Saturday, July 31, 2010

KingsIsle Announces Wizard101 "Personas" for Firefox

This just in (actually, it was announced on Thursday but nobody really posted about it)!

KingsIsle announced that they created specialized Wizard 101 "personas" (basically, themes) for the web browser Firefox! These are really super cool if you use Firefox and are a die hard Wizard 101 fan. Being a Mac, I'm a Safari fan, but I downloaded Firefox for Mac (I'm one of the only wizards I know that uses their Mac to play Wizard101) just to try out these themes.

That's the Storm School one. I tried the Storm School Spells one out, but I couldn't see me favorites.

If you use Firefox, these themes are a must. Click here to get the list of the ones released so far! 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Thursday, July 29, 2010

This idea definitely came from a Storm Wizard.

To start this off, I'd like to sincerely apologize to Stephen and Leesha of Ravenwood Radio. I was a little shocked last night when Ravenwood Radio yet again received triple digit amounts of listeners. I felt bitter that Ravenwood Radio received 125 listeners, and WandCast only gets 25. Apart from that, there's been  few controversies between me and the Ravenwood Radio cast and crew and me. I'd like to again wholeheartedly say, "I'm sorry."

All right, on a lighter note, I had a "Eureka Moment" last night as I was going to bed. It was semi-inspired by Friendly's epic "Theorycrafting" segment on Ravenwood Radio. Allow me to explain it to you guys.

Is everyone clear on what an Aura is? They are more commonly known as "bubbles", "circles", and other things like that. Here is an example of an Aura card, Darkwind.

Auras are very useful in that they affect everyone on your team as long as they are up. They're not so useful in that they affect everyone on your opponents team. Many Wizards have mixed feelings about Auras for this precise reason; if you put up a Darkwind, it's going to give a +25% Storm Damage to all the Storm Damage spells that are cast by ANYONE in your duel circle. For example, if you cast a Storm Shark (a Storm Damage spell) with this Aura up, it's going to add 25% of that Storm Shark's damage to the damage that the Storm Shark actually does. If your enemy does the same, however, the boost from the Aura will still occur! 

Self Auras! You hear me right, folks! Little bubbles on only your character that affect ONLY you when it comes to damage being outputted. In affect, a mini-Darkwind. Auras are useful in that you don't need to use blades, you can just go on and attack like normal! But when you do, you remember, "Hey, there's an Aura up!" And you do more damage. It allows you to wear the wand of your school, and yet still be able to functionally remove de-buffs like Weakness and Black Mantle. 

Let me know if you like my idea. 

Keep on Casting, 
D. MoonCatcher

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


heheh, Remember Rachel?  YEPPERS PEPPERS!!!!!!!

Anyways, Its nice to get comments like the ones that Rachel WindTalon told me yesterday, during the BRUTAL (for us)  Warehouse Battle,  SHOUT OUT: For Tarlac and Kieran!!!!!!!!!

Good ol friends.

anyway, 48 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!

Fuzzy Feeling......

Anywho, Good luck to Benjamin FairyDust, Cassandra LifeCaster, and Malorn WillowSmith!!

Here is a motivational picture I found on Google Images!

LOL, well Good Luck to ya guys!

Moving on........Thats it.

Yeppers, thats it

Bye all

-David TitanRider

A whole bunch of old memories.......

It all started, when i checked my houses in me bank.

Sigh, the memories.......  (Dustin, is that Google Group still there?)

I checked around the place.  Incoming pictures.....3......2.....1.....FISH!

LOL, :)   anyway.  Think that ice cream is still good?  Its been there for about 3 1/2 months, give or take....

We need to give friendly a lot of credit for the posts he writes, writing HUGE posts takes like 30-45 minutes, well at least to me/Dustin.  Maybe we just dont type fast enough?

Anyway, peoples, NM to report :I    so Happy Summer.

NTS:Blog Birthday on December 18th


-David TitanRider

Monday, July 26, 2010

A OMG moment, courtesy of M.W.S.

