help discover. 

And that was the moment when David realized that what is in the center of the ravenous storm was not a foe, but a friend. He sprinted down the steps, his hair whipping around his Fire-symbol beret. Looking up at the storm, he noticed that it was starting to become skinner to fit the narrow path of trees that marked the entrance to the walkway of David's walkway. Not only skinner, but smaller and more condense, fading away more and more as the cylinder column got closer. Smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller, until David could make out a hat with a feather sticking out of the right side.The lightning sizzled to a stop, and the thunder gave one last threatening boom, as the column of pure storm came to a halt, finally shrinking in on itself so it almost no longer existed. Standing on the last little shred of cloud was none other than his best pal, Dustin MoonCatcher. 

As the cloud puffed and was extinguished, Dustin hopped to the ground and shook a speck of lint from the shoulder of his flawlessly made robes. "Hey there, cuz," Dustin exclaimed pompously to David while extending his hand, "Long time, no see! I trust you've discovered another world, eh? We do need one, more than ever, as I will inform you... Troubling things are occurring. And I've gotten the academy up and running as well! But what's your story? What have you been up to the past 2 years?"
"Didn't we agree that you opening a school would cause Ravenwood to burn to the ground?" David said grimly while shaking Dustin's hand. 
"That sounds so much like you, man! Anyway, come on inside for debriefing. 2 years on this little island definitely would put a fellow behind quite some bit..." 

Well, that's the introduction! I hope everyone liked it! If you've got any feedback, PLEASE leave a comment for me, and not to mention a rating as well! 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher 

Summer 2010 Student Teacher Elections Results!

It's here! We finally know who won the elections! Here's the list that Wolf (who I haven't seen in-game for a while) made (click to enlarge)-

Thanks to everybody for voting and supporting MoonCatcher! I'm sure that David will run and win next time, and I STILL support TITANRIDER. Plus, in the fall when I'm not running, I can devote my campaign fully to David. 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Sunday, May 30, 2010

"What Did I Tell You!"; Luck of the Stormish & Haley's New Garb

Remember way back here when I ranted on the old Wizard 101 Info that Diviners had the most luck of any of the Schools? I'm starting to get even more proof of the theory!

The Ravenwood Ball! What a blast! Guess what though? My computer was running so slow that I was stupid enough to not take any screenshots to share with all of you! My apologies. And although I hate to admit it, I left the ball when it was maybe halfway over because it was just making Dustin walk at a footstep per five seconds.I'd like to give a special  thanks to Fallon ShadowBlade for creating Diary of a Wizard and the Connect X. Also, thanks Stephen and Leesha for the Red Gobbler Pet... You guys want me to expand?

I know, I'm sure nobody wants to listen to me ranting about how I won the Red Gobbler Pet during the Ravenwood Ball. Guess what, folks. I'm going to write about it anyway!

Please, friends, allow me to set the scene. A frenzied chatroom full of Wizards, the number of which add up to something near 65. Everyone is on a sugar high with the cookies Christina IceDreamer has grabbed from the Gobblers (not to mention snuck under Mindy PixieCrown's weirdly shaped nose). They've just listened to Leesha announce that she's going to release a Red Gobbler Code into the chatroom. And I'd be willing to bet a fair amount of cash that only a few of them had actually opened up the Wizard 101 website, logged in really fast, and had opened up the Redeem Code panel as Leesha was talking. All except a dashingly big-headed MasterMind who went (and goes by the same today) by MoonCatcher. Dustin MoonCatcher. And as soon as that code was released, all this Student of Storm had to do was to click upon a single Internet tab. The deed was done. Here's a pic of a bunch of friends and I around the newly named Teddy, the Red Gobblers (click to enlarge)-

Well, that's that. I also had a great time today hanging with Haley MoonCatcher, who just got to Level 15 and managed to get her hands on some Crowns. She's stitched to some cool gear, bought a White Mare mount, and got an Ascendant's Staff! I'm so proud of her. Here's two screen shots I took with her. (click to enlarge)- 

Trust me, when I tell you what she's named the horse, you're gonna crack up. So just get ready...
P. Lea! That's Princess Lea in shortened version! Keep on rocking, Haley! I'll keep everyone updated on her progress in Krokotopia when she lets me know how things have been going. 

Oh! One last thing! You all have to see what this funny girl Lauren ThunderBlood said to me when I was fiddling around with the arrow keys in the Wizard City Robe Shop. (click to enlarge)-

LOL. She was worried about me because she thought I was lost. I told her to check on Wizard 101 Info later (she'd never heard of it before) to get a bit of a nice surprise. We'll see how that turns out.

Did anyone laugh at my "Luck of the Stormish" pun? Didn't think so :-) 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Ravenwood Ball Is Tonight (5/29/10)!

Be sure to come on out to the super fantastic Ravenwood Ball tonight! It should definitely be a total blast with all the uber (thanks for the word, Friendly) Wizards out there. I look forward to meeting some new bloggers, Wizard 101 Central members, etc. Here's the info on the Ball:

Date: March 29, 2010 (today :P)
Time: 7:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM CST, 5:00 MST, 4:00 PST, (and for our Comedy Theurgists) 2:00 AM WET
Location: Ravenwood Campus
Realm: Vampire
Area: 1

I strongly recommend coming if you can get the chance. However, I believe that you have to be a member of the Diary of a Wizard Connect X. I don't know how they're actually going to check this though. There's going to be most likely a ton of people that show up. I just can't see somebody going around with an invite list and checking to make sure that there's nobody there who isn't from the group. Also, they can't really say that people who aren't members can't come, unless they're in an agreement with KingsIsle. Can't anyone just walk into Ravenwood? You can't really tell them to leave because they're not a member of a certain group... Well, you can tell them, but they might not listen... You guys get the idea.

