Saturday, May 15, 2010

WandCast 5 Was... Well... Not Great.

Due to my not planning ahead, we didn't have enough to say on WandCast. Yep. So I decided to ask the chatroom to help out and have someone come in and answer trivia questions I didn't even have. First, Cassandra LifeCaster came on and the lag was taking so long to get across the Atlantic Ocean (she's in Britain) and it didn't work out. Then, we had on young Molly EarthSong, who was awesome, and answered the questions with glee and happiness.

Funny to think about glee and happiness when I'm so down in the dumps.

Anyway, then we had a little tiny bit of time left in the show that only 12-16 people were listening to, and Reed did his bit.

Overall, if I had been listening, I would have left.


I feel terrible about it. Sorry everyone who was looking forward to a great WandCast. 6 should be better.



  1. Sorry about that I kinda ruined the show :( I feel bad now - sighs -


  2. Don't get depressed! Things don't always go right. Not even for people who have been doing this for a long time. And live! Live is going to be a lot harder. Don't get down in the dumps. :)

  3. Dustin,
    Dont get discouraged about this! The unpredictability and mishaps are what make Wandcast AWESOME for us! We think you guys ROCK and Amber (not Molly btw, but who can keep all our charaters straight anyway) well she was so excited to be on the show! Just keep it up! You are doing far more AMAZING things than I was doing at your age! I think you are a really wonderful writer too! Once summer gets here maybe you wont feel so overwhelmed and can just roll with it! :-)

  4. So, so, so sorry! I wasn't there because i lost track of time and when i checked my watch it was already 7:30 CST. I'll be there next wand cast ok?

  5. Hey, since I didn't get to see wand cast who won the contest? I'm guessing I didn't because I didn't get notified that I won so yeah. Who won?