Sunday, July 18, 2010

Haley the Journeyman & Bubba the Mythzilla

This morning I helped Haley MoonCatcher, my young Diviner sister, venture deep into the Pyramid of the Sun. Haley is doing really well, and she's really discovering herself as a Journeyman Diviner along the way.

It was a bunch of fun to help her out because I absolutely loved adjusting my deck to look like this.

It rocked being able to one hit so many bosses with a Storm Shark, and filling Haley's health completely with a single Sprite. 

As I was saying, Haley is really discovering herself as a young Diviner. She's quickly found her "signature spell" for now, which is the Storm Beetle. It's so funny because whenever she casts it, the pet does a proc, and Haley can't it over how cool that is. 

Pssh... Kids. 

I've got to admit, the effects on that spell are "wicked". The lightning on the beetle as she (in our case, Princess Daisy) sticks the opponent with her piercing horns is epic. Truly epic. 

It's been a blast helping Haley out recently. Be sure to check out her blog, The Legend of Haley MoonCatcher, for her own personal story on Wizard 101. It doesn't have that many posts on it right now because Haley has been away at camp for three weeks, but I'm sure she'll get right back in the swing of things any day now... When I remind her she's got a blog to update ;) 

In other AWESOME news, I hatched a Mythzilla on my first try! I'd like to thank Heather EmeraldFlame for hatching with me. Remember to check out her blog here

Even though I wasn't hoping for a Mythzilla *I wanted a Tempest Hound/Storm Orthrus*, I really can't help but be happy about this hybrid. He's so cool! 

Bubba's stats, however, are another story. 

He only has one Epic ability accross his Talents AND Derby Powers. Not good... Therefore, Bubba becomes a cosmetic pet. 

OKAY, and lastly, I've got a clue for all of you what my secret project with Icywiz and David is all about... Are you ready? 


Let's see if you can figure that out :)

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher


  1. Not all the best talents are epic. Some really useful talents are Ultra-Rare and Rare. :)

  2. Glob of the Masters?


    Ooohhhhh... BLOG of the Masters!

    I'm smart. :P

    -Jacob Soulshard

  3. Blog of the Masters

    Thats pretty easy

    As for the Mythzilla I am disappointed in you Dustin come on talents that buff up your ATK DEF are usually rare stuff like Mana gift and Health gift are ultra rare EPIC isn't everything ya know.

  4. You got my email with the questions, Dustin?