[***UPDATE*** The being a member thing to attend is wrong. Anybody can show up! However, you have to be a member of Diary of a Wizard Connect X to join in the the contest which is explained here. You don't need to be a member to enter the Pet Master's contest, which you can find the information on here. You really don't have much time left to enter, so if you're going to, get cracking. The Ball is tonight! ***UPDATE***]

Ravenwood Radio's Stephen & Leesha will be doing live "red carpet commentary" during the event. Click here to access their chatroom when the time is right.

See you all tonight!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Friday, May 28, 2010

KingsIsle Semi-Addresses the Cannon Game Glitch

The annoyance has been extreme, but KingsIsle has pretty much come through for us once more!

Everyone remember the Cannon Game glitch? Here; this screenshot ought to refresh your memory-

The reason that this glitch was so frustrating was because after you shot your three totally hopeless shots at the target, you would have a decrease in your Pet Energy. I wouldn't be complaining if when you missed it counted as a shot. That would be a glitch worth having around, especially if you haven't always been good at the Cannon Game like this one Storm Wizard I know all to well. *ahem*

Anyway, KingsIsle has just announced that if you're having problems with this glitch, just press escape on your keyboard and you'll be taken straight out of the mini-game without having any Pet Energy deducted. They also would like to mention that they're working on getting the glitch all worked out!

Thanks, KingsIsle, for trying to make the game as good as possible.  We all look forward to when the Cannon Game is fixed for good.

Also, what does everyone think of the new template? Good or awful?

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Unleash The Pets!

So, my friends, the Pet Update has arrived, bringing with it immense fun for all and a great new experience in the world of Wizard 101! After my first one or days with this new edition, I thought I'd share what I've been up to. Doesn't sound like a bad idea, does it?

My Stormzilla, Lord Zeus, has been my big focus for pet grinding in these past few days.

I've got to say that the Emerald Champion badge for completing every quest in Mooshu is really nice. And some may notice that I've been using my old Dustin robes lately. That's because I'm sorta torn. But that's the story for another post! Right, about Lord Zeus... I've been grinding him as best as I can so that if I ever get on the good side of Amber StarGem or can convince Heather Raven, I can have Lord Zeus mate with an Orthrus. That would turn out quite nicely, but I would need 80,000 Gold, I think.

That thing is so sick. Just so insane! 

Well, until I can achieve that, there is perhaps another cool (not as cool as THAT) pet that I got with this new update.  I have a Lightning Bat! (Heh, heh, heh, Friendly!) 

That's Sir Sebastian, the latest edition to the MoonCatcher family of pets! He's got nothing special yet so stay tuned! Unless you consider his shockingly awesome looks and Lightning Bat card not special as I do... Nah, Sir Sebastian is cool. 

Oh, yes, and FRIENDLY, call the glitch dog! *here, GLITCHY GLITCHY!* 
Can anyone tell me what is WRONG with this picture?

Thanks to David's expertise training, I've finally gotten the hang of the Cannon Game. However, when I hit a Bull's Eye, I'd appreciate it if it counted instead of saying that I didn't hit.

Just a thought. It might make sense ;-) 

Here's the stats on Lord Zeus as of May 28 in-case anyone wants to know.

And a great screenshot of me on my Bengal Tiger. What a great shot!

Look forward to seeing everyone in Spiral!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pets Go Live Today (5.26.10)!

In roughly an hour and a half (it's 6:25 AM EST right now) the entire Wizard 101 community (unless you're at school :() will be able to hop on the game, type in their username & password, press login, and begin a download.

The Pet Update goes LIVE REALM today, May 26!


One word, folks, just ONE word:


Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

An Eventful Evening

A few days ago came with a totally insane evening in the Spiral!

First, I attended the (16th page, I think) comic shoot for the MistBlood Comic, which was created by Kevin BattleBlood. Great stuff! I can't wait to see myself in print getting mobbed by a bunch of jumping skeletons. That's just a sneak peak into the next page of MistBlood! Here's a picture of the cast and crew posing in a really ingenious space for a great screenshot (click to enlarge)-

Does anybody recognize the person who is 1 in after Heather EmeraldFlame who is the person all the way to the left? Anybody who WASN'T at the shoot, dare I ask? I didn't think so... It's none other than my very own little sister, Haley MoonCatcher, who is now a Wizard 101 Blogger herself!

Yes, folks, it's true! A few days ago I helped Haley create her own blog off of this Blogger account (not to mention more importantly I added/updated the widgets on the right hand side of this blog ;-)) Haley's new blog is called The Legend of Haley MoonCatcher. Who wants to check it out? Click here! I actually think that she is going to post occasionally, so it might not hurt to add her blog to your blogroll's as well. Here's another shot of Haley that she took herself (click to enlarge)-

I hope to see her get more powerful as she has just entered the realm of Krokotopia due to the help of a Mr. DavidTitanRider who was rather reluctant to participate in the comic shooting for MistBlood (I put it small because he might kill me!). 
Anyway, thanks David for helping the lil' sis! 

