Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Auras... Well, I Called It!

Hey there, Wizards! How's everyone doing? Hopefully good!

As Bailey (Friendly's uber wife) reminded me last night, I have the bragging rights on what the Astral School is all about! I'm sure plenty of people like myself won't remember, but I totally called Auras in Wizard101 Astral Magic. It was on a WandCast discussion, and I'm so shocked that I actually called something that I'm considering learning Stars. I did say how awesome that would be... It's a really nice school.

Oh yeah, and the big news! KingsIsle dropped the bomb on us this morning, to general intakes of breath and heart-attacks! Well, here you go, the big news!

Out great old pal Stormzilla is having his neck fixed when... Celestia goes live tomorrow.

Yup, folks so that's the awesome news! That's righto, no announcements about Celestia hitting the Live Realm tomorrow or anything like that!

Boy, I'm sure glad they're fixing Stormzilla. It was starting to really annoy me that we hadn't seen a fix in his neck yet. 

See you guys tomorrow! TweetFeed is sure to be explosive when Stormzilla gets his neck fixed. 'Cause that's all the news there is.

Keep on Casting,

D. MoonCatcher


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