Sunday, June 6, 2010

KingsIsle Hits Home-Run with the Addictive Mega Snack Pack

I haven't even used one of these new packs on my pet yet, and I already know I'm going to have to buy one. JUST one pack...

That's what I'll be saying when I've got Lord Zeus to Epic off of Mega Snack Packs. *sigh*

Let me tell you, KingsIsle was really smart as a business with this one. They make the system to level your pet incredibly slow, and then just when the community is screaming for a solution, they release a (for lack of a better word) cheat that lets you level your pet with incredible ease. Really smart on their part. Especially since these things cost 5 bucks a pop.

Anyway, that's just my take on the Mega Snack Pack. I'll be getting some Crowns pretty soon and Lord Zeus is going to get to Ancient... Hey, maybe if I spend 10 more bucks I'll get Lord Zeus to Epic... Then again, that's exactly what KingsIsle wants me to think...

Before I sign off, let me apologize for not being around to post for about 3 days. My weekend has been incredibly busy. This is my last full week of school, and then I have 3 days until summer. My school's out on the 16th, so I'll be coming to that Ravenwood Radio episode :) Stephen knows how excited I am, don't you, Steve? Maybe little Dustin can do a segment on all the awesome stuff we might get during this summer because I'm SO EXCITED!?!? Just kidding...

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

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  1. lol school gets out for me at the same time too and you said you lived near D.C. like I did, your the only one I've seen who has a school end as late as mine xD. Only 6 1/2 days... ( goes to brain to figure out how many seconds left )