Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life Tower Glitch

My good ol Pal Lucas SoulHunter, told me about this awesome spider-manish glitch!

Check it out yo!

That is cool!

More screenshots follow

This is where i was staring from. (Marked Spot)

(Harry Potterness) Charge between the post straight at that beam!
 And Land RIGHT here

Pretty Neat huh?

A glitch, That hopefully Kingsisle WONT fix

Cause its awesome!

Peace to the Spiral

-David TitanRider


  1. Arlen here, computer not doing well lol so I had to put anonymous. Anyway I found that out several weeks ago at the Ravenwood ball, I wish I knew how to get up on the roof, not just the balcony though I:. And behind the door, some people got there too :)

  2. I think they fix this :(

  3. Hey Anoymous I've seen you post a lot of comments on other websites so I searched Anoymous on google and it said that Anoymous was a group of hackers, is this true!