Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stuff You Already Knew, But Maybe Didn't.

So, as you just have to know already, all of the Celestia pre-quests, Grizzleheim updates (crafting, housing), Dragonspyre updates (making it easier *wink*), "proc"ing updates (when using an innate card from a certain pet, the pet will proc and cast the card using a proc), etc., etc.

I've been enjoying all of this stuff so much, there's been no posting here on the wonderful Wizard 101 Info blog run by the Info Kids themselves!

Tonight I beat through all of the Celestia pre-quests expect the Warehouse. When it came around to that, I ran it with Leesha DarkHeart (or is it DarkHart?), Taji34 (Luke DragonTamer), and David. You all know who David it. Anyway, due to my general-stupidity-and-arrogance-in-the-final-boss-fight, David's-stupid-new-disfunctional-Celestian-sword-which-he-bought-with-Crowns-oh-curses, we died on the last floor of the tower! I really do hope Leesha doesn't hate me too much now, especially after I nagged her to get on Skype ;)

Leesha, you rock < flattery. Please accept my friend request on Diary of a Wizard ConnectX!


WandCast 7 Live went great! The only problem is that since I'm enjoying my vacation here at the beach, the show is going to take longer to edit than usual. I'm a little upset that we talked about the Test Realm news when the Live stuff came out the next day... Whatever. If you wanna listen to uncut Episode 7, click here and scroll through the chatroom video-on-demand archives until you find it.

I've got the sudden urge to explain to you all how to do that, but you're all smart and I've got a little bit of obsessive compulsive disorder in my along with my rapid time syndrome ;), so it's all good.

The turnout for our after-party after the show. A ton of fun! 

Jacob ThunderSword with his newly won Swiftshadow Wings.
Congratulations on winning the Swiftshadows', Jacob!

I hope to have WandCast 7 out by Wednesday or Thursday. Sorry! Try and bare with me, okay everyone :D? 

See you all ITS tomorrow to do some more Celestia stuff... and maybe give the Warehouse another go!

Lastly, if David had an alter ego, his name would be Goliath MidgetRider.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher


  1. Note: I did come to the after-party, but I'm not the one to stay at parties...