So yea, OMG. If you havent recieved the latest newsline, Wiz101Central is celebrating its....2nd Anniversary! (Sry for typos, using laptop, kinda tricky)  and I went to check it out, and I was like OMG!

LOL,sorry but here's the News, with David TitanRider....

To celebrate our 2nd year in the spiral, we've asked Paige Moonshade to hold "The mother of all contests" for us! Details on the contest will be released on August 1, 2010. SO BE SURE TO CHECK BACK!
Thanks to Kingsisle, we literally have a TON of prizes to give away! Woot!

1 - One year subscription

5 - One month Subscriptions

1 - 5,000 crown code

20 - 2,500 crown codes

6 - 3 in 1 mount codes - A horse, a dragon and a broom-OMG

2 - Storm houses

6 - Ianthine Spectres-OMG

5 - Friendly Dragons

5 - Death Scarabs-COOL!

10 - Umbra Swords-OOH THE POWER

5 - Starlight Ponys-(Inside Joke: OMG I WANTS IT!)

5 - Lightning Bats-Neat, for Dustin, and maybe me

5 - Summer Dragons

*All mounts are permanent

Check back here on August 1st, 2010 to enter!!!

The Link for entering is:


Ty Malorn,

Bye Everyone!-Power Outage, Soccer tryouts, School Summer projects :(, ETC-

Bye all

-David TitanRider

Saturday, July 24, 2010

WandCast 8 Available for Download!

That's definitely right, people! Episode 8 is available for download tonight!

Click here to download the show! It's a good one folks, but without Kestrel... She was understandably unable to attend! There's always next time, Kestrel :)

Alright, I've really gotta get to sleep! See you guys in the Spiral tomorrow!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

New Beckett Stuff!

We've got some new Beckett stuff, everyone. This stuff doesn't really disappoint. (Click here for the official Beckett page on Wizard 

Click on that to read it close up.

Anyway, I've been off the blog for a bit because I've been playing with Haley MoonCatcher and I've had a friend over for the past day and a half. ALSO, in the midst of that, WandCast 8 had to be edited! I'm sure I'll get back into the juicy posts when more of Celestia is released.

Alright, guys. I'll be back hopefully tonight with WandCast 8! 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Thursday, July 22, 2010

WandCast Episode 8 LIVE TONIGHT!

Everyone, come on down in about... 10 minutes to WandCast 8 LIVE!

It'll be going live at around 8:30 Eastern! Click here to listen in!

We want to get a bunch of listeners again haha!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Wizard 101 Bloggers Club All-Star Meet & Greet Announcement!

Hey guys. My apologies for not posting for a few days. I guess that my philosophy behind a lack of posts is that once Celestia is actually fully released, I'm going to have enough to blog about.

For now, I'd rather enjoy the game until new quests come ;)

I'm here to announce a really special event; The Wizard 101 Blogger's Club All-Star Meet & Greet!

Here's the official announcement from John LifeGlen, the founder of the Wizard 101 Blogger's Club.

Thanks, Luke, for adding me in that list. Here's the info on the party if you can't read parts of the handwriting.

Date: July 29, 2010
Time: 9:00 pm ET, 8:00 CT, 7:00 MT, 6:00 PT (British time coming soon!) 
Location: Golem Court (teleport bus) 
Realm: Unicorn

Guys, this event is going to be really awesome, so please come on out to it!

In other news, WandCast 8 is going to be recording live in our chatroom tomorrow at 8 pm Eastern. It's going to be an awesome show, with mixed intro music I think is really funny. Let's just say that Stephen and Leesha are going to like it. 

Alright, PLOX!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Haley the Journeyman & Bubba the Mythzilla

This morning I helped Haley MoonCatcher, my young Diviner sister, venture deep into the Pyramid of the Sun. Haley is doing really well, and she's really discovering herself as a Journeyman Diviner along the way.

