Saturday, October 16, 2010

David's Fanfiction.

Hiya!  I got kinda bored and had an "eh" idea in my head from a book I read called "The Warrior Heir."

Plz Comment and Review I guess --1-10-- 10 Being BEST!


Wizard Society was done. The whole system of school, level, and friendship was destroyed, all that mattered was power. The remaining wizards were mainly in hiding, living among in shattered buildings, and using whatever they could. Over the years, some “hierarchy” as you could call it had formed, that’s when Pvp really took a new spin. Each aspiring wizard donned their chosen colors and flew into a battle where, no circle existed and spells were always flying around. This is where I come in, simply because of when a winner is decided after the whole tournament, they get power over everything, and that is the reason I’m still going, and haven’t given up. I’m going to make a change….

WHAM! A nearby boulder where I had taken cover by had exploded into nothingness as a stampeding Stormzilla stepped on it. Leaning around my hiding place, I braced by battle armor for a hit, threw up a shield and charged. Immediately A nearby ice wizard started throwing out glowing ice wyverns-Treasure Card Wyverns- , who streaked like their lizard counterparts toward where I was running. My blood ran cold as I saw the little ground between us. Diving to avoid the sharp claws of the four creatures, I gripped my scimitar style Cerulean Edge and swung into a startled wyvern coming around the bend. Gritting my teeth against the burst of freezing ice magic that flowed into the air from the disappearing wyverns’ corpse, I turned on a dime, almost tripping on the protective cloak by my feet and felt the little hope of survival disappear as the Frost Giant glared into my eyes. I gripped the Storm insignia triton necklace hanging frozen in the air, and felt a spark of hope, a surge of lightning in my heart.

(The Storm part might be a bit confuzzling, but it shall come to you all later.)

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