Monday, May 3, 2010

Storm Beetle A Winner?

Due to the new Pet mania on the Test Realm, I decided to check my Bank to see if there were any Pets I had so malevolently discarded.

To make a short story shorter: There were.

Behold, my Storm Beetle! I was interested in how my Beetle would interact with the new Realm. He had been stowed away in my back quite some time ago, so yea. I was psyched! Way to go Storm Beetles!

Before I continue, lemme just clear up the question that will, no doubt about it, be in some of your minds right now as you read the very words on this screen. Well, not THIS screen, because you obviously aren't sitting right here next to me as I type this post, because if you were... Let's not go there. The Storm Beetle Pet is out of commission. If you don't already have it, don't waste your time farming Tumok (hint hint: MOB FRIENDLY!) for it. Yep, that's right. It was a prize to everyone when Wizard 101 got it's millionth player. Basically, they gave every player 101 Crowns and that's exactly how much a Storm Beetle cost. It was epic.

Anyway, I realized soon that there were things about my good ol' Orio that were worth blogging about. For instance-

It's awesome! My old pal (who I threw in my Bank for 2 months) has the Bomber capability in the Derby! Woot! AND, if you can get a Storm Beetle to Adult (mine is a Teen):

Um, are you KIDDING ME?!? No more Mutant Treasure Cards! SICK!

So, fellas, if you've mistreated your Storm Beetle, go and get him from your Bank pronto. He's probably tired of sitting in there, and you WANT to throw bombs in the Derby!


P.S. Who's up for a live run of the Coven in Grizzleheim? I'm thinking of asking Stephen S. to tag along because he said he'd love to do a live event of that. It would be me, David, Kestrel, and Steve. That would be awesome...

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  1. Are you willing to Hatch your Storm Beetle with my Stormzilla cause I really want a Storm Beetle