Also, time had come to re-think my outfit for the Ravenwood Ball (which is on Saturday 5/29; be there or be square). I know, I know, the pink was flashy and "neat-o!" worthy, but staring at it just REALLY got to me. Really bad. Here's my new outfit for the Ball (click to enlarge)-

Speaking of the Ball, I'm so excited for it! Not only is it going to be awesome to hang out with all of the coolest Wizards in the Spiral, but Stephen and Leesha of Ravenwood Radio are going to be broadcasting some "red carpet commentary" during the event! w00t! 

See you at the Ball!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Sunday, May 23, 2010

WandCast, Episode 5 Is Ready For Download!

Before I post the link to WandCast, Episode the 5th, please follow these instructions:

When you click on the link that I am about to post, scroll down and click on the ORANGE button ONLY.
Allow me to repeat myself: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT click on the BLACK buttons. Click only on the ORANGE button, and you have yourself the horrible audio that is WandCast 5! Okay, so what do you do?

Does everyone see the ORANGE download button? When you click on the link that I'm about to post, PLEASE just click on the ORANGE download button. Okay, I think I've drilled it into you.

Have fun listening? Click here!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Hybrids Have Arrived

In the latest update to the Test Realm, KingsIsle has been very gracious and added a system where the Level 48 Spell Quest Pets will manifest their appearance in the next generation. Excellent!

I'm not going to go through all of the information here on how it works, because Elijah DeathShard and his pals explained it so well over on this thread on Wizard 101 Central. We've really got to thank you, Mr. DeathShard, for collaborating with the entire community and putting together this excellent guide for everyone to use when making awesome hybrid pets!

There's just one thing that DeathShard might want to explain a little better in his guide. Here is what you see when you get down to Orthrus in the guide:

Alright, so it says "Orthrus with...". And then lists all the Level 48 Pets that have been tested yet. For example, here is says "Hydra-". Then whatever comes after that is what the description of the hatched pet is. Hydra + Orthrus = Rockythrus, in other terms.

Excellent guide! And the reason I haven't posted for the past few days is because I was away on a family retreat bit with my family. Since the day isn't close to over, I'm going to listen to the 16th Ravenwood Radio and then hopefully (Haley MoonCatcher beat me to the computer when we got home; she's fast learning the ways of Wizard 101 :P) get some "hybriding" time on the Test Realm, etc.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Thursday, May 20, 2010


No, not David Bowie. It's a good song, but that's not what I'm talking about.

It seems like nobody is entering our WandCast contests. It just kind of bugs me. Of course, I can see how some of the contests we've done might be hard for some to do, but you know... It would be a lot to Kestrel, David, and I if we had... a bit more people signing up for our contests.

The latest one - the Green Cat Thug Contest - is definitely a bit challening, and I'm strongly considering discussing it with my fellow WandCasters so that younger listeners or people who just don't have the time to sit down and browse around songs about cats can be fully involved.

Any opinions on WandCast contests are fully accepted and taken seriously, so let us know what you think!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Everyone's Related!

This idea came to me after viewing Alia LotusPetal's post where she drew a picture of herself.

Now, I don't know if you can see or not, but she put up in the mid right corner that a spark of Storm and a flame of Fire created Life. THANK YOU, Alia, for making the connection. The depth to the schools is pretty deep, you know. For a "kid's" game, it's very... depthful (?).

The connection between all of the schools are explained here, but I thought I'd take 5 minutes and throw together a little chart. Here's my chart. It represents how the Elemental Schools (Storm, Fire, & Ice) make up the Spirit Schools (Life, Myth, & Death).

I think it's a rather nice chart, don't you think? It shows how the Spirit Schools are comprised of the Elements. As Alia put it, lightning and fire could in a sense create Life. For example, if you look at the scientific theories on how Earth was essentially created, there were periods of billions of years where it was a magma planet and then years when the whole thing was one giant sea and there were raging storms. Yep. Learned it on the History Channel. As you can see from my chart, the Spirit Schools sit in between two specific Elements. Rather interesting, wouldn't you say? 

Okay, here's a picture of the Minotaur Pet:

Bad graphics because I had to take it from a Wizard 101 Central page, but no matter. Can anyone tell me how this Myth Minotaur is in-game proof that Myth sits in-between Fire and Ice? We'll see... if I get the right answer, maybe you guy'll all win something cool (like a packet of pet snacks xD). Who knows.

Thanks for reading. Hope you're not to bored. 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher 

Contest Re-Announcement!

I screwed up again!

*streamers fly & people cheer*

Now now, settle down. It wasn't that bad of a screw up. All I did was tell everybody that there was nothing special on WandCast Episode 5 which holds no point in listening to besides this:
There was a contest announced on WandCast Episode 5! And this post is the post that is going to get the contest across the wire to everyone who didn't (and most likely won't) listen to Episode 5.
Phew. That was SOME yelling. So what is this contest we are re-announcing here, you may ask? David came up with the idea. I admit, it was pretty smart. Not like he is actually SMARTER than I... let's not get in to all this nitty-gritty. Anyway, here is what this contest is all about:

