Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gettin' Settled...

So, everyone, I think that we're pretty much settled in here at Blogger! Of course, I've got to work on the colors of all the pages. You know, like on the GrandMaster Gear page, it had the coolio colors for each school?
Right? No?
Okay, whatever.
Otherwise, I've got the header to look really nice, and I've worked on the blog colors so that it doesn't look awful. Speaking of working on the header, Kestrel made a really nice post/guide on her blog that explains really well how to post pictures on a Blogger blog. It has really helped me, and David.
Also, thanks to everyone who has updated their blogroll/Blogger Club for this move. I appreciate it. I think that I'm going to ask Jeff Toney (the Gobbler King/artist) over at KingsIsle to please, please change the Wizard 101 Info link on the Fansites and Links page. Who thinks he'll oblige?

Keep On Casting,

P.S. Kestrel, nice name when you titled your post. Fits well ;-)


  1. Figured that if I named it something else, you wouldn't even bother to look.

  2. Why did you switch anyway? Wordpress blogs are a lot more useful(and a lot easier to use styling wise).

  3. The grumpy divinerApril 13, 2010 at 8:55 PM

    The Gobbler King may oblige or decline, it depends. You can't go to the King and ask a favour, you need to offer something. You could try sacrifice one of David's pets but that won't do any good.
    I know, he listens to wandcast right? Sacrifice your time and edit the recorded version so you can release wandcast 4.

  4. Nice to have you here on blogger