It was a bunch of fun to help her out because I absolutely loved adjusting my deck to look like this.

It rocked being able to one hit so many bosses with a Storm Shark, and filling Haley's health completely with a single Sprite. 

As I was saying, Haley is really discovering herself as a young Diviner. She's quickly found her "signature spell" for now, which is the Storm Beetle. It's so funny because whenever she casts it, the pet does a proc, and Haley can't it over how cool that is. 

Pssh... Kids. 

I've got to admit, the effects on that spell are "wicked". The lightning on the beetle as she (in our case, Princess Daisy) sticks the opponent with her piercing horns is epic. Truly epic. 

It's been a blast helping Haley out recently. Be sure to check out her blog, The Legend of Haley MoonCatcher, for her own personal story on Wizard 101. It doesn't have that many posts on it right now because Haley has been away at camp for three weeks, but I'm sure she'll get right back in the swing of things any day now... When I remind her she's got a blog to update ;) 

In other AWESOME news, I hatched a Mythzilla on my first try! I'd like to thank Heather EmeraldFlame for hatching with me. Remember to check out her blog here

Even though I wasn't hoping for a Mythzilla *I wanted a Tempest Hound/Storm Orthrus*, I really can't help but be happy about this hybrid. He's so cool! 

Bubba's stats, however, are another story. 

He only has one Epic ability accross his Talents AND Derby Powers. Not good... Therefore, Bubba becomes a cosmetic pet. 

OKAY, and lastly, I've got a clue for all of you what my secret project with Icywiz and David is all about... Are you ready? 


Let's see if you can figure that out :)

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Celestia Reveal on National Blogger's Day!

Hey folks! As Friendly would put it... This is just in from the newswire.

I can only guess at what a newswire is. shrug/

click to enlarge

So today we have a sort of... Shakespearean-garb Marleybone (female, I think), holding a wrench. Next to her is a red gobbler pet... But since I got this picture off of the Friendly Necromancer, he might have added that :) 

Also, be sure to come on out to the National Blogger's Day event! Just be in the Wizard City Commons-Vampire Area 1- between 5:30 pm and 10:00 pm Eastern. That's not to hard to translate, right? Just subtract... LOL. 

See some of you all there! 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WandCast 7 Available for Download!

Click here to download WandCast 7!

Click here to read about the contest we announce on it!

WandCast 8 will be recording live on July 22, 2010, at 8:30 pm EDT in the WandCast chatroom.

See you all there!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A closer examination of the Update Notes!


Hey All, David here. I only have a coupla minutes so I am gonna write a Big ol' Post for you. In the Update Notes shown Below there are some kinda sorta interesting "Tidbits" I read. Most of you probably just said "Celestia WOOT" and went along to play, leaving the Update notes to rot.   :D
Mr Lincoln will review this poll every Friday, and alter the pets accordingly the following week. If more information is needed about your pet, he will contact you through the email address you used when you registered for Wizard101.

Below is a "Poll" from Mr.Lincoln about..."If you obtained your School Specific pet from the level 48 quest, between May 25 2010 and July 8th 2010 it will not have the Power Pip chance talent.

If you would LIKE this talent on your pet, please fill out this form.
Mr Lincoln will review this poll every Friday, and alter the pets accordingly the following week. If more information is needed about your pet, he will contact you through the email address you used when you registered for Wizard101."
1. Wizard101 Login Username (!not the password!)

2. Character's Name (who holds the pet)
3. Pet Type (select one)Stormzilla (Storm)Colossus (Ice)Wraith (Death)Satyr (Life)Helephant (Fire)Orthrus (Myth)Hydra (Balance)
4. Pet Name:

Which the Link for is in the Ravenwood Bulletin on the Wizard101 login Desktop Icon.

*Ahem*, To differentiate the Colors- not to confuse anyone- Soooo, Who WOULDNT want to have that 5% Power pip Boost!. *Ahem* So Really Answer These Questions 1-4.