What do I have to do? Has anyone really taken their time and listened to the music of Wizard 101? It's really quite something. Amazing. KingsIsle really scored with getting it. Whatever. To win something pretty cool (see below for prize) you've got to send us a song (just the title and band name is fine) that in your own personal way connects to the Green Cat Thug Pet that was announced with the Pet Update on the Test Realm. Doesn't sound that hard, does it? There's just a few requirements: The song must be under 3 minutes in length, and it must be appropriate. If you're looking in iTunes and you see EXPLICIT next to a song in the iTunes store, let me tell you RIGHT NOW that this is NOT the song for WandCast. Capiche? Also, include in the email the connection from song to pet that you were able to see.
How do I let the WandCast crew know that I am entering? An email will do. Just send a message to In the message, please include the title of the song, the band/artist who wrote it, and where you found a FULL recording of the song. Good places to search are iTunes, YouTube (music videos are fine but need to be appropriate and please identify search terms specifically), Pandora, etc., etc.
What will I win? Isn't it rather obvious? You will win a Green Cat Thug Pet as soon as the Pet Update goes live. And all you've got to do is submit a song to us (see above)! A rather sweet deal. Plus, the song you pick will be featured on WandCast for everyone to enjoy.
How will the winner be chosen? The winner will be chosen by the song we think best represents the best connection. Basically, if you say that the Green Cat Thug connects to this song because ____________, then we expect to see and understand this connection. The one that we think is the best, wins!

So who's up for the challenge? You? Just send us an email as soon as you can. Remember, if only 2 people enter, you've got a 50% chance of winning. Here's 2 screenshots of the pet so you know how cool he is:

Enter, everyone, ENTER! Winners will be announced on Episode 6 or 7 (you'll have plenty of notice).

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Rather... Constant Template Changes

As you may have noticed,

Okay, who the heck am I kidding? If you haven't noticed the constant changes I've been making in the template here on Wizard 101 Info, then you've got to be really dimwitted. Or maybe your aesthetic sense just doesn't tingle when you realize that one of your favorite blog's template has been changing every hour on the hour for the past day.

Don't worry. I don't take it personally.

Anyway, just let us know if there's a particular template that you liked more then the others. Or whatever.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well, This Is Just GREAT.

So I got an email from Michael OwlEyes, who wants to listen to WandCast. I'd be perfectly fine emailing it to him if Gmail didn't have to put a 25MB (which is really small for the types of files people will send today) on the attachments I can put on emails...

I've been thinking that I'm probably going to have to cut Episode 5 in half. UGH! I'm so frustrated with this right now... It's like I'm trying everything to get it to work and it WON'T.

I'm starting to think that maybe I'll just leave Episode 5 alone. We'll proclaim it unlucky and nobody will listen to it... There's not anything important on there, anyway.

It's work for tomorrow. Right now I'm really tired and should go to sleep.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

WandCast Poster Contest Winner Announced!

The winner of the WandCast Poster Conest is...

Taji34 (Luke DragonTamer)

Congratulations, Taji34! Your poster was definitely very awesome. Everyone wanna see Taji34's poster?

*cue poster*

click to enlarge
Thanks to everyone who entered! 

Taji34- let's work out a date and time to meet up and I'll get you something under 10,000 crowns! And it can't be gold. Sorry! 

Be sure to check out the "Sorcerer's Corner" blog by Taji34. It's easily accessible through the Other Wizard 101 Bloggers tab to your right, and maybe down a little. 

Keep on Casting, 
D. MoonCatcher

WandCast Episode 5... Rejoice?

Against my better judgment I have forced myself to release WandCast Episode 5 to all of you.

Click here.  
[***UPDATE***Sorry, guys, but it turns out that Google Docs isn't working great for me. Not cooperating. Sorry! If you want to listen, email and I'll send it to you. There's really no big cheese on it, though. Episode 6 will work though, promise! If I can get Episode 5 on there, I'll let everyone know.***UPDATE***]

Rejoice in the great name of WandCast? No, I fear not. Just listening to the first minute of that thing makes me want to throw up :-) However, you guys REALLY wanted to listen to it, so... be my guests. Make yourselves comfortable. Enjoy *gags* WandCast Episode 5! (I would like to remind you that the sound quality is horrible and all the feedback from Cassandra LifeCaster is still there - WE STILL LOVE YOU, CASS - and the whole thing is completely unedited.)

I was just talking to David about it, and we've both agreed that it might be better to do a pre-recorded Episode 6 so that my stress levels don't go completely off the charts. I'm just a kid! Would the community mind if we... you know... did it that way? Everyone here at WandCast (basically just me, David, and Kestrel) would appreciate the feedback.

And if anyone actually DOES listen to Episode 5, let us know what you thought!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Short n' Sweet: I'm Back!

How's it going, all you Wizards out there? Good? Great! Well, as you may have been able to guess, I'm back from the break that I announced a few posts ago when I was all sad about WandCast.

Since I'm on the topic of WandCast, allow me to elaborate. Remember how I said I was going to use Livestream's built in recorder from now on? Well, I'm sure everything would work super fine if Livestream worked fine. I set the stinking thing to record the broadcast... and what do you know. Lemme give you a hint: You tell a person not to look and they look. Livestream is like that person; unreliable in many ways, and a huge source of frustration. So yes, Livestream did not record WandCast,Episode 5. Should I rejoice or not? It's not like there was anything so great about it... But no, I just HAD to have a backup plan. I recorded WandCast as a backup on my Mac which was just sitting there recording the whole thing. However, I relied on hardware to do the work and so the sound quality, volume level, etc. aren't gonna be to great when I can finally force myself to release the fifth episode.

*sigh* & shrug/ (does the / come before or after the shrug?).

