Friday, May 7, 2010

Art by Alric RavenSinger

Alrighty- It looks like Wizard 101 has yet another talented artist! However, there's something about this guy's style that really makes what he draws so cool. Maybe it's the surrealist feel... I dunno. I'm no art critique. Here are two of his magnificent drawings:

Aren't those swords so freaking cool? They are some of Alric's personal ideas for Celestia.

And that is one of him. So cool. Love the outfit and the position in the drawing.

Keep on rocking, Alric!

-D. MoonCatcher


  1. YAY! Thanks for sharing and GREAT work Alric:D

  2. I'm glad everyone likes them on the pic of me I tried to keep it simple and kid-like but with more detail then the Abracadoodle on w101 unlike the wands which you definitely see more detail in also is that you Bailey Skystaff I need a screen shot of you I already posted a pic of your husband the friendly necromancer character and I wanted to do yours too you know so you can keep him company. I asked him on Ravenwood radio yesterday but I think he didn't get what I meant'.

  3. Dustin I added more pics to my blog as well so you can check them out :)