Back to black writing!. Its kinda interesting because there was a couple typo's from KI,*ponders why*

*Ahem*  Here it is!  "Cyrus has been using his red corrector pen to address minor spelling errors." Well Cyrus ol Buddy you must just be a little bit mad about how Halestrom Balestrom took he top spot for Celestia.  And Therefor left this sentence a bit undone. "1. Wizard101 Login Username (!not the password!)" anyone else see the prob?

Ok so done poking fun at Cyrus (for now...) and lets just get to some other important stuff we havent really noticed because well, for us GM we dont really visit DS anymore.

  • "the health of many creatures has decreased
  • the experience rewards have been increased
  • fewer creatures will need to be defeated to meet quest requirements
  • fewer items will need to be collected to meet quest requirements
  • several of the gauntlets have fewer rooms"

Isnt that just dandy!

Unfortunate that the overlooked that when me, Dustin, and a WHOLE bunch of GM's were lighting the place up! Anyways. So I suppose most of you are thinking WAHOO!

Pets!  I have good news and BAD news for you all! 

  1. The prices for Hatching pets have been adjusted.
  2. The process of pet Hatching now has a confirmation window to ensure both parties agree to the transaction.
  3. All new level 48 quest reward pets will receive the Power Pip talent. (EXCEPT FOR THE ONE'S RECIEVED DURING THE TIME PD SHOWN ABOVE!)
  1. Life pets such as the EarthWalker will have life boosts, not Myth like some currently give


  1. IceZilla is now only available through the hatching process. (AWWWW)

Anywho's enough sobbing over that. I should Probably stop before I BORE YOU ALL TO TEARS, if I havent already..?

There are now privacy options to only allow your Friends (but not their friends) to teleport to your home. Look for this in the Privacy Tab when you press ESC in the game.

The owner of a house can send guests away with the "Send Away" option. Just click on a Wizard in your Home and the Friends panel will appear, where you will see the option to "Send Away". The Wizard that was sent away will receive the message "The owner asked you to leave."

Monday, July 12, 2010

Featured Wizard 101 Blogger: Duncan D. of Necromancy of Ice

I'd been feeling lately like it was time for a spot light on someone in the community that's awesome; someone who's blog might need a boost up of hits!

And, today, the candidate is: Duncan D. from Necromancy of Ice!

Duncan and I go back pretty far; about two months ;)

Anyway, ever since I met him, I always get this message from him when I log on: "was sup man".

Duncan, your blog is fantastic and to the point. Here's a post I particularly enjoy of his; it's got nothing to do with the fact that I'm mentioned, of course :P Hey, I've got a big head. Kill me.

Everyone, go check out Duncan's blog, Necromancy of Ice (formerly known as Necromancer Nation), here. Enjoy!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Contest On WandCast 7!

Since WandCast 7 isn't going to be released (recorded/edited version) until maybe Wednesday or Thursday, I think it's right to announce the contest that's announced on there on HERE in case you didn't listen to the live recording last Thursday... so that everyone has enough time to get it done!

So here's the info on the contest! 

To enter our contest, you have to send in a doodle/drawing (using your computer, crayons, canvas, etc.) of Kestrel, David, or Dustin (please say which Wizard) and email it to Then you're in! We're going to pick the doodle that we like most, so make sure that your doodle is aesthetically pleasing (that means good to look at), has originality, style, skill, humor/realistic, etc. We will only choose 1 winner. Choose who you're going to draw carefully! It can be a cartoon or a realistic drawing, ANYTHING, as long as you think we'll like it!

Well, you could send something you don't think we'll like, but... I digress.

What can you win, EH? Well, you'll be able to choose between the Ascendant StaffPhosphorescent Maul, the Celestian Trident, the Celestian Sword *NEW*,  or the Cerulean Edge! If you'd like to see what all of these wands stats are, check them out in the Crowns Shop in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

The winners will be announced on WandCast 8, which will be recording live in our chatroom  on July 22 (a Thursday), 2010, at 8:30 pm EDT.

