Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Contest Re-Announcement!

I screwed up again!

*streamers fly & people cheer*

Now now, settle down. It wasn't that bad of a screw up. All I did was tell everybody that there was nothing special on WandCast Episode 5 which holds no point in listening to besides this:
There was a contest announced on WandCast Episode 5! And this post is the post that is going to get the contest across the wire to everyone who didn't (and most likely won't) listen to Episode 5.
Phew. That was SOME yelling. So what is this contest we are re-announcing here, you may ask? David came up with the idea. I admit, it was pretty smart. Not like he is actually SMARTER than I... let's not get in to all this nitty-gritty. Anyway, here is what this contest is all about:

What do I have to do? Has anyone really taken their time and listened to the music of Wizard 101? It's really quite something. Amazing. KingsIsle really scored with getting it. Whatever. To win something pretty cool (see below for prize) you've got to send us a song (just the title and band name is fine) that in your own personal way connects to the Green Cat Thug Pet that was announced with the Pet Update on the Test Realm. Doesn't sound that hard, does it? There's just a few requirements: The song must be under 3 minutes in length, and it must be appropriate. If you're looking in iTunes and you see EXPLICIT next to a song in the iTunes store, let me tell you RIGHT NOW that this is NOT the song for WandCast. Capiche? Also, include in the email the connection from song to pet that you were able to see.
How do I let the WandCast crew know that I am entering? An email will do. Just send a message to In the message, please include the title of the song, the band/artist who wrote it, and where you found a FULL recording of the song. Good places to search are iTunes, YouTube (music videos are fine but need to be appropriate and please identify search terms specifically), Pandora, etc., etc.
What will I win? Isn't it rather obvious? You will win a Green Cat Thug Pet as soon as the Pet Update goes live. And all you've got to do is submit a song to us (see above)! A rather sweet deal. Plus, the song you pick will be featured on WandCast for everyone to enjoy.
How will the winner be chosen? The winner will be chosen by the song we think best represents the best connection. Basically, if you say that the Green Cat Thug connects to this song because ____________, then we expect to see and understand this connection. The one that we think is the best, wins!

So who's up for the challenge? You? Just send us an email as soon as you can. Remember, if only 2 people enter, you've got a 50% chance of winning. Here's 2 screenshots of the pet so you know how cool he is:

Enter, everyone, ENTER! Winners will be announced on Episode 6 or 7 (you'll have plenty of notice).

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher


  1. Don't know if they all do it or not, but my son's Cat Thug started giving him a Fire Elf card as one of its Talents at Adult (in addition to the Cat Thug card it gets at Ancient).

  2. How bout The Blame it on pop vs warpin on itunes?? It's under podcast. Searchh "Blame it on pop"

  3. Ooh I wanna enter :D
    Its Cassandra, Btw Hehe (I will get David Someday)

    hmm now lets see a song....hmmm....(00:39am Cassandra, takes her time thinking of a song)

    OH I GOT IT! ... Wait its gone again hmmm...

    Oh I KNOW I GOT It! I think the song for the Cat thug Wait its gone again hmm this is hard. I will keep thinking though and send you an email :D