Wednesday, June 9, 2010

David, I'm Coming Through For You.

I've just read the post that David made about his frustration with Wizard 101. It's a serious problem that he can't get into Wizard 101 with his achy old dinosaur computer. The reason it's such a problem is because up until Wizard 101 (and a bit of Pirates Online) David and I didn't communicate to often. True, emails were sent, but we never got the full experience of playing side by side in an interactive way. Wizard 101 has been our one big chance at that, and I am not going to let David quit. I have a master plan.

If I know David TitanRider, I know that he isn't going to quit if he has something nice to come back to. Here's what would be a huge letdown for him; coming back to Wizard 101 after a ton of time and finding out that everyone is ahead of him and that his Helephant is a Teen and that he doesn't have the Ianthine Spector. If I can get all of these things for him and make sure he doesn't fall behind, he'll come back to the game once he gets his computer, and he won't abandon the wonderful W101 community during his tedious wait. 

I propose that I, Dustin MoonCatcher, will make David's time out of the Spiral as enjoyable as possible by (1) getting him the Ianthine Spector pet, (2) leveling his Helephant to Adult, and (3) giving him some great messages from the community.

Alric RavenSinger and friends, this is to you. All of you artists out there in the Spiral, this is your time to shine. Send me a card for David with a nice message or something about Wizard 101. Be it a tip, get well soon, or a code for 60,000 Crowns which I'm sure my cousin wouldn't refuse, send it. I'll pass it on to him. You can contact me with @mooncatcher101 on Twitter and by email at Please, let's help David feel better! 

Because right now I'm logging on to Wizard 101 using David TitanRider. And I'm proud of it. Join the cause.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher 


  1. Hopefully, old grouchy David can come back!


  2. i will send you something i think he will like, ill have to make it first, i think he will enjoy it!!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for sending something, Fearless/Samantha! You rock.