We hope to see a lot of entries!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

P.S. If you don't know how to scan drawings into your computer through your printer, you could ask a parent how. If that is also unhelpful, take a picture of your drawing and upload that to your computer.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stuff, and Waiting

Soooooo, Later on, Me, Dusty, Kev, and Lastly the great Healer herself, Kestrel. Where was I again?

Oh Right, THE TOWER!

We beat it LOL.

So we wait, and wait

I am eating pickles right now, Tastes kinda bad.

Oh well.

*Mimes Gagging* 

I'll stuff em down somehow.


Feeling Kinda spunky.


*Gets Slapped by Non-Huggers*




Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stuff You Already Knew, But Maybe Didn't.

So, as you just have to know already, all of the Celestia pre-quests, Grizzleheim updates (crafting, housing), Dragonspyre updates (making it easier *wink*), "proc"ing updates (when using an innate card from a certain pet, the pet will proc and cast the card using a proc), etc., etc.

I've been enjoying all of this stuff so much, there's been no posting here on the wonderful Wizard 101 Info blog run by the Info Kids themselves!

Tonight I beat through all of the Celestia pre-quests expect the Warehouse. When it came around to that, I ran it with Leesha DarkHeart (or is it DarkHart?), Taji34 (Luke DragonTamer), and David. You all know who David it. Anyway, due to my general-stupidity-and-arrogance-in-the-final-boss-fight, David's-stupid-new-disfunctional-Celestian-sword-which-he-bought-with-Crowns-oh-curses, we died on the last floor of the tower! I really do hope Leesha doesn't hate me too much now, especially after I nagged her to get on Skype ;)

Leesha, you rock < flattery. Please accept my friend request on Diary of a Wizard ConnectX!


WandCast 7 Live went great! The only problem is that since I'm enjoying my vacation here at the beach, the show is going to take longer to edit than usual. I'm a little upset that we talked about the Test Realm news when the Live stuff came out the next day... Whatever. If you wanna listen to uncut Episode 7, click here and scroll through the chatroom video-on-demand archives until you find it.

I've got the sudden urge to explain to you all how to do that, but you're all smart and I've got a little bit of obsessive compulsive disorder in my along with my rapid time syndrome ;), so it's all good.

The turnout for our after-party after the show. A ton of fun! 

Jacob ThunderSword with his newly won Swiftshadow Wings.
Congratulations on winning the Swiftshadows', Jacob!

I hope to have WandCast 7 out by Wednesday or Thursday. Sorry! Try and bare with me, okay everyone :D? 

See you all ITS tomorrow to do some more Celestia stuff... and maybe give the Warehouse another go!

Lastly, if David had an alter ego, his name would be Goliath MidgetRider.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Thursday, July 8, 2010

WandCast 7 LIVE Tonight at 8:30 pm ET!

That's right, everyone! Be sure to come on down to our very own chatroom ( to witness an amazing episode of WandCast!

We're having a special guest star segment, a bunch of stuff about Celestia, pet updates, pet TRIVIA, and we're announcing the winner of the Swiftshadow Wings contest (CLOSED.)

We are all so excited for tonight! Here's the times in different zones:

8:30 pm Eastern
7:30 pm Central
6:30 pm Mountain
5:30 pm Pacific
1:30 am (woah) Western European Time (England) (WE LOVE YOU, CASSANDRA!)

See you all tonight for a GREAT show! We hope to maybe have more than 20 people in the chartroom this time!

Keep on Casting,
The WandCast Crew

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dustin's Newest Robe and a Minotaur of Life!

So I was helping Kestrel's alt with Katz. Lab, (skips all the gritty details about the run) and we came to the secret boss Smogger. You know, the one who is only accessible if you get all those planks of wood and make the bridge through the secret exit from Katz. Lab? I mean, the actual Lab?

