Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dustin Beats The Warehouse... On Tape!

Thanks to Kevin BattleBlood and his Warehouse crushing cronies, I beat the Warehouse!

Special thanks to Christina IceDreamer for giving me her spot in the run. Icy, you're truly the Queen of Cold.

Anyway, Kevin was cool enough to Livestream the whole thing. We had Stephen and Leesha from Ravenwood Radio, David, Arlen DawnSinger, and Alric RavenEyes all in the chatroom cheering us on. Thanks a bunch!

And since it was on Livestream - it's recorded! Here's the video of my run. The actual run starts at aprox. 46 minutes in. Awesomeness. Thanks Kevin!

Watch live streaming video from kevinbattleblood at

Also, sorry for the posts being scarce the past few days. I've been busy in the Test Realm.

OH, and David and I did a hatching experiment in the Test Realm last night. Stormzilla + Helephant.

I can't wait to see what it is!

Anyway, our Warehouse run is very informative on how to adjust your deck, etc., in that dungeon. Watch it!

Thanks again to Kevin.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher


  1. Yea, nice job up there! Btw name is Dawneyes, not Dawnsinger, lol. Plus, you can check what you got from hatching at the Dye shop in the Shopping District, my Ice character got the Black collosus in TR last night :)

  2. did you get my email? IM OFFICIAL NOW!!!

  3. i think you might get a flamezilla or a storm helephant, not sure about the helephant but good luck with it :D plus whenever i get rare pets for some reason its in a radiant egg

  4. Lol you got my name wrong too Its Alric Ravensinger np though It was like a personal show that was.