Monday, June 7, 2010

Dustin Knows Best!

Before I kick off this post, let me tell you something that I've already told Kevin BattleBlood :) Let us call it my personal "tippy tippy" from me to you.

Don't buy a Mega Snack Pack unless you have money. This means don't even look at it in the Crowns Shop and say, "Gee, that looks mighty fine!" Don't even do that. Just take a deep breath and resist temptation. Unless, of course, you really wanna buy it. =

I decided to tell this to all of you because the Mega Snack Pack is even more addicting than I conceived when I first heard about it. Seriously, it's so nice. You watch your pet FLY through the levels. Once a Mega Snack player, always a Mega Snack player. I'm already trying to convince my mom that I just NEED $10 worth of Crowns to unlock a new level for my pet. That's right; I got Lord Zeus halfway to Ancient-town with a single Mega Snack Pack. That's some serious unfiltered awesomeness.

I've also decided who's going to get trained after Lord Zeus gets to Ancient. And the winner is...

Click to enlarge.

My trusty old companion, Sir Jake! He's getting trained because of the potential he's got. Check out all those Epic abilities he's able to unlock. Man, oh MAN! Not to mention he's got the COOLEST running animation of all the pets in the Derby, and the highest pedigree I've seen yet. That's got to do with his potential, so yup.

Click to enlarge.

For those who don't know about it, the iPhone 4 came out today! Gonna buy it, Friendly??? I linked it so you can check it out. Have fun daydreaming, everyone!

During my quest for the Storm Snowman pet, I achieved my highest damage points EVA. Here's the thing. I was in so much shock I didn't even snap a screenshot with the amount of damage I did. This is what I got:

Click to enlarge.

Stupid Kraken.

Click to enlarge.

Anyway, I'm going to send KingsIsle a message seeing if they can go back and see the amount of damage I got there. I know it was around 22,000, but a solid number would be quite awesome.

I'd like to take a moment to say a little farewell to Amber StarGem, the Myth Master, who is leaving her blog today. She was the original Myth Rep in the GWC, and she's always got a room at Dustin's house should she need it, with a purple Mander waiting on her hand and foot. You hear that, Amber? Don't lose touch! We really really like you! My other message to you: Don't delete the Myth Master. I know, you say you're quitting forever, but from experience I know that a time might come where you wish you hadn't deleted your blog. Trust me. Let it stand as a testimony to the awesomeness of you, Amber. Rock on.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

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