Tuesday, July 27, 2010


heheh, Remember Rachel?  YEPPERS PEPPERS!!!!!!!

Anyways, Its nice to get comments like the ones that Rachel WindTalon told me yesterday, during the BRUTAL (for us)  Warehouse Battle,  SHOUT OUT: For Tarlac and Kieran!!!!!!!!!

Good ol friends.

anyway, 48 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!

Fuzzy Feeling......

Anywho, Good luck to Benjamin FairyDust, Cassandra LifeCaster, and Malorn WillowSmith!!

Here is a motivational picture I found on Google Images!

LOL, well Good Luck to ya guys!

Moving on........Thats it.

Yeppers, thats it

Bye all

-David TitanRider


  1. Thanks dude motivation grats Rachel!

  2. Dustin, plz reply to that email with the QUESTIONS! Our Skype Conversation, E-Mail, and, I'm already interviewing Leesha Darkheart!