Thursday, July 29, 2010

This idea definitely came from a Storm Wizard.

To start this off, I'd like to sincerely apologize to Stephen and Leesha of Ravenwood Radio. I was a little shocked last night when Ravenwood Radio yet again received triple digit amounts of listeners. I felt bitter that Ravenwood Radio received 125 listeners, and WandCast only gets 25. Apart from that, there's been  few controversies between me and the Ravenwood Radio cast and crew and me. I'd like to again wholeheartedly say, "I'm sorry."

All right, on a lighter note, I had a "Eureka Moment" last night as I was going to bed. It was semi-inspired by Friendly's epic "Theorycrafting" segment on Ravenwood Radio. Allow me to explain it to you guys.

Is everyone clear on what an Aura is? They are more commonly known as "bubbles", "circles", and other things like that. Here is an example of an Aura card, Darkwind.

Auras are very useful in that they affect everyone on your team as long as they are up. They're not so useful in that they affect everyone on your opponents team. Many Wizards have mixed feelings about Auras for this precise reason; if you put up a Darkwind, it's going to give a +25% Storm Damage to all the Storm Damage spells that are cast by ANYONE in your duel circle. For example, if you cast a Storm Shark (a Storm Damage spell) with this Aura up, it's going to add 25% of that Storm Shark's damage to the damage that the Storm Shark actually does. If your enemy does the same, however, the boost from the Aura will still occur! 

Self Auras! You hear me right, folks! Little bubbles on only your character that affect ONLY you when it comes to damage being outputted. In affect, a mini-Darkwind. Auras are useful in that you don't need to use blades, you can just go on and attack like normal! But when you do, you remember, "Hey, there's an Aura up!" And you do more damage. It allows you to wear the wand of your school, and yet still be able to functionally remove de-buffs like Weakness and Black Mantle. 

Let me know if you like my idea. 

Keep on Casting, 
D. MoonCatcher


  1. Dustin, have you replied to those questions?

  2. I like it! A self-aura and one for your opponet and yourself. :) (Giving you more damage/attack power).

  3. i think its really fair, not only in PvP, but in questing when your fighting bosses, (it really annoys me when the boss I am fighting is fire, so i cant use wyldfire...) nice thought :)