Friday, May 28, 2010

Unleash The Pets!

So, my friends, the Pet Update has arrived, bringing with it immense fun for all and a great new experience in the world of Wizard 101! After my first one or days with this new edition, I thought I'd share what I've been up to. Doesn't sound like a bad idea, does it?

My Stormzilla, Lord Zeus, has been my big focus for pet grinding in these past few days.

I've got to say that the Emerald Champion badge for completing every quest in Mooshu is really nice. And some may notice that I've been using my old Dustin robes lately. That's because I'm sorta torn. But that's the story for another post! Right, about Lord Zeus... I've been grinding him as best as I can so that if I ever get on the good side of Amber StarGem or can convince Heather Raven, I can have Lord Zeus mate with an Orthrus. That would turn out quite nicely, but I would need 80,000 Gold, I think.

That thing is so sick. Just so insane! 

Well, until I can achieve that, there is perhaps another cool (not as cool as THAT) pet that I got with this new update.  I have a Lightning Bat! (Heh, heh, heh, Friendly!) 

That's Sir Sebastian, the latest edition to the MoonCatcher family of pets! He's got nothing special yet so stay tuned! Unless you consider his shockingly awesome looks and Lightning Bat card not special as I do... Nah, Sir Sebastian is cool. 

Oh, yes, and FRIENDLY, call the glitch dog! *here, GLITCHY GLITCHY!* 
Can anyone tell me what is WRONG with this picture?

Thanks to David's expertise training, I've finally gotten the hang of the Cannon Game. However, when I hit a Bull's Eye, I'd appreciate it if it counted instead of saying that I didn't hit.

Just a thought. It might make sense ;-) 

Here's the stats on Lord Zeus as of May 28 in-case anyone wants to know.

And a great screenshot of me on my Bengal Tiger. What a great shot!

Look forward to seeing everyone in Spiral!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher


  1. I have that badge too! I've completed every quest in the spiral except crafting working on the 13th quest one more done!

  2. Must say, love your new quote!!!

  3. Hey Dustin, when you do get a chance to make that awesome looking orthus-storm pet, you should make a video of the process, so that all of us diviners out there can see for real that it works and start looking for a chance to mutate our stormzillas into something as cool.

  4. @Anonymous Great idea. Heather Raven just got her Orthrus to Adult, and I am hoping to do the same for my Stormzilla today (5/29/10) However, the (most-likely) cost of 80,000 Gold would be... Yea. But I'm devoted to it!