Monday, July 5, 2010

Dustin's Newest Robe and a Minotaur of Life!

So I was helping Kestrel's alt with Katz. Lab, (skips all the gritty details about the run) and we came to the secret boss Smogger. You know, the one who is only accessible if you get all those planks of wood and make the bridge through the secret exit from Katz. Lab? I mean, the actual Lab?

Anyway, guess what I got while farming him... a Storm Seal robe! Here's a picture of me wearing it:

That's the robe, my friends! Isn't it cool? Now to David: Don't tell me I can't wear that thing because it's the same robe you have except Stormified. I warn you now; don't ask me to take it off. It's awesome. And thanks, Stephen S., for saying it's slick. That Swashbuckler hat you've got is slick, too. Rock on.

Okay, so while farming for the Life Minotaur with Andrew ThunderFlame, a friend of mine IRL who took a 5 month sabbatical from the game. He came back when he heard about Celestia. Apparently David freaked out when he saw Andrew again. 

Anyway, I got the Life Minotaur for Michael RainHeart! I'm so excited to level him UP. 

I hope I can put Madame Marley to good use. Madame Marley is a good name... especially when it's the original name of the pet. Rock on, Mike!

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher


  1. my robe has the same design of you lol it just has fire designs, but i like the storm design on it! now ill know how to draw your outfit in the comic, which will work out great :D