Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mac Users Across the Spiral, Rejoice!

Well, I can officially say to you all today that there's an easy and efficient way to get Wizard 101 on your Mac. It's hinted in the July edition of the Ravenwood Bulletin.

My goodness, I can't believe I was able to say that. Wizard 101 works on Mac, and I am proud!

*pinches self*

But wait, folks! Before you start loading up your Mac and download Wizard 101, I've gotta tell you something important.

Wizard 101 isn't officially supported on Mac. The only way to get Wizard 101 on your Mac is through an easy to use, not-to-expensive third party software called... CrossOver Games

All you've gotta do to get Wizard 101 on your Mac is download CrossOver Games. Once this is done, have the CrossOver Games application open on your computer and proceed to download the Wizard 101 game as you would normally do on a PC. CrossOver Games automatically converts the download to a Mac download, then converting the game to a Mac game. To access Wizard 101 once it has been downloaded, find the CrossOver Games folder in your Finder (usually under Applications, but try searching CrossOver Games in Spotlight if you can't find it). From here, you'll be able to access all the games you "CrossedOver" seamlessly to Mac OSX. 

You know why I love screenshots? They can tell the truth... Unless you're Friendly, of course. (Note to Friendly: Link me in your post about how Wizard 101 can now run on a Mac! There is no post like this, you say? Make one, you silly Necromantic friendly Necromancer, MAKE ONE *winks*.) Two hours of Skeletal Warrior farming from Tumok ring a bell, David?

click to enlarge

That, my friends, is the first time I ever saw Dustin on the screen of an Apple computer.

*wipes tear from eye*

Anyway, this is a fantastic third party feature that really does work seamlessly. I'm definitely going to make the most of my free trial with CrossOver Games and then invest in a copy of it for permanent use!

Hope this helps... I think it will... *wink wink* 

Oh, and I hear Stephen, Leesha, and Icywiz beat the Warehouse with the help of the almighty and awesome Kevin BattleBlood, blogger, podcaster, and artist extraordinarĂ©. 

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher 


  1. When someone says seamlessly i like to investigate.;screenshot=1

    Those seem to disagree. There are some flaws.

  2. On my computer, this works seamlessly. Seriously! It does.

  3. Yea, it's awesome Valerian Nightbringer posted about it.

  4. I actually looked into this when I was thinking of buying a Mac laptop. I read some stuff about it being glitchy, so I decided to just go with a PC and save money. By the time I get a Macbook, W101 will hopefully just have come out with a mac version.

  5. I tried this, but a little window opened telling me that this is not a trusted source, I chose to load it anyway, but it wouldn't let me. Sadness.

  6. Spoiler your wizard will sacrifice himself to stop morganthe and you will lose your account it happens in polaris XD