Anyway, guess what I got while farming him... a Storm Seal robe! Here's a picture of me wearing it:

That's the robe, my friends! Isn't it cool? Now to David: Don't tell me I can't wear that thing because it's the same robe you have except Stormified. I warn you now; don't ask me to take it off. It's awesome. And thanks, Stephen S., for saying it's slick. That Swashbuckler hat you've got is slick, too. Rock on.

Okay, so while farming for the Life Minotaur with Andrew ThunderFlame, a friend of mine IRL who took a 5 month sabbatical from the game. He came back when he heard about Celestia. Apparently David freaked out when he saw Andrew again. 

Anyway, I got the Life Minotaur for Michael RainHeart! I'm so excited to level him UP. 

I hope I can put Madame Marley to good use. Madame Marley is a good name... especially when it's the original name of the pet. Rock on, Mike!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mac Users Across the Spiral, Rejoice!

Well, I can officially say to you all today that there's an easy and efficient way to get Wizard 101 on your Mac. It's hinted in the July edition of the Ravenwood Bulletin.

My goodness, I can't believe I was able to say that. Wizard 101 works on Mac, and I am proud!

*pinches self*

But wait, folks! Before you start loading up your Mac and download Wizard 101, I've gotta tell you something important.

Wizard 101 isn't officially supported on Mac. The only way to get Wizard 101 on your Mac is through an easy to use, not-to-expensive third party software called... CrossOver Games

All you've gotta do to get Wizard 101 on your Mac is download CrossOver Games. Once this is done, have the CrossOver Games application open on your computer and proceed to download the Wizard 101 game as you would normally do on a PC. CrossOver Games automatically converts the download to a Mac download, then converting the game to a Mac game. To access Wizard 101 once it has been downloaded, find the CrossOver Games folder in your Finder (usually under Applications, but try searching CrossOver Games in Spotlight if you can't find it). From here, you'll be able to access all the games you "CrossedOver" seamlessly to Mac OSX. 

You know why I love screenshots? They can tell the truth... Unless you're Friendly, of course. (Note to Friendly: Link me in your post about how Wizard 101 can now run on a Mac! There is no post like this, you say? Make one, you silly Necromantic friendly Necromancer, MAKE ONE *winks*.) Two hours of Skeletal Warrior farming from Tumok ring a bell, David?

click to enlarge

That, my friends, is the first time I ever saw Dustin on the screen of an Apple computer.

*wipes tear from eye*

Anyway, this is a fantastic third party feature that really does work seamlessly. I'm definitely going to make the most of my free trial with CrossOver Games and then invest in a copy of it for permanent use!

Hope this helps... I think it will... *wink wink* 

Oh, and I hear Stephen, Leesha, and Icywiz beat the Warehouse with the help of the almighty and awesome Kevin BattleBlood, blogger, podcaster, and artist extraordinar√©. 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher 

Dustin Beats The Warehouse... On Tape!

Thanks to Kevin BattleBlood and his Warehouse crushing cronies, I beat the Warehouse!

Special thanks to Christina IceDreamer for giving me her spot in the run. Icy, you're truly the Queen of Cold.

Anyway, Kevin was cool enough to Livestream the whole thing. We had Stephen and Leesha from Ravenwood Radio, David, Arlen DawnSinger, and Alric RavenEyes all in the chatroom cheering us on. Thanks a bunch!

And since it was on Livestream - it's recorded! Here's the video of my run. The actual run starts at aprox. 46 minutes in. Awesomeness. Thanks Kevin!

Watch live streaming video from kevinbattleblood at

Also, sorry for the posts being scarce the past few days. I've been busy in the Test Realm.

OH, and David and I did a hatching experiment in the Test Realm last night. Stormzilla + Helephant.

I can't wait to see what it is!

Anyway, our Warehouse run is very informative on how to adjust your deck, etc., in that dungeon. Watch it!

Thanks again to Kevin.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher