Thursday, September 30, 2010

Homework, you stink.......

Title says it all. :(  I got Algebra 1 homework, and a bunch of tests-Spanish, English etc.

And I havent had a whole lot of time recently to do stuff. This could be nearing the end of Wiz101info   ...??  Hopefully not.!!!!!!! Anyway, I gotta Study for my quiz tomorrow :(  




  1. Aww, don't let HW push ya around ;D. Keep it going on weekends, if you can ever find time! And here's hoping you ace your quiz tomorrow ( and thanks for making time to come to the party tonight :D ) Incidentally, I always get Algebra HW too... :-P

  2. rip up your homework

  3. my homework is really bad this year too. My problem is it is all projects it is not good ol' worksheets.

  4. I know how you feel, our spanish teacher, who normally teaches spanish 5 IB and for some reason decided to teach spanish 2 honors, gives 90 question quizzes. She also does not believe in multiple choice.