Monday, July 26, 2010

A OMG moment, courtesy of M.W.S.

So yea, OMG. If you havent recieved the latest newsline, Wiz101Central is celebrating its....2nd Anniversary! (Sry for typos, using laptop, kinda tricky)  and I went to check it out, and I was like OMG!

LOL,sorry but here's the News, with David TitanRider....

To celebrate our 2nd year in the spiral, we've asked Paige Moonshade to hold "The mother of all contests" for us! Details on the contest will be released on August 1, 2010. SO BE SURE TO CHECK BACK!
Thanks to Kingsisle, we literally have a TON of prizes to give away! Woot!

1 - One year subscription

5 - One month Subscriptions

1 - 5,000 crown code

20 - 2,500 crown codes

6 - 3 in 1 mount codes - A horse, a dragon and a broom-OMG

2 - Storm houses

6 - Ianthine Spectres-OMG

5 - Friendly Dragons

5 - Death Scarabs-COOL!

10 - Umbra Swords-OOH THE POWER

5 - Starlight Ponys-(Inside Joke: OMG I WANTS IT!)

5 - Lightning Bats-Neat, for Dustin, and maybe me

5 - Summer Dragons

*All mounts are permanent

Check back here on August 1st, 2010 to enter!!!

The Link for entering is:


Ty Malorn,

Bye Everyone!-Power Outage, Soccer tryouts, School Summer projects :(, ETC-

Bye all

-David TitanRider


  1. DATS A LOTTA PWIZES!! I can't wait to see the full contest!