I appreciate the whole community for giving me support when I've been pretty upset about WandCast. It rocks. Special thanks to Cassandra LifeCaster of Comedy Theurgists (I think David is never going to shut up about how cool it was to hear someone who was actually British :-)), Heather Raven of The Wandering Conjurer, Bailey of the Friendly Family (The Friendly Necromancer), and Taji34 (Luke DragonTamer) of the Sorcerer's Corner. All of their blogs are available in the Other Wizard 101 Bloggers section on the right side of your screen, perhaps a little down.

Oh, yeah, and thanks to... Oh, out with it already! David TitanRider. Goodness, that took some effort. I'll probably regret putting his name in the smallest font size when he's yelling at me on Skype in a few hours. Cousins, I

Also, I've got a new outfit. Special thanks to Reed GiantPetal for all the great advice. Yes, and you too Kestrel!

What do you all think of it? I still have my other robe because I have two Level 50 Robes for Storm.

Here's pictures from the Live Coven Run. That thing was so much fun! Especially the raid on the Kraken while we were all transformed into Fire Elves. *ahem*

Awesome sauce at the LEAST. If anyone wants to watch what I am calling "The Raid on the Kraken", upon here you shall clicketh. That's Elizabethan English for CLICK ME NOW, DANG IT! 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher


Well to be entirely honest  I am seriously losing my voice.

Like Laryngitis.

But It should be ok in a few days.

Throat hurts a LOT.

No school though..........

Maybe Life isnt SOOOO bad.

Peace to the Spiral


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Taking a Break

I'm going to be taking a break from this blog for the next few days. Just need a breather to play Wizard 101 without writing about it.



WandCast 5 Was... Well... Not Great.

Due to my not planning ahead, we didn't have enough to say on WandCast. Yep. So I decided to ask the chatroom to help out and have someone come in and answer trivia questions I didn't even have. First, Cassandra LifeCaster came on and the lag was taking so long to get across the Atlantic Ocean (she's in Britain) and it didn't work out. Then, we had on young Molly EarthSong, who was awesome, and answered the questions with glee and happiness.

Funny to think about glee and happiness when I'm so down in the dumps.

Anyway, then we had a little tiny bit of time left in the show that only 12-16 people were listening to, and Reed did his bit.

Overall, if I had been listening, I would have left.


I feel terrible about it. Sorry everyone who was looking forward to a great WandCast. 6 should be better.


Krok Map Glitch

That is Totally Wrong

I am Facing the Door but the Map says I am off.

O well

Peace to the Spiral

David T.

Total Cannon Fail!

Really Annoying trying to Shoot through a BUILDING!

My Anger is now released.

Peace to The Spiral

-David T.

Celestia glitch?


Kinda what i think is the START of Celestia

I was "summoned" to the Commons to see Prof. Ambrose.

And who would expect to see the Laundry Lazy boy Cyrus Drake.

But why?

Maybe after Success in DS and GH he is there to "Welcome" you to Celestia?

Well anyway NO ONE ELSE SAW CYRUS , so i was like "Woah"  And I thought it was kinda neat.

Peace to the Spiral

-David T.

WandCast, Episode 5 is Going Live Today (5/15/10)!

Yeppers, right after the Live Coven Run (which I was stupid enough not to record xD) we've decided to hand out a bit more wackiness with WandCast Episode 5! Don't worry folks: I'm going to record it just in-case Livestream's recorder doesn't cooperate. I think it will. Here's the times:

Eastern: 7:00 PM
Central: 6:00 PM
Mountain: 5:00 PM
Pacific: 4:00 PM

I'm sure the show is going to rock! Remember- we're going to announce the winner of the Poster Contest and we're gonna chat about the new Pets thing. Not that it's a big deal ;-) Also, we hope to be joined by Reed GiantPetal for a special segment on how Wizard 101 Central works. You know, the nuts and bolts.

WandCast, Epiosde 5 will be recorded in our Livestream chatroom (click here). Come back here and click that link when the time is right!

I've got a feeling this show will be good, or lucky. I've also just noticed that the date of the show, 5/15/10, are all multiples of 5, the number of the episode of WandCast. And I'm not math geek... didn't think I'd see that one :D

Yesterday, I worked with Cody on our outfit's for the Ravenwood Ball. I know, I had one, but I really started to get annoyed with the pink (I'm SORRY, Cassandra) and so now I think it looks a lot better. I'll post back with more info later today.

Come to WandCast!

-D. MoonCatcher

P.S. Yes, Kestrel and David will most definitely be there this time... AND on time!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Live Run Of The Coven Is TOMORROW (5.14)!

Okay, folks, haven't been on here in a bit! Had some homework (annotating "Macbeth"; Lady Macbeth is easily my favorite character), etc., etc. I'm really looking forward to finishing up Grizzleheim, and having all the devoted Wizard 101 Info and WandCast followers there to witness it!

The time and date are as follows:

Time: 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (United States)
Date: May 14, 2010

And come to our Livestream page! Come back and click here tomorrow so you can tune in!

WandCast, Episode 5 is going to be on Saturday (5/15) at 7PM EST. I will make a full post on that tomorrow.

Keep on Listening (and watching Dustin finish GH)-

D. MoonCatcher

Blogger Card-And 2012

First of all, I DONT REALLY believe in 2012 but it is fun to think I only have a couple years to live.

And other notes:

Sad Times indeed........

But we have come a far far far far far far far far far far far far far way.
Play that on "Judgement" day peeps!


-D. TitanRider

Monday, May 10, 2010

To be or Not to be...

well uh here I am typing up this report and hehehe I got a list all LOADS of new pets that i should share with all of you! BUT here's a Catch I will only show my list of pets IF I get from 28 followers to 35 followers!

ENDS: May 15th, Date of Wandcast.

Here is a little Sneak Peak of my Pets---No Locations Listed :P---

-That is just infuriating!

A LOT more to come after we get our Followers!
-(a secretive) David TitanRider

Wizard 101 Blogger Card

Jessica, the Awesome Pyromancer, made a post where she has a Wizard 101 Blogger Card. I felt the need:

Well, there you go! Thanks for the great idea, Jessica!

Be sure to check out "The Awesome Pyromancer's Diary" blog in the Other Wizard 101 Bloggers section on the right.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

What I'm Going After

I've just finished listening to Ravenwood Radio Ep. 15. Great show! I think I'm going to enter the contest to win the Warpwood Staff just for the heck of it... Anyway, this got me thinking that I'd share with everyone what pets I am going to for after once the Advanced Pet Update goes live. Here is my list (pictures and information taken from this site:

1) Storm Serpent (from Clanker, Katz Lab):

2) Storm Snowman (from Sea Lord, Plaza of Conquests):

3) Storm Cat (from Hirkir, Mirkholm Keep):

I'm sure there is going to be much more I'm gonna want... But for now, that's it! I'm so excited! 

Here's my challenge to every blogger: Make a list of all the pets you want in this update! PLOX!


WandCast 5 LIVE!

Okay, so after MUCH preparation, we have pretty much a final date for WC Episode 5! Here you go:

Date: May 15, 2010
Time: 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (United States)

And yes, folks, we're doing this one live! Be sure to be at our Livestream page. The show is going to be much more... sophisticated  then Episode 4. It should be awesome. Again, we really need somebody who can guest star on this episode. For more information on guest starring to do a specific segment on how Wizard 101 Central works, click here. Sounds great!

Also, we're (David, Kestrel, and I) are planning to do a live run of the Coven in Grizzleheim. We really need a 4th teammate, though! Here's when we have scheduled to do the run:

Date: May 14, 2010
Time: 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (United States)

If you think you've got what it takes to duel alongside us as we take on the Coven, email us at I don't mean to burst anybody's bubble, but we are not going to be taking any Storm, Fire, or Life wizards along with us because... well... that's our forte, if you will. This means that if you have an Ice, Death, or Myth wizard (let's keep them rather high leveled, please... like 40-50) then email us! Also, you must have a working account on Skype with a microphone. No video will be allowed. Just a microphone. That's all you need besides your parent or guardian's permission.

We look forward to rockin' the chatroom with you guys!


P.S. Alex DeathShade will be the chatroom moderator for these events.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Art by Alric RavenSinger

Alrighty- It looks like Wizard 101 has yet another talented artist! However, there's something about this guy's style that really makes what he draws so cool. Maybe it's the surrealist feel... I dunno. I'm no art critique. Here are two of his magnificent drawings:

Aren't those swords so freaking cool? They are some of Alric's personal ideas for Celestia.

And that is one of him. So cool. Love the outfit and the position in the drawing.

Keep on rocking, Alric!

-D. MoonCatcher

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Dragon Farm by Amber UnicornFlower

Just a quick little post... Amber UnicornFlower, who has a fabulous blog (love the header...), just made a great post about a little farm she made on the Test Realm. Go figure... Radio Free FarmVille. Just kidding...

Anyway, Amber's farm is really cool. It's full of stuff you wouldn't expect to find in a farm. Click here to check it out!

Thanks Amber for the great idea!


Samantha Has Found The Way!

My great friend Samantha ThunderDust from The Fearless Fire Wizard... 

Dustin & Samantha 
has found a way to deal with hatching an egg she can't use on her main character (see this post)! Give it to your alt! Of course, of course, if you don't HAVE an alt of a specific School... But here's my idea! If you want a Stormzilla for your alt that is Storm like Samantha has, just find someone with a Stormzilla and Hatch! Then, you're either going to get a Pet that you can use which will be awesome, or a Pet that your alt can use that will be awesome. It's a win-win situation... sorta. KingsIsle should still change that bug; Hatched Pets should have no School Requirement. 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

The Two Epiphanies

I have had to epiphanies today so far. I feel that they are worth blogging about, and SO...

1) The Epiphany of Before and After- In spite of all this new Pet mania, I remembered in-game how COOL it will be when it actually comes live. Right? Anyway, I was just chillin' in the Wizard City Commons when it hit me: I should do a before and after thing with the Pets! Where I am standing in this picture is where the Pet Pavilion is in the Test Realm-

2) The Epiphany of the Bengal Tiger Mounts- All though not everyone will remember, when Mounts were first introduced to Wizard 101, all of the Cat Mounts (Lion, Tiger, etc.) cost 30,000 Crowns. That translates out into $50.00! For a kid like myself, 50 bucks isn't just loose change sitting in-between the sofa cushions. DEFINITELY not. But I spent the money, and got the Tiger (this was when Mounts just came out). Anyway, I just checked back into the Crowns Shop, and, the SAME Tiger Mount that I bought with 30,000 Crowns cost...

