Monday, May 3, 2010

Japanese Spammers Part 2!-Revenge of the "Greens Color Possession mysterious taste!"

Part 2!!!!

Japanese Writing:

★ 林東芳牛肉麵(台北市八德路2段274號)營業到清晨六點!
★ 終身免費 線上麻將遊戲★ 阿娜打麻將★ 按下馬上獲得遊戲帳號


English Here!

Greens color possession mysterious taste 雞, the mysterious taste water 餃, mysterious taste 麵, specially made mysterious taste with respect to 這 些 capital right adding 醬 make forming,
 outside the 另 它 the mark 炸 fattening/fertilizing intestine 也 很 the righteousness 點, 酥 it is brittle the mark crust adding over-wrapping resident in intestinal 內 incrassate oil 酯, the water
 餃 也 很 non- complex phase 當 nomination and the meat 很 fresh proportion 也 很 the good, 吃 profitable arriving at 彈 fang 豬 meat, the other
 small greens true 很 good 吃, special nomination bean 竽, the bean skin 裹 work bean bud and the 沾 lawn flax oil 吃 其 other 如 fragrance
 intestine for engaging in right,Capital right such as such as duck 脖 child duck head and 豬 head skin 還 possession 些 醃 beef super good 吃 mark!!
* The forest east 芳 beef 麵 (the Taipei city eight 德 roads 2 step 274 號) 營 industry arriving at it is clear 晨 six 點!
Possession phase 當 human recognizing/admitting because of multi other right all stand most good 吃 mark beef 麵, beef right tendon heart meat, main point adding 點 other
 flower dry, ability right all-inclusive integral enjoyment outside 辣 oil right one 絕 另.
* Flax 將 playing on life exemption expense line 戲* Flattering 娜 hitting flax 將* In regard to 按 dismounting acquisition playing 戲 register 號

-(a really ******) David TitanRider


  1. lol You must be really mad. (I don't blame you I would be too)

  2. Dude! When did you guys move? I go away for a few weeks and everything's changed!
    Wacky spam. But at least you can't see it's spammyness until you translate it.