Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Huge Breakthrough for Diviners Across the Spiral

As a Diviner, I've constantly been faced with a problem. Accuracy. It's easily the biggest problem Diviners face. Not low health. Low health is a problem, but not like accuracy.

The reason I post this is because I feel that I have made a really incredible breakthrough for everyone in the School of Storm. I've brought even some more honor to the School of Storm.

What if, ladies and gentlemen, I told you that I have 89% accuracy on all of my Storm attacks? With not a single treasure card?

Well, I do. That's 1 accuracy down from all Life attacks. I've had an extra 15% for a while now, but I got the extra 4% for Louie getting to Ancient.

They call me King Boom for a reason, you know.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

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