Yessir, that's right! 15,000 Crowns! So here's where my epiphany came in; should KingsIsle send me 15,000 Crowns or $25.00? I mean, if there is some legal thing, then it's cool... But you know: Money is what makes the world go round...

...Or in this case, the Spiral.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Any Takers?

For WandCast Episode 5, we got an email from this guy who wanted to know how Wizard 101 Central works. You know; forum gold, posts, admins, etc., etc.

We're searching for the biggest expert of Wizard 101 Central. In other words, you need to KNOW your stuff about the Central. Okay? We want you on WandCast!

If you feel that you could apply, then please email me at, or leave a comment on this page. But an email would be much better. Okey-dokey.

Before submitting even if you are legible, you need to be able to get on Skype with a microphone at this time and date:

May 15, 2010 at 7 PM Eastern Daylight Time

PLEASE, let us know soon. 


P.S. Just to tell you guys- that's not the final date for WandCast. It MIGHT be... but as of right now, it isn't. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Summer Student Teacher ELECTIONS ARE HERE!

Vote MoonCatcher!
Vote TitanRider!
Guess what you have to do to vote, though. It's really hard...
Well, er, that's all.

Oh, yea, and don't forget to keep on making those posters for David. GUYS, we have 2 so far, so SEND THEM IN, even though the nominations are finished. You could win great stuff! The winner will be announced on WandCast 5, which will be in roughly a week and a half. So SEND.

Keep on Voting (FOR DUSTIN AND DAVID!),
-D. MoonCatcher

Monday, May 3, 2010

Japanese Spammers Part 2!-Revenge of the "Greens Color Possession mysterious taste!"

Part 2!!!!

Japanese Writing:

★ 林東芳牛肉麵(台北市八德路2段274號)營業到清晨六點!
★ 終身免費 線上麻將遊戲★ 阿娜打麻將★ 按下馬上獲得遊戲帳號


English Here!

Greens color possession mysterious taste 雞, the mysterious taste water 餃, mysterious taste 麵, specially made mysterious taste with respect to 這 些 capital right adding 醬 make forming,
 outside the 另 它 the mark 炸 fattening/fertilizing intestine 也 很 the righteousness 點, 酥 it is brittle the mark crust adding over-wrapping resident in intestinal 內 incrassate oil 酯, the water
 餃 也 很 non- complex phase 當 nomination and the meat 很 fresh proportion 也 很 the good, 吃 profitable arriving at 彈 fang 豬 meat, the other
 small greens true 很 good 吃, special nomination bean 竽, the bean skin 裹 work bean bud and the 沾 lawn flax oil 吃 其 other 如 fragrance
 intestine for engaging in right,Capital right such as such as duck 脖 child duck head and 豬 head skin 還 possession 些 醃 beef super good 吃 mark!!
* The forest east 芳 beef 麵 (the Taipei city eight 德 roads 2 step 274 號) 營 industry arriving at it is clear 晨 six 點!
Possession phase 當 human recognizing/admitting because of multi other right all stand most good 吃 mark beef 麵, beef right tendon heart meat, main point adding 點 other
 flower dry, ability right all-inclusive integral enjoyment outside 辣 oil right one 絕 另.
* Flax 將 playing on life exemption expense line 戲* Flattering 娜 hitting flax 將* In regard to 按 dismounting acquisition playing 戲 register 號

-(a really ******) David TitanRider

Darn Japanese Spammers!

*Checks Email*

*Opens New Email*

*Jaw Drops*

Read Below!

深夜美食小吃、最佳免費線上麻將 通通在這裡  

★ 終身免費 線上麻將遊戲★ 阿娜打麻將★ 按下馬上獲得遊戲帳號


★ 司機俱樂部

★ 馬祖麵店(台北市遼寧街7號)24小時營業!

★ 東引小吃店(台北市南京東路五段291巷20弄)營業到清晨五點!

★ 小龍(八德路三段監理所對面巷子裡)營業到清晨四點!

★ 林東芳牛肉麵(台北市八德路2段274號)營業到清晨六點!

★ 終身免費 線上麻將遊戲★ 阿娜打麻將★ 按下馬上獲得遊戲帳號

Translation Please!

*Opens Open Office*

*Pastes Japenese writing*

*Changes to english stuff*

Read Below
*Insert Random Choice Words here* *Hint Hint Nudge Nudge*


The flax on the nighttime beauty food small 吃, most it is good exemption expense line 將 resident in 這 裡  
* Flax 將 playing on life exemption expense line 戲* Flattering 娜 hitting flax 將* In regard to 按 dismounting acquisition playing 戲 register 號
semi- night ignorance leaving 哪 吃 嗎, 讓 our accusation 你:
* Osamu machine 俱 樂 section (the Taipei Itiminami capital east road five step) 營 industry arriving at it is clear 晨 45 點!
The sea under the Taipei Itiminami capital east road five step 麥 帥 bridge 霸 the king 旁 邊 the mark Osamu machine 俱 樂 section, east Saito 很
 convenience, 滷 Chinese cabbage 很 夠 taste, 滷 meat rice 雞 meat rice 也 capital non- complexity, the anti- bone 酥, white 蘿 蔔 it boils and
 profit 夠 爛, the bone hot water taste rice gruel 卻 很 is clear, the anti- bone small and large hardness good, oral taste 很 possession 媽 媽 the mark taste road!!
* At the time of horse ancestor/founder 麵 store (Taipei city Liaoning town 7 號) 24 small 營 industry!
Famous right flax 醬 麵, 炸 醬 麵, 蛋 package hot water, 還 possession 些 skin 蛋, small greens such as four seasons bean, 還 possession 餛 飩 hot water.
* East pulling small 吃 store (the Taipei Itiminami capital east road five step 291 societies 20 弄) 營 industry arriving at it is clear 晨 five 點!
The lower 麥 帥 bridge first crimson 綠 light right 轉, the 靠 left 邊 the mark society child 裡, the human 聲 tripod kettle boil engaging in right Ryo other
 oil dry 拌 麵, true 很 fragrance 還 possession 如 榨 greens meat 絲 麵, dry 拌 麵, 炸 醬 麵, 餛 飩 麵, other famous
 right 滷 the small greens, optimum combination happy 歡 oil 蔥 fragrance, heavily 鹹 it is heavy the oral taste 饕 customer.
* Small dragon (eight 德 road three step supervision place 對 surface society children 裡) 營 industry arriving at it is clear 晨 four


now WOW as in World of Warcraft,



NOT cool man not cool

-(a rather peeved) David TitanRider

Storm Beetle A Winner?

Due to the new Pet mania on the Test Realm, I decided to check my Bank to see if there were any Pets I had so malevolently discarded.

To make a short story shorter: There were.

Behold, my Storm Beetle! I was interested in how my Beetle would interact with the new Realm. He had been stowed away in my back quite some time ago, so yea. I was psyched! Way to go Storm Beetles!

Before I continue, lemme just clear up the question that will, no doubt about it, be in some of your minds right now as you read the very words on this screen. Well, not THIS screen, because you obviously aren't sitting right here next to me as I type this post, because if you were... Let's not go there. The Storm Beetle Pet is out of commission. If you don't already have it, don't waste your time farming Tumok (hint hint: MOB FRIENDLY!) for it. Yep, that's right. It was a prize to everyone when Wizard 101 got it's millionth player. Basically, they gave every player 101 Crowns and that's exactly how much a Storm Beetle cost. It was epic.

Anyway, I realized soon that there were things about my good ol' Orio that were worth blogging about. For instance-

It's awesome! My old pal (who I threw in my Bank for 2 months) has the Bomber capability in the Derby! Woot! AND, if you can get a Storm Beetle to Adult (mine is a Teen):

Um, are you KIDDING ME?!? No more Mutant Treasure Cards! SICK!

So, fellas, if you've mistreated your Storm Beetle, go and get him from your Bank pronto. He's probably tired of sitting in there, and you WANT to throw bombs in the Derby!


P.S. Who's up for a live run of the Coven in Grizzleheim? I'm thinking of asking Stephen S. to tag along because he said he'd love to do a live event of that. It would be me, David, Kestrel, and Steve. That would be awesome...

May 2010 Ravenwood Bulletin Is Out!

Well folks, if you didn't know, the May edition of the praised Ravenwood Bulletin is available TODAY!

Yes, today. And all you have to do is click here!

This edition is really good. Guess who's "hosting" it this month?

Our good old buddy from the Pet Update on the Test Realm... the guy who loves alliteration with P's?

Anyway, this Ravenwood Bulletin is a testament to just how great the Wizard 101 community is. Within... what is it now... 3 weeks after Autumn DuskHunter's dramatic return (see Homework in a Graveyard blog in our Blogroll/Other-W101-Blogs-List) to the Spiral, KingsIsle addresses it in a Ravenwood Bulletin.

Pretty big.

Enjoy reading!

-D. MoonCatcher

P.S. Dang, D. MoonCatcher sounds so cool. Lookin' forward to WandCast 5!

And So It Was Decided!

Okay, I take it that everyone is okay with the idea of WandCast unedited and straight from Livestream!


The date of the next show will be posted soon. It might be in a week or two, but that's just how life is; unfair ;)

Thanks for giving your opinion on the previous post of this matter and we'll get back to you all soon with the date of WandCast 5... it'll be live!

*hehe... I rhymed!*

-Dusty (as I am called by Chase)

Eureka! An Idea! Would You Mind?

Would you guys mind if we tried something a bit new with WandCast? I've been thinking long and hard about it, and decided that the best way to do live shows for you guys would be to leave the raw version untouched, and available to be listened to at any time after the recording, which would be live. 

Let me explain. The way I had to do it with Episode 4 was to be streaming to the chatroom at the same time I was recording. Nothing was actually recorded by the software Livestream gives me. It was all recorded by this thing called Audio Hijack Pro, which is a good recorded, but it only lets me record for 5 consistent minutes before all the noise gets overlaid.

Yea, I know. shrug/

So what I've been thinking is this. I can record DIRECTLY what the live episode is using the software that Livestream  gives me. However, I don't know how I would be able to then edit it, so WandCast would have to be pretty darn good on the initial run. Does that make sense? Then, I could just post a link to the recorded broadcast and viola. We wouldn't have to do all the music in the middle of the segments, which would be nice, but we would have to just GOOO, and not do so much talking and stuff.

Personally, I think that it would make the show better, AND then we would do every show live. 

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment! Be sure to check out the WandCast page for previous episodes, updates, and info about the show! 


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wiz101 Canon Glitch

See Below

3 Shots
3 hits
3 MISSES?????

that was a shame!

oh Well

*sniff sniff*

Poor Lord Maxwell